Saturday, December 20, 2014

One Last Sale!

Happy Saturday, friends! I wanted to let you all know that we've got a fresh batch of Sparkle Balls all packed up and ready for your kitties. The store has been restocked, and they're on sale!  In fact, absolutely EVERYTHING in the IBKC shop is 20% off all weekend long.

If your order is a gift,  we'll gladly add one of our IBKC holiday cards to your order for an additional $2.  You'll see the single card option in our "Card" section. Just add it to your basket, and when you check out, leave us a note and let us know how you would like to have it signed.

To receive 20% your order, just enter the code "CATLOVER" when you check out.  The sale ends at 11:59 PM on Sunday night (pacific time). This is our last sale of the season, so please take advantage of the savings this weekend!

Thank you!

To browse our shop, click HERE!

And to all of you folks who supported our store this season, thank you very much! You've been keeping us busy, and running to the post office nearly every day! We appreciate you!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Santa's Visit Revisited

Last year, we had the extreme pleasure of receiving a visit from Santa Claus and his lovely wife. When I think about the day, it still brings a huge smile to my face.

It was such a fun and memorable time, I wanted to share it again....

CHARLENE!  Did you hear that?  Was that the sound of sleigh bells?  


Could it be...?  Could it REALLY be Santa????   


We just happen to know Santa Claus, and even though he's quite busy this time of year,  he managed to make room in his schedule to visit our good little cats.  So on Friday afternoon, he came by to say hello and hear their Christmas wishes.

Santa is very wise, and knew that a tall man with a big red suit and a giant beard, might be a little bit scary for a tiny cat, so he just sat down and invited Wylla to play.


After some time, he scooped her up and held her.


Wylla was a wee bit timid and unsure at first.


But after Santa gave Wylla a treat,  she relaxed a little bit.



Much to my surprise, Charlene took to Santa right away.   Normally she's a little uneasy around strangers,  but she seemed comfortable in his arms.



Because she was so good, Bean got a treat, too!


Santa is a huge lover of cats, has many of his own, and understands them well.   He knew just how to win Wylla's trust.


So, he got down on the floor with more treats and toys and they spent some quality time together.

DSC_0941 DSC_0939

The girls had a great time, but I think I may have had even more fun watching Santa roll around my living room floor, playing with my cats and a catnip candy cane.

It was delightful.

And after the play session was over, back to the chair they went to finish up the photo session.






And we got a few good ones for the family photo album.

Thank you for visiting us, Santa Claus!  Thank you for these sweet Christmas memories - we will cherish them a lifetime!  And thank you to Mrs Claus for the awesome bag of treats for humans and cats!

You're a special pair, and we appreciate you greatly!   Thank you for making our Christmas so merry!

PS Because I know someone's going to ask if that's THE Kitten Whisperer in a Santa suit,  I 'll tell you now that it's not.  Yes, Santa has some awesome kitten-whispering skills, just like my dad does, but that's not my dad.  My folks don't arrive until later this week.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Snuggling Buddies

I spied this very precious photo of Malcolm and Greta Von Tussle on their mom's Facebook page the other day, and immediately asked her permission to share it.

Just LOOk at all this adorableness!

The kittens are doing great and their parents, Carrie and Billy, are enjoying them thoroughly.  I'm so these two were adopted together - they sure make a sweet little pair, don't they?

Thanks for letting me share this dear moment with everyone, Carrie! Give those kittens some love from all of us too, please!  

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Gift of Graham (Again)

We have shared many adoption tales over the years, and out of all of these stories, Graham Loudermilk's is probably my favorite. It truly was one of the happiest moments I've witnessed in my life. I know many of you have read this story before, but it's a heart-warmer, and a nice reminder of the joy that animals bring to us, and I think it's worth the couple of minutes it takes to read it again. 


When the Loudermilks first moved in, I posted a few of their pictures on my personal Facebook page.  Briana, friend and neighbor, immediately took note of adorable little Graham.    

Briana and her husband, Sascha, were thinking about adding a second cat to their household.  They weren't really considering a kitten, but a young adult instead, and had been visiting local shelters in search of a good match for their tabby boy, Melvin.


While Briana and Sascha searched for the perfect cat, the Loudermilks grew, and were ready for adoption.  Cyrus, Clive and Ralphie found their families, but Graham's people hadn't stepped forward yet, and when Briana saw he was still available, she sent me a message.

She wondered if it would be possible for me to bring Graham over for a visit,  to see if things might work with Melvin.

I packed up Graham in the carrier and walked over to their house.  Briana met me at the door with a huge smile, I came in, and placed the carrier on the floor.   Melvin woke from his nap on the couch, and hopped down to investigate this odd delivery in the middle of the room.

Noses bumped, paws reached, both were curious and calm.  

We waited a few moments, then I opened the carrier door, and Graham eased his way out. Melvin stayed close.


Not a single growl was growled or hiss was hissed.  Never in a squillion years, did I think the first few moments would go as great as this.

The boys continued to check each other out, and Graham explored the room,  the whole first floor, then made his way upstairs. Melvin stayed close, and they even chased each other around a bit. Briana and I followed the boys,  chatted, and soon agreed that Graham was a very good fit.

And then we hatched a plan to surprise their three children, who more than anything, wanted a cat for Christmas.


We wanted the timing to be perfect, so we waited for the next evening that was free of appointments, commitments, and lessons to deliver this special Christmas gift.


I found a lid to a grapefruit box that was slightly larger than the carrier, and wrapped all but one side of it with Christmas paper and trimmed it with a bow.   I placed Graham in the carrier,  slid the carrier into the box, and  Craig and I walked over to their house with the surprise in hand.


The kids were at the table finishing their dinner when we arrived.   I placed the package on the floor with the open side of the box concealed, and announced that we were here to deliver a special Christmas gift for the family.


The kids came closer and Graham let out a few mews. Mouths dropped open, eyes got big and Caleb, their son, screamed "O.........M.........G" and threw his arms in the air. We slid the carrier out of the box and released little Graham to say hello to the whole family.

The pictures I took that night aren't the best.  The light was low, and my eyes were a little teared-up, which made it difficult to focus the camera properly.    Even thought they aren't the greatest, I wanted to include these images in the post so you could get a sense of the joy and glee in the house that night.

As you can imagine, Caleb, Yahbi, and Sega were shocked, surprised and thrilled by this adorable gift.


They were all in awe of his tininess and adorableness.




Smiles were huge and abundant, hearts were happy.



The kids were so sweet with Graham.  They took turns holding him and playing with him and even in all this excitement of getting a new kitten, were very aware of Melvin, who could have easily been overlooked in this moment, and gave him lots of love too.

Craig and I stayed for a spell and enjoyed talking with the family and soaking in this lovely scene.   The kids, again and again, thanked us for their kitten.


Briana, Sascha, Sega, Calab, Yahbi and Melvin, thank you so much for adopting our sweet boy. We are thrilled to no end that he has found a place in your beautiful, loving family.

Watching you receive the gift of Graham will forever be one of my favorite Christmas memories, and I hope it's the same for you.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Couple of New Cat Friends


Back in November, I did a craft event at Compass Rose, a wonderful gift store in Tacoma. I met Amanda of Three Bad Seeds at the show, was very tempted by her adorable wool pillows, but didn't pick one up at the time. I returned to the store the store yesterday to do a little holiday shopping, and though I was looking for presents for other people, somehow, an adorable pair of cat pillows ended up in my shopping bag.

I'm so glad they did come home with me; they're a lovely addition to our cat family!

That nose on the curled-up kitty is a perfect peachy-pink - just like Wylla's!





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