Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A Livermore Update!


 I'm sorry to say that this update today isn't an entirely happy one.  As Cori will explain in the story, she lost one of her IBKs.   Knowing how much Cori loved her boys, I know this left a big hole in her heart.  And though her boy can never be replaced, her heart  (and home) is full again, thank goodness.

Here's the update.

Hi Laurie,

Happy 10 year anniversary! So very grateful for you and all you do matching kitties with their forever humans. I can't tell you how much my little Livermore twins mean to me. It broke my heart when Elvis (formerly Davy)  passed two years ago. He fought to stick with Us as long as he could, but in the end, Albert and I had to let him go. I get teary still. He was a one and a million cat.

Albert and I spent the next year healing our hearts and in a story too long to tell in this update, ended up with a stray cat giving birth on our bathroom floor. Mama cat stayed with her babies until they were weaned and she could be spayed and released. The babies never left, and now, a year later, Bert is the proud uncle to 4 mischievous kittens and happy participant in their youthful shenanigans. Our house finally feels full again, though I know it all started 9 years ago with my two tabby Livermore boys.

Thank you so much!


First, here is a picture of beloved Elvis. What a dear, handsome kitty you were. Look at all of that love in your expression.

And here is gorgeous, green-eyed Albert. I used to tell these two apart by their freckles.  I love how prominent they are today!

 Albert,  you have your paws full with this crew!

Thank you so much for sharing with us today, Cori. We're so sorry you had to experience this loss. Elvis was a special boy, and he's one of the reasons I have such a fondness for floofy tabby boys -- Bean, too.  They are a special breed.

Much love to you, Albert,  and his adorable minions.

Monday, August 21, 2017

An Update on ALL Five Fellows!


We sure loved watching our Fellows grow and blossom while they were in our care.  They all found wonderful homes and their parents generously supplied with updates on all of their babies for me to share with you today!

First up is Seymour Fellows. You may recall he was adopted by Victoria and Ian, who also adopted Agnes Pettibone and Myra/Myron Ulysses Clover (who now goes by Dixie).  Vic provided us with an update on the whole crew!

Agnes Pettibone - 9 years old. Our resident "Lady of the House". She is sweet and dorky and shares a special bond with her human, Ian. She can be very flirtatious, especially with the gentlemen that come to visit. She prefers to chew the stringed part of any wand/feather toy. At Christmas time, she is the naughty one who won't leave the presents alone.

I have so many updates from our adopters, some of the posts are spilling into this week!

Dixie Clover - 2 years old. Our resident "Tomboy in Fancy Dress". You can't help but notice Dixie's amazing smokey belly fur and floofy tail. We had no idea when we brought her home that she would literally blossom into the beautiful fluffy cat she's become. She's playful. Loves to be held and carried around and has frequent conversations in a quiet little meow.

Seymour Fellows - 4.5 months. Our resident "Little Meezer Man". It feels like this most recent addition to our family has always been with us. This little cat is a lover with a wild streak that is highly entertaining. He is a confident little dude (thanks, to Laurie's care) who has captured our hearts. Especially, Dixie's heart.

We added Seymour because Dixie is still young and has an energy level that Agnes isn't always interested in matching. We added the new kitten with the hope that he would be a good playmate for Miss D. and,in turn, maybe free up Agnes to enjoy more uninterrupted naps. It could not have gone better. Every time I turn around, Dixie and Seymour are embracing for a cuddle/grooming fest or "wrassling" each other. The chase scenes are hilarious because of the difference in their sizes but Seymour is growing fast and our vet says he's likely to be a big a boy.

We have been so fortunate to have found our loves, these cats, (including Henry Pettibone) through The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. Laurie is dear to us and we can't thank her enough. We're proud to be IBKC Alumns and love this community that cares for these and all cats.

 And up next, we've got Oakley and Robin from their mama, Andrea.

Here are a few brotherly love pictures. I only have cute sleeping photos because otherwise, they're in constant motion.

When their tummies are full in the morning they've both been climbing into my lap to help me watch the news and drink my coffee while they take the first nap of the day. Makes getting to work on time a tad bit challenging!

I'm now calling Oakley, Saul, and Robin, Louie, but you're welcome to use whichever names you like. :)

They are both doing great. The house is a veritable kitty play land, they checked out perfectly at the vet, and are both just love bugs when they aren't charging like the wind around the house.

And last but not least, we have an update on Maurice and Emmet!

Hi Laurie, Here's the latest on my two Fellows!

The boys just had their first road trip over the weekend. We went to Portland for a family get together. They mostly slept in the car - I only had to pull off the highway once to retrieve Emmet as he tested the limits of their car seat tether!

They visited a friend at her house, saw her cat Singer, and got loves from the humans. They stayed in their first hotel room and had so much fun exploring and playing that they were better behaved than I could have hoped. They spent their first night at my parents' house and met the fam. The last picture is the boys in the guest room, lounging.

Emmet and Maurice are growing like weeds! They are absolutely charming. Emmet is outgoing and fearless. He has figured out how to climb the kitchen cabinets using the drawer handles! Maurice was the first one to figure out the puzzle feeder. He can still be a bit shy, but he overcomes it more quickly with each new experience. He likes to sleep up high atop the cat tree. As Maurice's points have darkened, the stripes on his legs and some marking on his back have gotten more defined.

Both boys come when I call them (mostly). They are affectionate and playful, and so full of energy! We are now working on learning to walk on leashes.

I love them both so very much! Thought you might like to read about their progress and know they are thriving.


Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful updates, Vic, Andrea, and Debbie!  It's so great to know the whole batch is doing so well (and Agnes and Dixie, too).  We're so glad they're in you loving homes and thriving!   Smooches to all!  xoxo!

Friday, August 18, 2017

A Posey and Cleo Update!



We had an update on Enzo Framboise last month, and today we're saying hello again to sisters Posey and Cleo!  That's young Posey in the top photo and Cleo below.

Here's what their ma and pa had to say:

Posey and Cleo have grown ever so big and beautiful, and have just passed the one year mark. They're happy, healthy, extremely silly, and have absolutely exquisite soft coats, the likes of which we've never seen. Cleo clocks in at over 12 pounds now, and Posey will surely maintain her smaller stature through adulthood.

The girls have grown into total love bugs, and are just incredibly sweet. They really love each other, too, which is such a joy to behold. At least once a day we'll witness them curl up and tuck in together, often in each other's arms. Adorable!

We're tickled that their tongue bleps still happen, too, though not quite as frequently as when they were tiny. Sparkleballs are still Posey's favorite toys. Cleo loves larger playthings like her Kickeroos, which she'll toss up in the air and throw around as if she were a puppy. And of course, they still love chasing each other and wrestling just like when they were babies.

This video of the Alexanders you posted recently also may have solved a great mystery in our lives. Since the very first night we brought home our dear girls, Cleo found a spot on our hallway wall that she loves to pounce on regularly. We jokingly call her "Trinity" because she'll manage to get all four paws up on the wall, a few feet off the ground, and it reminded us of that early sequence from The Matrix, where Carrie Anne Moss's character runs up the wall in the first action sequence. We were trying for the longest time to figure out where that behavior came from, and the "get that dot" clip above seems to be the answer.

We're so grateful to share our lives with these delightful little beasts. They're ever so loved.

All our best to you and Craig, Charlene, and Wylla. Thanks so much again for all you do!

Warmest regards,

Dan & Erin

What a wonderful update! Thank you so much for taking the time to share the stories and photos of the girls. They are so lovely and loved!

And just so we can see all of the Framboise Family together, here's Enzo.   What stunning tabbies they all are!

SaveSave DSC_6369

Ramón/Romana Clover and Ernest Plunkett Update!



Bernadette was a repeat customer. She adopted Ramon (previously known as Ramona and currently known as Hugo) first, then six months later, adopted his buddy/brother Ernest (now Walter).  She sent us a sweet update for us today:

Hugo (Ramon), now 2.5 years old, is the cuddly lap cat that I've always wanted! Whether on the couch or at bedtime, I can always count on Hugo for snuggle time. He also likes to help me pick out my outfit each morning and insists that I pick him up when standing in front of my closet when deciding what to wear for the day.

Walter (Ernest), soon to be 2 years old, is my elusive runner. He likes to cuddle with us, but only after we've showered. He tries to escape to the outside world by darting out the door when we come home and then only goes so far before immediately turning around and running back into the house towards safety. He still really loves his orange pom pom balls from his IBKC days and we find them in the water or food dish. When Walter does decide to let us hold him, he is a purring machine complete with plenty of air biscuits!

Getting a second kitten to keep Hugo company was one of the best decisions I have made! Hugo and Walter play together, snuggle together, and groom each other. They look and act like brothers and get along so well. The two of them sit next to each other at the front window, waiting for us when we get home.

I'm so in love with my fur babies! They are the sweetest cats ever. I personally think they have such great temperaments because they started their lives at IBKC!

I had forgotten about Ernest/Walter's obsession with the orange puffs!  There's a fun post on the subject HERE.

Thank you so much for sharing this update, Bernadette! I'm so glad the boys became such great buddies. Enjoy those sweet peas of yours and tell them we love them!

More to come, folks!

A Draper Upate!

WAY back in 2009, we hosted the adorable Drapers.  The left our nest in pairs -- Gordon and Millie were adopted by Kelly.  Luella and Perry were adopted by Mimi and her family.

From left to right: Luella, Gordon, Millie and Perry.

Meet The Drapers

All four of grew to be gorgeous big cats, as you can see in the photos below, and both parties report their kitties bring them lots of happiness.

Here are Luella and Perry!

And here are Gordon and Millie!

Thank you so much for sharing your kitties with us today, Kelly and Mimi! It's so nice seeing the whole Draper family again!

More updates coming today!  Stay close, friends!


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