Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Celebrating Two Thousand Posts!!

This post is number 2000.  I wanted to do something special for all of you, so I put together a collection of favorite posts, pictures, milestones and important IBKC moments.     I tried hard to find the ones I thought you might enjoy seeing again. Or for the newer followers, posts you might enjoy seeing for the first time.

I'm sure I missed many of your favorites -  it was very difficult whittling it down to this selection.   If there's something you feel should be included,  feel free to post a link in the comments so others can see.  

For each image I've posted, there's a link to the original post.  I encourage you to take some time and follow the links to see more photos and read the comments you left.   It's fun revisiting.

A huge thanks to all of you for coming by each day.  It's been so much fun sharing all our stories and photos with you.   I appreciate the love and support you give us and the sweet comments you leave.   You're a special bunch - unlike any other online community I've ever encountered.  Thanks for being here, sharing our experiences, and showing the love.

Here's to 2000 more!

XOXO Laurie

Please enjoy!!

Napping Lamms
Paws-down, world's greatest nappers.


Bean and Friends
We all love how she loves them.   Especially when she loved on Linus.

Here she is schooling Inez and Orson Davenport.


Charlene's Most Embarrassing Moment 
An unflattering photo of Bean. But she still looks pretty good.


Charlene, Sitting There, Looking Pretty
Because that's what she does best.


Leaping Wiley Knapp
WOW, that boy can jump.  He's part kitten and part frog.


A Crossword with Kenneth
This smart little kitty helps the Kitten Whisperer out with his puzzle.


And Speaking of the Kitten Whisperer...
Everyone loves it when Dave visits!


Flirting with Disaster
This little nook is irresistible to kittens.  Miraculously, none of the pottery pieces have been broken.


Our Biggest Scaredy-Cat 

Sweet, shy little Monroe finds himself the perfect little family.


Charlene GETS a Bath! 

Usually she's giving them, not receiving one!


Every Cat Loves a Man in Uniform 

Theo, former comment moderator at Cute Overload, pays the Dearborns a visit!


Wee Little Wallflower

Sweet Phoebe Dearborn was one lucky kitten!


The Full Linus
Linus Medley shares it all with the world.


My Folks Adopt the Frosts
It was quite an adventure for these kitties!  And my parents, too!

First Flight

Butterbean on the Big Screen!
Charlene made a movie (with the help of some other cats)!

Bottomless Basket of Kittens
Every litter we've hosted has spent some time in this basket.


Here are a few favorite moments from our annual fundraiser:
Kittens of Mass Distruction
Little Girl, Big Heart
WTD?? (What the Duck)
Kisses the Kitten's First Shift on the Phone

It's Fundraising TIme!

Nothing but Naughty!
My poor drapes!!

Hang in there, Baby

Posts about Poo
It's not often that I talk about the subject of kitten poo, but whenever I do, there's always lots of comments.  Right Harlan?


World's Greatest Biscuit Maker
The award goes to the super-kneady manic biscuit maker, Gaetano Fortunato.


Spooners Spooning
One very snuggly pair.

Happy Valentine's Day from Vivienne and Theodore Spooner.

Family Portraits
Group shots always seem to be a favorite around here.   Here we have all six Anderson-Ericksons sitting still.

The Anderson-Ericksons

Good Clean Fun
The Darlings play a little game of soccer in the bathtub.

 Bathtub Soccer with The Darlings

Little Rhoda, Asleep at the Wheel
I love this tiny, tired girl. 

Rhoda Darling asleep at the wheel.

World's Cutest Kitten?
She was adored by many and her introduction received more comments that any other kitten we've fostered.

Yep. She's cute.

Tressa Lovejoy

Dear, Sweet Drewey
She's since passed, but I'll never forget this sweet moment between Drewey and Benny.


Norman, You're Doing it Wrong
This picture ALWAYS cracks me up.

norman, you're doing it wrong.

VERY Scary!
Look out for those LaBath girls!


Enid's Angel Wings 
What a special little girl.

  Enid's Kitten Wings

Plotting Pettibones
What are those boys up to?


Groomus Interruptus
Undignified pictures of Renatta Pettibone and Charlene.

Twyla and Her Summer Reading List
She's one smart kitty!

book smart twyla pickett

One of Our Sadder Days
Saying goodbye to this special fellow.

Jerry Lee Pickett

Brave Little Bear
Bernadette gets a bath.

bernadette gets a bath

The Feel-Good Story of the Century
Part 1 and Part 2 of Maddie's adoption tale.


Wee Willamena's Thumbs
This picture ended up on Cute Overload, and was the reason why many of you  long-time followers were introduced to our blog.

not all kitties can do this

Kitten Burrito
Our little Pierre all wrapped up and ready to receive his lunch.

kitten burrito

And Last But Not Least... I've said many times that we're not in the market for a kitten. It works so well having just Charlene and our foster kittens. If there is one kitten out of all our 140 kittens I would of kept, it would of been Georgie Bartlett. He tugged on all of our heart-strings, including Charlene's. To this day, I refer to him as "the one that got away".



  1. Oh my god! I will never forget about Jerry Lee, he made me cry so hard. It's so sad when things like that happen, but at least he was well loved. My favorite graduates are Nigel and Mimsey, and I couldn't be more happy when your parents got them! That's one happy happy family. It's too much love for one blog post. Congrats on the 2000 posts, Laurie!

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! You have no idea how much I needed to see this right now...Thank you for all that you do to make the world so many whiskers better!

  3. Along with Enid's kitten wings, another of my favorite posts was about Oliver Nicholas Furman....yep, that Oliver.... Oliver a.k.a "All-Over" a.k.a "Pantalones de loco", due to his naughty nature along with that pair of cute little chaps that he's always wearing.

  4. Oh, Laurie! You say we're an online group unlike any other - that's due in such a large part to YOU!! You set the tone with your darling charges, the way you post about them and the fantastic photos that accompany the posts. You, Charlene and Craig have built this special community, and we're all grateful to you.

    I've only scrolled slowly through the photos so far, but I'm going to click on the links now and revisit some of my favorites, which'll be ALL of them!! And yes, here's to 2000 more!!

  5. What a perfect collection of stories to mark 2000 posts, Laurie! I envy the new readerscwho will discover some of these characters for the first time! My favorite? Maddie's adoption story, of course, but there are so many heart tugs throughout this group! To the next 2000!

  6. Linus Medley...there just aren't enough words! That picture never fails to make me laugh. Precious! And Jerry Lee...oh, you make me cry every time. Sweet baby.

  7. Laurie, your blog makes life a little bit sweeter for those who are unable to have kitties in the house. I adore your photos and words, your sense of whimsy, and all that you do to find homes for these little kittens. It is a joy to visit you every day. Thanks so much for the fun. Congrats on 2,000 posts. I just spent way too much time looking through all the links and stories. Big hugs to you and Craig and Butterbean! Robin.

  8. You have brought so much sunshine into my life with your posts and stories. Thank you for all that you do! Happy Anniversary!!!

  9. What a wonderful trip down memory lane. Thank you so much, Laurie, and here's to the next two thousand posts! We're up for it if you are...

    One more addition to my favorite posts, here -

  10. I never comment. I always just read the posts and smile or even tear up at the sweetness. I look forward each day to the happy posts. Today I feel compelled to comment. IBKC you really do not know how much joy you've brought to my life and how you've got me through some rough days. <3

    Little Luigi Fortunato, he was my favorite. I miss that cute face of his.

  11. I've been relying on IBKC for my daily dose of mega cuteness for more than 4 years now, you do such an AWESOME job Laurie!! Thanks for the memories - this site is a magnet for all of the kitties and kitty lovers out on the web...One of my favorite pictures is Fergus Mayfield and his manic little kitty smile that shows up in the Alumni pics ;o)

  12. Thank you, Laurie, for all that you do--you bring a ton of people happy smiles with your kitten posts, you take on the challenge of caring for these sometimes-sick tiny kittens--and then find them amazing homes, and you bring awareness and support for your local shelters, and our local shelters for those of us not in the Tacoma area.

    There's a reason Charlene Butterbean may be the best kitty in the world, and it no doubt has much to do with her human mom. Thanks again for letting us all be a part of the IBKC ride!

  13. concats on your 2000th post. more posts to come. we luff looking at cute little kittehs and also charlene also. there's never enuff photos of charlene.

    emma and buster

  14. Oh Sweet Bernadette! I loved her so very much. And Jerry Lee broke my heart. But it's good to have wee wonders steal your heart. It seems each and every litter you foster is full of wee wonders. Just when I think the next batch cannot possibly be anymore magical than the last well goodness they are! It's mystifying and mesmerizing. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful kitten adventures. Many many thanks and blessings for all the little lives you have helped save.

  15. Thank you so much for this post Laurie and all that you do. Every litter, every picture touches my heart. I've only clicked on a few of the past links but can't wait to go through the rest of them.

    That picture of Linus made me laugh out loud. So I went through the comments and sure enough I'd said that in April 2011 when I'd first seen it.

    Thank you, Craig and of course the Bean! <3

  16. This blog helps me to overcome my kitty withdrawls while studying away from home, I was introduced to the blog when someone posted a link to the bathtub soccer on facebook. Have been an ardent reader ever since. Best of luck for many more posts to come. And in celebration of this, can we have an alumni update round too, please? :)

  17. This was wonderful. Better than any tv shows. You certainly have a gift.

  18. Laurie, I check out the IBKC at least once a day, usually more than once. You are my hero. So many kitty and human lives are touched and enriched by your work. Thank you for all you do. I'd like to see some more follow ups on your alumni, but I know most folks aren't the fabulous photographer that you are. Maybe that's why we don't see more pics of the babies when they are grown up.

  19. i can't even remember how i found your blog...but i do know it was about the time we adopted out tortie, patches - who is famous for that buddah position the bean was caught in! still love popping by to see what's going on...happy 2000th post!!!

  20. What a wonderful compilation of all the little kitty bitties that have come and gone from your wonderful care. I know I've wanted to adopt every single, solitary one - bar none!!! They've all touched my heartstrings.

    So happy to have found your blog and prayers to you for the wonderful work you do and share with us. Keep up the good work!

    Will be here for the next 2000!!

  21. Happy 2000th!!
    I sure needed this today.
    Thanks for everything you do and for all the smiles you bring to this world.

  22. Aw, thank you so much for this! It was a treat to read, and meet some of the little babies I hadn't seen before.

    It's wonderful what you do, as is the joy these kitties surely bring to their forever families.

    I love them all, but revisit the Darlings when I need a smile.

    Thank YOU!

  23. Thank you Laurie. I am so happy you kept Jerry Lee in the mix. I cried for him and for you. He is a special little angel and is waiting for you with Drewey at the Rainbow Bridge.

  24. Lovely job!! Great to see all the old faces and some new!! Congratulations on 2k, hope to see many, many more!

  25. What a wonderful reunion! Laughed so hard, again, at some of the pix. This must have taken a lot of time to pull together, Laurie - hopefully a labor of love. You are amazing!

    Rosemary with Carmelo & William in Minneapois ('cuz I still can't figure out how to post...)

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. My little Enid made the 2000 post!!!! Yeah Enid. I wish I had taken the whole litter of LaBath girls. One day I will add a couple more to the craziness of my house.

    I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work and love you give this little babies. My life is so much richer for having the girls in my life. Thank you.

  28. I actually recognize a lot of the older ones - can you tell I've entertained myself during the kitten droughts by looking at the older links?

    I'm so glad you included Clement hanging on the curtains. That picture almost made me spit my drink when I first saw it.

  29. Laurie - 2000 thanks for all that you do and the love you share with these kitties and us.

  30. Woohoo!! Concatulations on 2,000 posts, Laurie!! xoxo

  31. Thank you Laurie for your womderful blog. It always lights up my day. Kisses to Drewey and Jerry Lee in the great litter box in the sky.

  32. Each litter is cuter than the last. Each pic is better posed, better lit. . . aww heck, Laurie, you're the bestest, and Miss Charlene is the bestest Momcat. :) Sending you daily purrs..... Cicero & Phidian love your posts with me.

  33. Happy 2000.. and here's to many more!

    Mr. Linus was probably one of my faves through the years.. the picture of him peering underneath the door is one of my faves (, as well as the one of him peeking out of the basket.

    Some of your videos should have been included.. the bouncing, flouncing funfunfun (thank you Tigger) kittens across the living room floor.. the Michael Jackson dance move.. Wow. Heck if I know how you cut it down to the list that you did.

    Thanks for all that you do!


  34. Thanks for helping me catch up on the good moments! Most of these were new to me. I like the kitten burrito. My brother in law is a master swaddler when it comes to babies as we have been reminded with the arrival of our new nephew last week. That's probably why I found that post so amusing right now.

  35. It was the tale of Maddie that got me hooked all those years ago. Ones that also captured my heart were Bernadete and Jerry-Lee, oh and Drewey of course - Thanks for making me smile when I need a fix Laurie. You were, and these wonderful kitties, are no doubt the reason the internet was invented!

  36. Aww, Laurie, what a great job you do, for the kittens, and for us. You know it's my favorite, and someone already mentioned it, but this post makes me crack up everytime!

  37. Congrats on 2000, Laurie, Bean and Craig! What a wonderful retrospective!

    I still can't read the posts about Jerry Lee and Bernadette, though. Maybe someday I'll be strong enough.

    I have loved all the kittens, of course - but my favorite babies ever were the Finch brothers.

    Ira doing a crossword puzzle with Craig:

    Walter just being adorable:

  38. Bless you for all you do for the wee kittens, Laurie. Little Jerry Lee's story brought tears all over again.
    I didn't know Drewey had passed away. I'm sorry.

    Andrea in Calif

  39. THank you for sharing all these wonderful photos with us.

  40. congratulations, Laurie!!!

    The earliest litter I remember was the Picketts. I didn't know until later that you never take in kittens with mamas, and this was a very special time.

    I'll never forget the below post. Reading your story about how Beulah Mae rushed her kitten to you for safekeeping? I realized then what all of your followers know well - you are a very special person.

    Thank you so much.

  41. Okay, just one more favorite. Lentil Soup!!!

    This series of pics is just adorable, and the captions are hilarious.

  42. This was such fun to read and remember! Thanks for all the work it must have been to put it together. I imagine you loved every minute of it!

  43. Thanks for sharing all these kittens with us. I forgot Teho met a litter! And thanks you for Charlene looking goofy and Drewey. Yep, Jerry Lee is still with me and makes me tear up. You and Craig and The Cat Whisperer are amazing. Can't wait to see what you do for the Humane Society's fund raising!

  44. What makes this blog special is YOU! Your commentary and beautiful photography gives us a personal look into your life with these sweet kittens. Thank you for sharing your talents. Thank you for rising above "just another blog with cat pictures."

  45. 2000 posts what a milestone !! Your graciousness and compassion for all creatures (great and small) have reached so many. Thank you for 2000 wonderful posts. Kisses and Pearla are my two favorite kitten babies. May all the blessings you share with us come back to you, Craig and Ms. Bean tenfold.

  46. Oh, the memories! You can't know how much I rely on the IBKC to cheer me up enough to get through the day. I'm not in a position to foster kittens, and it makes me so happy knowing that there are great people like you who are.

    Besides the highlights entioned above, I think my all-time favorite post was the epic "How I Tell My Brothers Apart (by Tressa Lovejoy)."

    As my own kitties have aged and passed on, I've taken great comfort in reading about dear Drewey's golden years.

    And I can hardly believe Professor Butterbean has graduated 140 student kittens! She's the feline Mr. Chips!

  47. Your gift of daily joy means so much to me, you make the world a better place and I am so grateful I stumbled upon your blog a year a go. It was great to read through the stories today.

    For all of us who enjoy this blog, we can show Laurie our appreciation by contributing time and/or money to our local cat shelters.

    In honor of her 2000th post, I am delivering a case of cat food to, a no kill cat shelter near my home.

  48. What an amazing post, and an equally amazing blog. Thankyou so much for doing this, you have no idea how much joy you bring with this little insight into the daily life of the foster kittens. I discovered your blog last year, right around the time my old girl kitty Chloie was dying from intestinal was certainly uplifting each day to see the sweet kittens getting such a loving and supportive start in life. I knew that when Chloie passed, I would be adopting two kittens fostered by a local rescue group, and that's just what I did. Thanks to you and all that you do for the foster kittens.

    Oh, and as for favorites...I am pretty new to the blog, but I really loved the Trimbles. I have a soft spot for Tabbies...

  49. Congratulations on your 2000th post! Thank you so much for brightening every day with adorable kittens!

  50. ConCats!!!! You make me smile ever and ever!

  51. Congratulations on 2000, your blog is the absolute highlight of my day. I can't put into words how much I appreciate what it takes to foster so many and have the strength to let them go. You and IBKC ROCK. Seriously rock.

  52. Congratulations on 2000 amazing posts and 140 spectacular kittens raised, and on inspiring so many others of us to get involved in fostering.

    My first foster mama moved into my house last week. We're excitedly waiting for kittens. I not-so-secretly hope that the senior boy kitties who reside here permanently will embrace the role of foster uncles. But I know Charlene's finishing school is one of a kind that we can't hope to duplicate.

  53. Congrats on 2000 posts. It's always fun to see new pictures.

    There is some sad news I need to share. My kitty Sarge is going to the bridge tomorrow. His cancer came back and has spread to the lymph node near the stomach. He has problems eating and his weight has dropped dramatically. I'm trying to make his last days happy ones.

    He's been my buddy for over 5.5 years and it's very hard to see him go. I believe he knows it's his time and he's ready. Everyone who has met him, liked him and will be missed by all.

    1. Jason - you and Sarge are in my thoughts & prayers. I know how tough it is. *hugs*

    2. Jason, hugs and purrs to you. So hard to go through. Know that all of us feel your grief.

    3. So sorry to hear about Sarge. I truly feel your pain. :(
      But my Oreo has surely introduced herself to him by now and they're having a grand ol' time!

    4. We're so sorry to hear this, Jason.

  54. Congratulations on 2000! Laurie, you are so amazing! I think I only missed the 1st litter & have been a follower ever since. Even now, Bernadette & Jerry Lee & Drewey make me cry. But, there is so much joy here! I would be hard-pressed to find a favorite post... although crazed biscuit-maker Gaetano Fortunato comes close!
    Thank you for helping & loving all these itty-bitties! You, Craig, and the Bean are the best!

  55. How did you know that these were my favorite posts? I still run through pics of the Darlings and the Dearborns, etc. And the blissed-out biscuit maker, Gaetano? LOLOLOL!!!!!! My little Siamy, Lily makes biscuits on MY tummy every single night, but she looks like a Zen master with quiet, intense eyes.

    JasoninIL: So sorry to hear about your friend. Prayers to you and your little one. I lost my other Siamy last month.

    Lily & Siam's mommy

  56. Awwww, you got me all teary-eyed! So many special moments. And I'm very grateful to Cute Overload. That's how I found your blog--though I bet I would have discovered you anyway, once I got involved with Tacoma's Twitter community! The Spooners are happy as can be. I love seeing your photos (and slideshow videos!) of them.

    Thank you for sharing all these awesome posts, and for being such an awesome kitty foster mom. :)

  57. Congrats on the 2000 posts Charlene and Laurie!

    My favourite litters are the all black and white kitties - My soft spot for black and white kitties comes from the fact that my first kitty ever was a lovely little tuxie girl I called Pippin... This was back when I was 7!

    43 now and Pippin gave me my life long kitty love.

    There is always one or more kittens that I would give a home to if they were nearer to me being in the uk and I could have kittens in my flat!

  58. Thanks SO much for keeping up with this blog like you do (and of course for being the very best foster mom!). I can't believe how long I've been following you, or how much IBKC means to me. all these wee faces! And like so many others here...if I just think "Jerry Lee" to myself I start to tear up...seeing his pic made it a bit more....rereading the whole post resulted in full on crying. One of the saddest and most touching stories.

    Keep on being amazing!! ~Beth~

  59. Thanks SO much for keeping up with this blog like you do (and of course for being the very best foster mom!). I can't believe how long I've been following you, or how much IBKC means to me. all these wee faces! And like so many others here...if I just think "Jerry Lee" to myself I start to tear up...seeing his pic made it a bit more....rereading the whole post resulted in full on crying. One of the saddest and most touching stories.

    Keep on being amazing!! ~Beth~

  60. Congratulations on 2000 posts! And congratulations on launching 140 kittens into the world with love and compassion. Yay for Laurie! Yay for Bean! Yay for Craig! And yay for the whole IBKC community!

  61. Congratulations on 2000 posts, Laurie, and thank you for sharing all the adorable babies with us. I suspect that I'd have a house full of cats if I lived closer to you, so it's probably a good reason I live so far away. :)

  62. A belated congrats on 2,000! With every meow and purr from Geraldine and Phoebe, we count our blessings that you and Charlene filled them full of love. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!

  63. from the moment I first laid eyes on this blog, it has been a constant source of happiness for me. I love following the Bean and her beautiful little buddies. Keep up this wonderful service of bringing happiness to thousands! Take care! Ashley in Louisiana

  64. Congratulations on 200 posts!!! Your blog is a constant source of stress relief, with so many cute babies and stories of happiness (and maybe a few sadnesses for good measure). Your photography is top notch, and I love the kittens and their stories, but the real star for me is Charlene Butterbean. She is something else. I'm looking forward to the next 2000!

  65. Congratulations! You have an amazing blog :)

  66. I'm so sorry I missed your big post! But I had to comment anyway! Congratulations on 2000 and here's to 2000 more! Yours was the first kitty blog I ever watched, though never commented because I didn't know how, lol! I'm still not a big commenter, but I still love love love your blog and you all! Congratulations again!

  67. I think "Kisses the Kitten's First Shift on the Phone" may be my favorite of these posts. She's so sweet. Whatever happened to Kisses?



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