Monday, December 5, 2016

A Weekend of Firsts


Two things happened this weekend that I never have witnessed before.

First, Wylla allowed Marigold to make biscuits on her belly.  I've seen many kittens try, on both her and Bean, too, but never have I seen either of the girls allow it!

And yes, I've got it on video!!  When you watch it, be sure to take a close look at the kneading polydactyl paws -- it's so interesting to see all of the toes moving.  


Bean and Wylla were snuggled up on the couch, and Miss Marigold dove into the middle of their cuddle puddle. Wylla started grooming her, then Bean joined in, and they bathed Marigold TOGETHER.  Another first. Never have I witnessed anything like this before.  They groom the kittens individually, but it's never a team effort!

And that's on the video, too.

Then Poe jumped up and joined the puddle. He got a little bath, and they all napped together.

Sigh.  It really was the sweetest thing to see all four snuggling together.  This is a pretty rare occurrence, but I have witnessed it a time or two before.





Oh, and before I go, I just received notice that our large Sparkle Balls will be delivered today! The second they are here, I'll get them back up in the shop!

Have a great Monday, Friends. I hope this cuteness helps make your Monday better.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas Bells and Sparkle Balls

This is the weekend we normally set up our Christmas tree, but with two little monkeys in our house,  we may just have to wait until they're gone before we do.

We've had many Christmases with kittens, and we certainly know all of the challenges that brings!  I hate to delay the decorating, but I think it's better if we do. These guys are climbers, and I'm afraid they'll just go straight to the top of the tree.  They like to chew on things, too, and don't want them ingesting or destroying any holiday trimmings.

Out of all the Christmases we've spent with cats and kittens, I think the year with the Loudermilks was the best.  Remember the kitten bell choir?   I love this joyful moment so much.

Do you have a good "Cats at Christmas" story to share?  Did kitty knock down a tree? Eat Santa's cookies? If you've got one, we would love to hear it, so share it in the comment section, please!


Yesterday, we got a big shipment of Sparkle Balls, and they've been added to the SHOP.   We've got more of  the usual colors, and I've brought back the wintery mix of blue, silver and green, and added more Christmas packs, too.  The extra-large sparkle balls were delayed a bit, and they should be arriving by the middle of next week. I'm sorry all of the large are currently sold out! The very second they arrive, I'll get them listed and let you all know.

We're doing a holiday special in the store today, and if you spend $25 or more, shipping is free! Just enter the code "CATALOONS" when prompted at checkout to take advantage of today's deal. The offer ends at Midnight tonight, so please don't delay!  I'm sorry international folks, but this is for shipping within the US only.

Visit the IBKC store HERE.

Have a great weekend, folks!  Be sure to watch our Instagram feed for more of Poe and Marigold!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fuzzy Pants and Toehawks

Vic and Ian, mom and pop to Agnes Pettibone and Myron/Myra (now Dixie) Clover, came by and visited me at a craft sale a couple of weekends ago.  Like any proud mama does, Vic pulled out her phone and shared some photos of the girls. They're doing great and looking good!  

 I asked her if she could send me some of these recent Dixie pics because I wanted you all to see her remarkable coat.  

It was so interesting when she was a tiny kitten (remember these photos?) and it's really turned out to be something unusual and fabulous! 

Her fuzzy pants and toehawks are incredible! 

Thank for sharing these pics with us, Vic!  Please give Agnes and Dixie some love from all of us!  

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Oh, the CUTE!


We have a lot of cute in our house.  It's something I've learned to deal with over the years, and on most days I can live surrounded by all of this cuteness, and still be a productive person.

But when stuff like this happens ALL DAY LONG it gets challenging.  

I mean LOOK, just look at all of this cute that happened yesterday.







Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Wylla, Kittens, and Gifts

Our time is divided by the number of kittens we're hosting, so the few kittens we have, the more one-on-one attention they receive from us humans and Bean and Wylla, too.  And the more time we spend with them, the better we know them, and the closer we all get.

So with just two in this round, we're all getting pretty attached to this batch.  I can feel you all are too.  I know you love all of our babies, but it seems these two might be nestled a little deeper in your hearts. 

As you might have noticed, they're getting big. Both Marigold and Poe have rolled past the two pound mark and they're on the surgery schedule next week. This means, of course, they'll be leaving us soon.  

Out of all of us, I think Wylla is going to miss Poe and Marigold the most. She's part buddy and part mama to these two, and watching their relationship develop has brought me a great amount of joy.   

Please take a look at this video of the three of them sharing some time together.  It's not an action-packed cat video -- just a quiet moment of them together. Wylla's grooming herself, the kittens watch and take it all in, there's a little love, a raising of the paw, and a couple of goodbye kisses before Wylla jumps off of the couch.  The way they watch her just melts my heart. They love their Wylla.
I've said this a squillion times before, but I do love the part our girls play in the lives of our foster kittens. They teach them things we could never teach them.  They have a purpose beyond the role of an average house cat and I know their lives are enriched by the babies.  I feel so lucky that this all works -- I know it's not always this harmonious in every foster home.  

Though they're leaving soon, thanks to Wylla and Bean, our darling Starlings are ready. The've learned all of their lessons. They're happy, loving, social cats who are ready to move on and start bringing some joy to their new family.  
We'll be savoring our last days with them.  


One of our dear community members, who would like to remain anonymous, was feeling very generous this morning and sent me an email with an idea -- she wanted to purchase five sets of our IBKC Christmas cards and gift them to five people who perhaps would enjoy a set but didn't have a budget that would allow them to purchase one.  Or maybe just give them to folks who might just enjoy a freebie!  

So, there are five sets available to the first five people who EMAIL HERE and request one.   If you're one of the first five, we'll ask you for your mailing address and ship them off today.  

UPDATE: All five sets of cards have now been claimed!! Thank you!

Thank you to our anonymous donor who's about to brighten five days!


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