Friday, September 30, 2016

Happiness is a New Rug


We used to have a big rug on the living room floor, but it just wasn't the best rug for a house with as much cat traffic as we have, so I rolled it up, and out it went.  That was about two years ago.

I brought in a throw rug to put in front of the couch so the girls would have a soft spot to lounge and the kittens would have a wrestling mat, which seemed to work just fine as a temporary solution.

I wasn't actively looking for a big rug, but last night while out shopping for other things,  I stumbled across one that I thought would work perfectly. The colors were good, it matched our decor, and cats, too.   Because it's a background for many photos of cats, it had to be in "cat friendly" colors.

It seemed as though it would withstand the wear and tear it would get from big and little cats.  If someone yakked on it, clean up would be easy.

I took a few pictures, sent them to Craig, gave him a call and asked what he thought.

"Well, it's not the worst rug in the world" was his response, which means "Yes!" so found a clerk, and I brought it home.

I dragged it in the house, unrolled it, and put it into place. Of course Inspector Stout began her investigation immediately.  I called for Charlene, who strolled into the room and immediately began using it as a scratch pad!  She was redirected and placed on her scratch mat so she could complete her scratching and toe-stretching routine.  She joined us on the rug when she done, flopped, and let out a huge sigh.



The girls LOVE the rug. Well, they love having a rug again. They spent the evening sprawled out on it, and we played a lot on it, too.  We have carpet upstairs, and that's where they do most of their leaping after feather wands and toys, which is awesome, but  I think they're pretty thrilled to have a spot downstairs for such activities.   They're really seemed happy last night.


If I would have know it would bring them such joy, I would have brought in another rug sooner.  I do feel a little guilty that I've been denying them this pleasure for the past two years.  It makes me think, what else have I done that may have reduced their happiness?  I do feel as though we consider them when we move furniture or make changes in the house, but I bet there are some things I've overlooked.


Here's happy Bean in the position we call "The Banana Boat".

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Tea with Bean (and Wylla) and Cindy!


Cindy, who came all the way from the Los Angeles area, joined us for Tea with Bean (and Wylla) on Tuesday afternoon.  The day was warm and bright, and it really was the perfect Northwest fall day.

Cindy arrived at noon, we all said hello, she met Wylla and Bean, and we spent a little time chatting in the living room. Wylla let Cindy give her a hug, but Bean always needs to really get to know someone before she'll accept that kind of affection. Instead, Craig held Bean.



We headed into the kitten room next, and Cindy got to meet the Framboise Family. They were all friendly and sweet and were happy to meet their new friend.  I was a little worried Enzo might dash into the shadows, but he didn't!  He was comfortable and relaxed and enjoyed playing with Cindy, Cleo, and Posey.




While they played, I slipped out of the room to tend to some lunch details, and once everything was complete, we sat down at the table.

The "centerpiece" on the table was a collections of items from our 2016 FUNdraising set.  Tegan and Dinah manned the phones.


Each place setting had one of the tiny ferns along with a place card featuring one of the images that had hung on the set walls.



At Cindy's place setting, we had a little gift for her: a couple of sets of kitty cards, an IBKC pin, and a Bean print.


We started out with salad and soup. The salad was baby spinach and arugula with roasted yellow beets,  a stone ground mustard and maple dressing, and yes, garlic kitty croutons! I loved how the beets looked like striped kitty balls!

DSC_0322 DSC_0315

The soup was pesto with navy beans and kale. Sprinkled on top, a little parmesan and toasted pine nuts.  I didn't notice until I imported the photos, but the parmesan kind of makes it look like the kitty is shedding in the soup!  And those pine nuts are shaped like mice!


For the main course we served cannelloni filled with butternut squash, ricotta cheese, and kale, with a fontina cheese sauce. On the side, roasted rainbow carrots tossed in olive oil, saffron, salt and pepper.

And, of course, there was tea.


We had a great talk over lunch and enjoyed getting to know our guest.  

After we were finished, we headed over to the shelter for out tour. Shelby, who does events and marketing at the shelter,  was our guide.

We first visited the adoptable cats. This handsome guy, Albert, was one giant love and was happy to receive attention from all of us.  It's hard to see, but his tongue is sticking out here, and we laughed that this guy could very well be Mr. Framboise!


We also laughed when we noticed that in his photo, he looked more like a squirrel than a cat!


In the grooming room, where the Bath Brigade works their magic, we got to say hello to this cutie!


In the foster room we got to see six teeny tiny babies, three orange and three brown tabby,  who were just six days old. Mama Cat was cuddling up with them in the corner of their cage, so I couldn't get a good photo, but gosh, they were itty bitty!

Patty, who works in the foster room and also fosters kittens, had her set available for snuggling. There were three kittens in this batch -- two orange tabbies and a flame point.  All were adorable!





We visited a few more areas, met some staff, the wrapped up the tour by taking some photos with Bean!  As most know, she graces the side of the Humane Society's "Tail Wagon".


Next, we headed back home and had a little more kitten time.


And then we had a little dessert.  Cindy said she would be happy with just some simple fruit for dessert, so that's what we did. We were so full from lunch, I don't think we could have handled anything much heavier.

Of course, their were raspberries, because Framboise means raspberry in French. (In case you didn't know that already!)  Also red grapes, figs, black berries, and a little cheese, too.


Cindy brought presents for us!  She gave me a lovely scarf she had knitted, and the girls got a bag of really awesome toys.  They were excited to receive a pair of catnip bananas (there's nothing better than a fresh banana), a Cat Dancer, a replacement bird for their Da Bird toy, and lots of other fun stuff.

We spent some time trying out the new toys and the girls had a blast!




DSC_0586 SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

We played with the toys and chatted some more, then ended our day.  It was a really lovely afternoon and the humans, cats, and kittens enjoyed it immensely!

Thank you, Cindy, for joining us!  We appreciate you coming so far to spend an afternoon in our home!  We also appreciate you bidding so generously to win this luncheon with us, and I know the Humane Society does too! They can do many good things with your generous donation!

And thank you for all of the wonderful gifts, too. That was so very thoughtful of you!

We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did! Safe travels, and should you find yourself in Tacoma again, do let us know!


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Little Guy, Big Yawn.

Good morning! We're all moving a little slow around here this morning.  Yesterday was a very full day -- we had our new friend Cindy over for Tea with Bean (and Wylla).  It was a whole lot of fun  and I'll tell you the whole story of our lunch and shelter tour in tomorrow's post.

Enzo was a little exhausted too -- look at this little guy and his giant yawn!







Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Still Fine

I packed the Framboise Family into their carrier and they all went in to see  the vet today. They wanted to recheck Cleo's eye, and make sure everything was A-OK with that.  And it was. Still no cause for concern about the tongue thing and there doesn't seem to be anything physically wrong with them.

Everyone is healthy and are gaining weight and growing like they should.  

I don't think I'll every grow tired of the sign of an adorable Framboise with a teeny-tiny tongue sticking out.  I'm guessing you won't either, so as long as they keeping doing it, I'll keep sharing photos of it!







Monday, September 26, 2016

Pompon Pit

I have a tiered cart in the kitten room and on the bottom shelf there's a big pile of pompons from an abandoned craft project. Cleo discovered it the other day and decided it made a pretty good spot for napping.  Eventually the others found it too, though it got a little crowded for all three.

They seemed pretty happy burrowing in there, and thought I might have to make a few more pompons, put them into a larger container, and create a kitten pompon pit.




We saw lots of progress this weekend, and I'm happy to see their confidence grow. Enzo made some pretty big strides, though still does get a little panicky at times.  His sisters are showing him that there's no need to be scared.  Hopefully, he's seeing that, and taking note.

Now that everyone is relaxing more, we're seeing a lot less tongue. They still stick out their tongues more than your average kitten, but a little less than before.





Check out  Posey's toesies in there! She's got some pretty great little beans.  I'll have to get a good photo of them to share!  They are pretty spectacular.


Have a great Monday!


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