Friday, August 22, 2014

Caption THIS!

Ok my clever friends,  this photo of Claudette and Malcolm is screaming for a caption.  Let's hear what you've got!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bigger and Better


 I snapped this picture with my phone the second I got home with our dear little Von Tussles.

They were a wee bit crusty when they arrived, and a couple of them had goopy eyes. This can be a symptom for upper-respiratory infections, fortunately it did not lead to that, an ointment cleared their eyes right up, and I was greeted by six sets of bright, blinking eyes the next morning.

I was also greeted by a litter box filled with puddles of poo, so everyone went back to the HS  to visit the doctor and they returned with medicine, probiotics, a nutritional supplement, a bag of sub Q fluids and a couple dozen needles.

The one part of fostering I do not like is giving fluids to tiny kittens. I don't mind doing it when they're a little older and a little meatier, but when they're only 13 ounces and on the scrawny side, it's difficult to find the right spot to poke them and even harder to hold them while you do it.  These guys are wigglers, too, so it was quite the challenge keeping the needle in long enough to get them properly hydrated. Fortunately, my dear friend Sarah is an expert in needle inserting and kitten holding, and she came by a couple of evenings to give the babies fluids. I am so grateful to her for the help!  Thank you, Sarah!  

The babies are turning it around, and five out of six are now pooping perfectly! Everyone is eating great and on their own. They're gaining weight, getting bigger, and feeling a lot thicker in the middle.

When Malcolm pooped his first solid poop the other night, I snapped a picture of it and sent it to Sarah.  I know that sounds kind of gross, but it made her very happy.  Don't worry, I deleted it from my phone and I won't be sharing the picture with you!

I'm so glad we moved through this phase quickly!  Onwards and upwards, Von Tussles!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I'm Sorry, There's More Sadness

Carmine Pettibone

 I'm very sorry to say this, but I've got some more sad news to report.

Not all that long ago, I shared with you that we lost one of our former IBK, Virgil Pettibone.  Just a few days before I got these news I had received an email from Victoria, mom to both Henry (formerly Carmine) and Agnes Pettibone.

She reported that Henry been dropping weight, so they took them into the vet to have him checked out. Things were pointing towards cancer, but at that time they were waiting for a report from the lab to confirm this.  Sadly, soon after, cancer was confirmed.  

They had hoped that Henry would have some good days left in him, but I'm afraid he did not, and he declined quickly.  They said goodbye to their boy last week.

Henry was a very dear cat and was absolutely adored by his parents, Victoria and Ian. This loss is huge for them, and I know their hearts are aching right now.   Having spent time with Henry during his kittenhood, we know how special he was.   We are so deeply sorry and saddened, Vic and Ian.  

It is very strange that that these two young brothers would pass within a couple of weeks of each other.  The vets feel it's a just coincidence because their illnesses are not related, but to be safe, advised all the Pettibone adopters to take their cats in for blood work and tests.  I haven't heard from Rosalie and Renatta's dad yet, but everything came back good for Alvie and Agnes. Thank goodness.

Pettibone families, you are deep in our thoughts right now.  We're so sorry for the loss and worry you have experienced.   We love you and your kittens,  and more than anything, hope this is the end of the sad news for a very long time.


I took this photo the day the Pettibones moved in with us.  Here they are napping on Sue.  We knew from the start that they were special ones.

the pettibones take down sue

Here's Henry conspiring with brothers Alvie and Virgil.


Here's their first meeting with Bean.


And here's the whole beautiful family.



What a special lot.

If there is something awaiting us on the other side,  I do hope these two special fellows are reunited there.

Best. Belly. Ever.

OH, dear little spotted squirrel, you have made my morning. Thank you for sharing your belly with us, Midge.  It is spectacular, and I love that your dots and dashes are multi-colored.  I've seen many kitten bellies in my day, and yours may just be the best one yet.

You've got a cute little wiggle there, too.  

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

ALL the Von Tussles

A couple of days after we said goodbye to our precious Kibblesmiths,  I dropped by the shelter to see if there might be some babies in need of a place. I bumped into Ruth on my way in, and she said "You're in luck!"

She told me about a set of six that had just arrived, and said I could have three, four, or as many as I would like.

I committed to four, and headed back to the foster room to meet the kittens and make my selection. I had never been in the position to pick before. Uusually, I just get the call and take home the assigned kittens. I never give it much thought, I just assume whatever kittens await, were meant to be ours.

The kittens were in two carriers, and I peeked into both and after much pondering of all this adorableness, I made a list of the four I would be taking home and left it on Ruth's desk.

Before I could bring  the kittens home, I had to get their quarters set up and run a couple of errands.  My plan was to return at the end of the day and pick up them up shortly before the shelter closed.

And when I returned, I filled my carrier with all six.

If you were in my position to pick, could you leave any of these beauties behind?


I didn't think so.

So here we have the final Von Tussle.
Please say hello to Miss Claudette.




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