Monday, August 29, 2016

Bye-Bye Dinah!


Less than a year ago, Linnea and Patrick adopted a tiny little kitten named Oscar, a handsome black cat with a big, floofy tail.  He's a spunky and active little guy who likes to follow them around their apartment and instigate play.  They decided they he could use a kitty companion, so they emailed me to find out if we had any kittens that might be well-suited for Oscar.

Dinah's personality seemed like the perfect match for this scenario. She too is a lively one.  She loves playing fetch and other games just like he does.  She's bright and could challenge him in a good way. It seemed logical choice for this family, so they decided to adopt our dear Dinah!

Linnea shared a little video clip of Oscar and Dinah's first day interacting and things are going great! In the video, Oscar was on the floor, belly up, wiggling his paws at her in a very non-threating way, and was asking her gently if she would like to play.

A little friend is exactly what he needed.

Thank you, Linnea and Patrick, for adopting our sweet girl! I'm so thrilled to know things are off to a great start!  I know she's going to bring so much joy to all of your lives -- especially Oscar's!

We wish you all the very best!








Friday, August 26, 2016

Scuffle in the Sunlight

Well, they're gone. Cassie, Russell, Tegan and Dinah have all left our nest.

Wylla is shuffling around the living room right now chasing a sparkle ball -- you can tell she's a little bored and missing her little playmates.

Bean is sitting in the middle of sun patch, that same space the kittens are playing in in the photos below, and is watching Wylla run.  She misses the kittens too, but I also think she's glad to have a quieter house once again.  Normally, when she needs a break from the babies, she slips upstairs and finds a quiet spot. But when it's too hot to hang out upstairs, which it has been the past couple of weeks, she has no choice but to share the coolest spots in the house with them.  She enjoys the kittens, but Bean needs to take her uninterrupted naps. Bean needs her alone time.

As I mentioned before, our little Dinichis found some great families. On Monday I will start sharing all of their adoption tales with you.  We've got some sweet stories to tell, and I think you'll enjoy them!  

I'm going to be heading to Iowa to visit my family next week, so we won't be getting a new batch of kittens immediately, but as soon as I return we'll pick up a new set! They're still flooding into the shelter, so shouldn't have any sort of wait.

Because I'll be gone, I'm going to be putting the IBKC Shop in vacation mode starting Monday, August 29th.  To say "I'm sorry for this inconvenience," I've decided to have a little sale this weekend and we're offering  20% off of  EVERYTHING in the shop.  To take advantage of the discount, just enter "CATLOVER" in the appropriate field upon checkout. The sale ends Sunday at 11:59 PM (pacific time). To visit our shop, click HERE.

Have a great weekend everyone!  We'll see you Monday!













Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lovers of Cats! Lovers of Coloring!


Our dear friend Julie, of Kitty Wigs fame, sent us a copy of her latest creation “Kitty Wigs Presents Marie Catoinette: A Cautionary Tale of Excess. An Historically Imaginative Adult Coloring Book”.

We're so excited for her, and wanted to show our support by sharing it with you today!


From Kitty Wigs:

Introducing Marie Catoinette, an historically imaginative adult coloring book from the eccentric minds that brought you Kitty Wigs—the cat wig meme that swept the globe with the best-selling book Glamourpuss: The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs. Imagine a cache of long-lost portraits of felines in fantastical wigs from the time of Marie Antoinette being discovered in the basement at Versailles. We always believed that we were not the first to put wigs on cats. Here’s proof in 29 astounding portraits and feline accoutrement ready for you to color and bring to life!

We know it's for "adults" but wee Russell was excited to pick up a pencil and do a little coloring.  He loves showing off those thumbs of his!





Congratulations, Julie!  The coloring book is delightful, imaginative, and the illustrations are so charming!   It's sure to be a huge hit with lovers of cats and/or coloring!

If you would like to pick up a copy for yourself or your polydactyl kitten, please pay a visit to the Kitty Wigs website, or order one on Amazon!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Final Family Portraits


The Dinichi's have been trickling out the door over the past few days and it won't be too much longer before they'll all be gone.

It seems we all fell pretty hard for this set, so I know we'll be missing them dearly.   We've found some stellar homes for them, so don't worry,  their futures are bright.  I've already gotten reports that the ones that have left our nest are doing really great.  No surprise there! They are all so social and well-adjusted, of course they transitioned easily!

Before we started saying your goodbyes, I  did get manage to wrangle everyone and get a couple of family portraits in.   Thank you for sitting still, kittens, and giving us all a chance to look at you big, healthy babies all together for one last time.

You four are amazing. I hope you know how much joy you brought us all during stay at the IBKC.  You will be missed by many!


(don't worry, his peeper is fine -- no damage done)











I wanted to say thanks to everyone who purchased a set of our Kitten Magazine postcards. They flew out the door -- we've never had a set sell out so fast!  I'm trying to decide if I'll do a second printing or not. I do have other cards in the queue, so I may wait until after I release those, and maybe reprint the Kitten Magazine cards for the holidays.  I'll keep you posted on that -- I haven't quite decided what I'm going to do yet.

I appreciate the support!  It does help off-set the expenses of fostering. As you can imagine, we go through a LOT of kitty litter around here!

: )


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