Friday, March 27, 2015

Stepping Out With Wylla Stout: Wylla Takes a Walk

First off, thanks for all the sweet words of support yesterday about Wylla and her health.  We sure do appreciate all of the well-wishes you've sent us during the two years we've had the wee girl under our roof.  It helps. It really does.  We're so thrilled she's doing so well, and it's nice knowing it makes you happy, too!  You all are the best.

The weather has been absolutely glorious, so Wylla and I stepped out to take a little stroll down our block. She's improving on the leash, but she still has a long way to go before we've got it mastered.

She's getting better at staying on the sidewalk, but it doesn't take much to distract her. Any little noise or smell can cause her to pause.

I took a little video on our walk so you can see how she's doing.

We're going to keep practicing, and hopefully before the nice weather fades, we'll be able to get all the way around the block with her. That is my goal.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Nearly Normal?


It's strange, but Wylla hasn't regurgitated once since December. Prior to that, it was rare for her to go more than a week or two without an incident.  And if it happened once, it would usually happen again, and she often had several days in a row where she struggled to keep meals down.

I've noticed she hasn't been taking her "vertical naps" lately. She figured out a long time ago that vertical is better when she's not feeling well and would sit calmly with her eyes closed while gravity moved food from her esophagus to her belly.  It's been at least a month since I've seen her do this.

And she doesn't sound sloshy, either.  After a meal, if she would run across the room, or jump from a high spot, you would hear the food in her esophagus slosh around.  I honestly can't recall the last time I've heard her slosh.

Her energy has been so great lately and she's been extra-goofy. She definitely more active and she's always flopping over and trying to engage us all (Bean included) in play.

She's gained so much weight recently, too.  When I put on the scale before breakfast yesterday, she weighed 7.5 pounds!

So, something's going on inside of her and it's definitely good.

Once she became an adult, I kind of gave up hope that she would grow out of her Megaesophagus, but maybe it's happening now? We'll just have to watch and see if things continue to improve.  Even if they don't get better, I'm pretty happy with this "nearly normal" place she's at right now!





Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Chase

Every night around 10:00, the girls get a big burst of energy which lasts for about an hour. During this hour you'll see a little wrestling, lots of chasing, and a whole lot of fun.

In this clip you'll see the girls in action a few evenings ago. As they race across the room, Bean decides to take a quick left turn to dive into the cardboard kitty house. Wylla thinks fast, jumps over Bean, and avoids a collision.  We've seen many close calls like this, and thankfully, never any injuries!


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Leave Me Be, I Need My Sleep!

Wylla has been working my last nerve this morning. That's why I'm hiding in the guest room.


I think it's wonderful she's feeling great, but she keeps interrupting my naps.


And I NEED my naps.


Maybe you could put that camera away, Mom.  Or better yet, go take pictures of Wylla.  I'm sure she's doing something charming right this very second.


Because like I said before, I NEED my naps.


Monday, March 23, 2015

Oh, This is Sweet.

I was so happy to find this dear photo in my email box this weekend.  The two lovelies in the image are Mei and Riza (formerly known as Betty June and Camille Suprenant) and it was taken by Joy, their mama. What a great moment to capture. Nice work, Joy!

These two have been buddies from their early days. Here they are "dancing" in our kitchen at about five weeks.

Hold me closer, Tiny Tabby

Thanks so much for sharing your sweet photo, Joy.  It's always nice to see the girls, and it's lovely to see the closeness they share.

Tell me, friends, do your cats live in harmony? Or do you have some kitty friction in the house?


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