Friday, February 24, 2017

The Most Fun They've Ever Had


We really didn't do much at all this trip. We took a couple of short walks, looked for some whales, saw some otters, ate, drank, and slept. Craig did a little work. I neglected mine and spent three days mostly just hanging out with kittens.

Time well spent, I say.

When I was about seven years old, we got a new refrigerator. My dad took the cardboard that wrapped the appliance, cut holes for windows and doors, and converted it into a bus.  We took magic markers and drew a steering wheel, gas pedal and brake,  buttons and knobs on the dash, and exit signs above the doors. We used couch cushions and throw pillows for seats and spent the day "driving" the bus all over the world with neighbor friends.  We waved and yelled out the windows. We stopped to pick up our stuffed animal friends.  We ate sack lunches.  It was magical.

At the end of the day, I remember thinking "I will never, ever have as much fun as I did today."

For Mose and Sidney, I think this trip was their "day on the bus". We've spent many hours with kittens over the years, and we certainly have seen them have lots of fun, but these two were completely euphoric, and quite possibly had more fun than any two kittens have ever had.  They loved, LOVED climbing up on the tall, squishy bed, diving into pillows and wrestling in the covers. The window by the bed offered such a wonderful view into the woodsy world outside. OH, THE BIRDS OUT THERE! The slick laminate wood floors were the BEST for chasing mylar balls, and their new favorite toy, orange pom-poms.  And because we were lazy, when they were ready to rest after all that fun, we were there to offer cuddles and a warm spot to nap.

I don't know if cats are able to hold memories, but I sure hope that they can.  I would love for Mose and Sidney to remember these days of extreme kitten bliss forever.

I know I will.





Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sleeps with the Fishkins


We fell asleep watching a movie in bed with the Fishkin Twins curled up in the small gap between our pillows.  They were happy and quiet and during the first two hours of the night and the only sounds we heard from them were purrs, tiny snores, or whistling noses.

Around 2 AM, they both stirred, got up and had a little snack, then returned to bed -- not to sleep, but to burrow, pounce, and chase. They ran over our pillows, jumped off the bed, jumped on the bed, bit toes, and used us as launch or landing pads. I pulled the blankets over my head to avoid scratches and poked eyes and waited for them to wear themselves out.

Finally, they slowed things down to a dull wrestling match. There were a few tired, cranky cries, then both gave in, the game ended, and they each found a spot to curl up in again.  Mose reclaimed the space between the pillows and Sidney found a good sleeping nook between my arm and side.

I turned my head to Mose and asked: "Are you all done now?"
He answered my question by booping my nose with his paw.

The furnace in the cabin is as loud as a jet engine, and when it kicked on in the middle of the night, it woke everyone and sent the kittens scrambling. They found safety under the bed, and once the furnace stopped blowing, they came out and brought a jingly toy mouse with them.  They hopped back up on the bed and wrestled at my feet until with the toy until I grabbed it, stashed it under my pillow, and muffled the mouse.

Around 4:00 AM, someone got up and dropped a stinky bomb in the litter box and forgot to bury it.  In this small cabin, the smell could not be ignored, so I got up, grabbed the scoop, and took care of their unfinished business.

Later, there was a soccer match with a mylar ball.

Also, a game involving the zipper pulls on our luggage and maybe shoelaces.

When someone began nibbling on my pajama buttons around 6:00, I gave up the hope of getting any more sleep and got up and gave them their breakfast.  They gobbled it up, washed their faces and paws, then climbed back into bed and had a good morning nap.

We did things a little differently last night.  I set up their wire kennel, put their food, water, litter box,  bed and quieter toys inside, threw a sheet over the top, and that's where they slept.

I think they were quiet and good, but I don't know for sure; we were so exhausted from the lousy sleep we got the night before, we didn't wake once!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

In A Cabin with Two Kittens


One of the best parts about living in Tacoma is that you never have to drive too far to make an escape to water, mountains, or both.

And that's exactly what we did yesterday.

It was a spontaneous idea.  Craig didn't have any meetings at work this week, so nothing tied him down.  Everything I needed to do was portable, so it was easy for me to slip away. We found a pet-friendly cabin, packed up our things and the kittens and their many things, and hit the road.

The kittens traveled well in the carrier and napped most of the ride. We let them out while we waited in line for the ferry and they were happy to hang out in our laps and climb on the dashboard.  A baby in the backseat of the car ahead of us noticed Mose on the dash and waved his hands in delight.  The man holding the baby smiled and pointed Mose out to the other passengers in the car.  When Sidney joined his brother on the dashboard,  the man mouthed "TWO kittens! TWO kittens!"  The baby applauded, and they continued to watch the show until it was time to put the kittens away and drive onto the ferry.






When we arrived at the cabin, we did a quick search for any hazards or hidey-holes, then released the kittens, who were anxious to stretch their legs. Our bags and suitcases made the perfect staircase to the bed, and once on top, Mose and Sidney played every game two kittens could possibly play on top of the bed. There was wrestling, burrowing, pouncing, sneak attacks, butt biting, high dives from pillow piles, and exuberant games of tag.




I interrupted their fun by serving them a late lunch.  Sidney and Mose gobbled it down --- because they were hungry but also because they were eager to return to the bed for more fun. And once they grew tired of that fun, they discovered how much fun two kittens can have under a bed, and they played until we all settled down for the night.

Well,  sort of settled down for the night. I think I'll save that story for tomorrow.

Our internet connection is a little spotty in our cabin, but I'll try to post as much as I can while we're here for the next couple of days.  Please look for more on our  Instagram feed!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

In Search of Sunshine


A few days ago on a sunny afternoon, we took the big cats out on the back deck so they could bask. It was warm and perfect and so welcome after a long stretch of rain.

The window from kitten room is visible from the deck, and while I watched Charlene and Wylla squinting at the sky and taking in this glorious day,  I spied two tiny black kittens spying on us.

Now, getting up that high, onto the desk, then into the window isn't an easy task for kittens of their size.  I'm don't know what their exact route was, but I'm sure it required some calculating, a lot of determination, and many attempts to make it up there.

I imagine Mose found his way up there first then offered a helping paw to his little brother.  Mose seems to have a lot of drive.

They were so happy up there -- it must have felt so good to be a warm, fuzzy black kitten in all that lovely sunshine.

Craig stayed outside with the big cats on the deck, and I stayed in and supervised the little ones. Eventually, I put their bed on on corner my desk, and they napped there until the last beams disappeared.

So happy they were!










Monday, February 20, 2017

A Quiet Day


Today's a holiday and I know many of you have the day off, so it's going to be a little quiet around here.  I'll just post one quick picture of dear Sidney Fishkin having a relaxing moment. Perhaps, he'll inspire you to do the same.

Enjoy your time off!


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