Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Itty Bitty Vampire Committee

Yes,, they look innocent enough, but I have reason to believe that one by one, these kittens are turning into vampires.

It all seems to have started with Miranda.
I vant to suck your blooooood
Innocent angel, Enid, was her first victim.
fallen angel
Then Hester's neck was next.
Your neck is next
And now Georgette is really, really scared. (note puffed-out tail)
does that mean I'm next?
Because her sisters are looking awfully thirsty.
One of us,,, one of us...


  1. When you start using Hover text?

  2. Brilliant post! I needed the laugh something fierce!

    Laurie, you never cease to amaze.

  3. Vampire kittehs need love, too!

    *snorgle, snorgle, OUCH!*

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Ooooh, scary little vampire kitties :) Too bad they're so insanely cute that it's hard to be scared of them...I mean, really, have you ever seen cuter and more cuddle vampires than these lovely ladies?

  6. they're just so cute, it really is hard to be scared... I think I might end up offending them by giggling when they're trying to look mean :)

    Love the new hovertext btw - a whole other dimension of cuteness!

  7. Tooo darn cute!! Like the others, love the hover text, great touch. I wish I lived in your corner of the country, those two remaining little sisters are just too sweet for anyone to pass up! Even if they do have a touch of the vampire in them. Hope they find their forever home soon.

  8. This is TOTALLY AWESOME. :) That last picture is the best.

  9. Oh, they ARE scary {koff koff}. Whenever my babies yawn really wide like that, the husband says "There you see their true character: they're the result of generations of specialization as efficient, keen killing machines". And they are - but but just seem to keep it in reserve; there's no challenge when the prey is served up in a dish (with little green crunchies around the edges).

  10. dale-harriet - 'Scuse me?? Surely you didn't mean to imply that those are yawns! Clearly these girls have been hiding some scarifying evil tendencies from their adoring public. Them's some uber-frightening toofs.

    Yawns, indeed...

  11. Ummmmm.... Does Karen know she is getting vampire kittehs?

    Just sayin'....

  12. eeee! so cute! they look so soft and chompable that I think I might become a vampire too. :E

  13. Yeah, right! And the onliest thing puffier than Georgette's tail is her adorable round belly. They can bite my neck anytime!

  14. Oh this is just too brilliant! You've outdone yourself.

  15. So funny laurie. That's some serious vamping for the camera.

  16. Georgette - eat LOTS of GARLIC...and drink some Holy Water....QUICK!!!

    And if that fails....roll in the catnip - then maybe you won't care what happens.....

    oooh - such cuties

  17. i come here for my medicinal dose of cuteness - but today got a really good laugh too! thanks!

  18. I would let ANY of those vampire babies bite my neck.

    Then I would snorgle and snorgle them until they couldn't help nuzzling.

    They call me the "vampire cuddler".

  19. Hahahahaahaa... I fear vampirism got back to the Old Country, too. We're having a similiar problem here with my little sisfur, Chilli...
    Your kittens are adorable - I hope they all find perfect homes!
    Purrs, Siena

  20. Aaah the vampiric neck bitey! Very well done girls, this type of bitey is a highly prized skill.

  21. This was so great! Thank you - I really needed a laugh today. The pictures and story are just too perfect.



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