Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Family Portrait Fail

This was supposed to be a family portrait. I set up the camera, grabbed five Fellows and lined them up on the couch. I turned around and stepped towards the camera, and in that split second, four Fellows disappeared.

So here's their family portrait.


Thanks, Robin.

I'll try again tomorrow.

A Day Devoted to Our Beloved Senior Cats

Good morning! I thought we would get an early start because it's everyone's favorite day of the FUNdraiser --- Senior Cat Day!  I'll share more on that in a bit, first, let's do a quick recap of yesterday's events!

The big news --- you can now donate anonymously!  Just click on the "donate" button on our fundraising page, then you'll see a box to check that allows you to continue as an anonymous donor. It's all very easy. I'm so glad it's now an option for us!

We had a good run yesterday but sadly didn't max out a late afternoon match.  We were only $200 shy of completing it.  It's OK,  this happens every now and again, and it was still an awesome day thanks to so many generous folks. We doubled many dollars, and we're currently at $13,200! It feels pretty good to have so many squillions behind us in the first couple days. Nice work, Team!

Seriously. Thank you. It's a tremendous accomplishment and reason to be proud. Thank you for giving so much!

Whenever I talk about the IBKC, I always share what an incredible community you are. People are always amazed by your generosity.  No surprise there --it's pretty amazing!  Thank you for giant, giving hearts.


Throughout the FUNdraiser, we always have days designated for specific causes or programs. It gives you a chance to give and have your donation go towards something you are passionate about.  Today will be the first of our "designated donation days" and all the money raised in the next 24 hours will go specifically to help the Senior Cats.  I know there are many Senior Cat lovers in this crowd, so I'm hoping it will be huge, just like it has been in previous years.

our little old lady cat asleep on the deck

Here's our old girl, Drewey, who was my very first cat.  She passed away in 2010 at the age of 18.  She had many fans around here,  and whenever she made an appearance on the blog, everyone was always so happy to see her.

She was a sweet, loving gal who "embraced her inner crank" as she aged.  She was full of personality, an excellent communicator, and I am so grateful that we had so many good years with her.

After she had passed, the whole community felt this loss, and many of you made a donation to the shelter in her honor. So began the Senior Cat Fund.


WE all know how special Senior Cats are, but often people are shy to adopt them because Seniors can be at greater risk for medical issues and adopters may worry about potentially high vet bills and the woes that come with owning a cat with health problems. If the vet staff has the resources to get the Senior Cats healthier first, this ultimately makes the Seniors more "adoptable" and shortens their stay at the shelter.  And the sooner they get settled into their new homes and started on their new lives, the better.

Our donations today will help our vet staff do testing, procedures, blood work, dental work - whatever it takes to get this special population in top form! It will allow our doctors to go above and beyond and give the Seniors many more happy and healthy years!

Seniors often take a little longer to place, so the expenses for their care during their stay can accumulate. Our donations will help cover these costs, too.

Claudia, who is the Annual Fund Manager at the shelter,  has some Senior Cat stats and stories to share with us today.  We will share one tale now, and you'll meet a couple more sweet Seniors later today.

From Claudia:

In 2016 the IBKC raised $12,331 for Senior Cats.  

We are happy to report that in 2016 we successfully homed 267 senior cats (8 years and older)! Our oldest this year was 19 years old. 143 were 10+ years, and 15 that were 15+ years old. We estimate it costs about $35 per day to house a senior cat and the average stay is about 8 days. That means that with the IBKC funds you have helped 44 senior cats get the food and medical care they need while they waited for adoption!

 Abby – 8 years 

After one of her humans passed away and the other needing to move in with family Abby was feeling a little anxious when she came to the shelter. Having lived her whole life with her owners and three other cats, the sights, sounds, and smells of a busy shelter Cattery were a little overwhelming for the beautiful 8 year old Tortie.

Fortunately for Abby the shelter staff and volunteers know how to help those shy senior cats purr with satisfaction. Having passed all her health exams she just needed a little TLC to coax her out of her shell and show off what a loving girl she still is.

Purr-time volunteers work individually with shelter cats like Abby, providing behavior assessments, lap time, special treats and some play time in the visitation rooms. Everyone fell in love with this sweetheart and knew she was going to find a new home soon.

When her new owner came into the shelter for a visit, it was love at first sight. Abby quickly jumped up into his lap and lay peacefully while getting pets and chin scratches. Staff instantly knew it was a purr-fect match.

Abby was with the shelter 16 days before finding a new home. With an average cost of $35 per day, for a healthy senior cat, the estimated cost of her care was $560. To help senior cats get adopted the shelter frequently waives their adoption fees, so all funds raised are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for sharing her story, Claudia. Abby is such a lovely girl and I'm so happy that she found her human! Thank you to the dedicated staff and volunteers who coaxed that tortie out of her shell and gave her the care and extra attention she needed while she waited for her adopter to walk through the shelter doors.

I'm so excited that our donations today will help a whole lot of Senior Cats like Abby!

Our dear friend Cynthia has a huge heart for all critters, but especially the precious Senior Cats, and today she is offering up an awesome $5000 matching donation challenge to help them out!

For every dollar we donate, Cynthia will do the same until we reach the $5000 cap.  I have a feeling it won't be any trouble at all meeting this generous match -- we love our Seniors!

The matching donation challenge will end at 6:00 PM Pacific Time, but we're giving you a full 24 hours to donate to the Senior Cat fund.  So, every dollar that comes in before 7:00 AM tomorrow will help our Seniors!

To make a tax-deductible donation, please visit our FUNdraising page.

Thank you so much for offering up this generous match, Cynthia. And thanks in advance to all who help us meet it!

There's lots to share today! I've got a couple sweet Senior Cat stories coming your way, and, of course, our adorable Fellows. Stay tuned!


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Quick Afternoon Match


An anonymous donor just offered up a quick afternoon match!  For every dollar we donate, she'll do the same until we reach the $1000 cap! It goes until 4:00 PM today, which gives three hours to get there.

If we can do $1500 in 15 minutes like last night, tackling $1000 in three hours shouldn't be a problem, right?  Let's hope not!

 OK, Seymour. Settle into your station and get ready.  You're about to get busy.

"I'm as ready as I'm ever gonna be."


RING... RING....Riiiiiiiiiiingggggg. 



Well, maybe we all ought to try donating online for now.  Click HERE to make a tax-deductible donation, get your dollars doubled, and help some kitties out!

GOOD NEWS!  You can now donate "anonymously."  Just go to our fundraising page, click on the donate button, and on the top of that page, you'll see an "anonymous" box to check!! It's super easy!

Thanks so much!  Now, where did that kitten go?


Geeze, These Siamese! They're Growing Up!


Take a gander at these lovely boys lounging in the window! They're really starting to mature now -- they're not nearly as round and kittenish as they were when we first met them.

Maurice's face has gotten much longer and it's looking very angular. His mask darkening, too.

Oakley's color is coming out. His stripes had a lavender hue at first but now he's showing some light, toasty browns.

Seymour's getting browner every day. A subtle stripe on his back is now spreading and his mask is darkening.  He's long and lean right now and his round little belly doesn't sag like it used to!

Our little Meezers are growing up!
















About Last Night


My goodness. Were you following the FUNdraiser last night? Emmet can't believe what happened. I can't either.

An hour before the match closed we were about $1500 shy of meeting it. For the next 45 minutes, it was completely dead then finally in the last fifteen we had a huge flurry of activity and somehow, well, thanks to a couple of hefty donations from a few of our former foster kittens, the match was met and then some.

Honestly, at 6:45 I was feeling pretty dang worried. It just felt there was no way possible that we could get there. But we did. And we ended up have a really awesome first day -- we closed it at  $11,400!

Thank you, everyone, who contributed to making the first day a great one! Thank you, Awesome Anonymous Donor for offering up that very awesome challenge! Thank you, to all who gave! Thank you, to all who helped spread the word.

I'm getting to know our new fundraising platform and am learning that the system moves a little slower than the old one.  When you make a donation, I don't find out instantly -- there's a bit of a delay. That makes things challenging when a match is down to the wire like it was last night.  So moving forward,  maybe we can try to wrap things up a little earlier to be sure every single penny counts towards the match.  That sure would be swell!  And easier on my blood pressure, too!  Seriously, folks. Last night nearly did me in!

You may have noticed, we now have a little fundraiser "thermometer" on the blog! Thank you, Craig, for that one!! It does not update automatically,  so I have to manually enter our total.  Because I'm not able to update with every single donation,  it's usually a little bit behind where we actually are.  I try to update as frequently as I can, but it's hard when things are happening fast -- like at the end of the match. You can always go to the fundraising page and look at the progress bar there to see our up-to-date standings.

The new system doesn't allow you to make donations anonymously, which I know might be a deterrent for some -- I totally get that.  If you would still like to donate and keep your online privacy, you can always send a check.  I'm talking with the shelter today looking into other ways around this. I will let you know if/when we can figure something out.

If you would like to mail a check:
Pleases make the check payable to The Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County
In the memo line, write "IBKC DAT" to make sure they know it came from our community. Please send it no later than July 6th so it can be processed and count towards our goal.
Mail to:
The Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County
2608 Center Street
Tacoma, Wa 98409

Once processed, the shelter will mail you a receipt for your tax records. I know this is more work and I appreciate you taking the extra time to get the monies to the kitties! Thank you!

We don't have a big match on the books for today, but, of course, we're still here raising money! If you would like to support our shelter help the homeless cats and kittens out, please visit our FUNdraising page and make a tax-deductible donation.

I can't express enough how every little bit does help.  A donation of even just a few dollars makes a difference.  That donation will provide several nutritious meals for a shelter cat -- and THAT makes a difference in the life of that cat. That's something to feel good about.

Or maybe you're in a position to give enough to by a case of cat food. That's awesome too -- that will provide breakfast for all of the cats in the cattery!  Five dollars or fifty dollars. It's all makes a difference!

Thank you for listening. Thanks for giving. Thanks for sharing.

I'll be back in a bit with some sweet siamese pics! Stay tuned!  


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