Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Rough Night for Our Little Kitty


Wylla has a pretty delicate system, so when we started transitioning them to their new food last week we took it pretty slowly. Still, it rocked her system and Wylla ended up with a little diarrhea. I wasn't too concerned because this has happened before and usually corrects itself in a few days.

On Sunday afternoon I noticed she was scratching around in her litter box but didn't think much of it -- I just assumed it was just diarrhea. When I scooped the box I was surprised to find so little waste considering how often she had been in the box.  I watched her closely Monday. She was her normal, peppy, playful self but she was in and out of the box a lot and not always leaving anything behind. I decided we would be visiting the vet the next day.

Craig and I had our dinner and after the dishes were done, I headed to the living room and called for the girls to come play. We had a good session with "Da Bird" and when we were done we all headed upstairs to join Craig on the couch for a movie.  Once upstairs, Wylla started sniffing around like she was frantically looking for something, then she ran to a sweatshirt that had slipped off the foot of the bed and squatted.  She peed a tiny bit.

Not once has she ever gone outside to box, so I interpreted this as a little cry for help from Miss Wylla and called the emergency vet. I packed her into the carrier, and off we went.

It was busy there, so our wait was long, and after about an hour and a half in the lobby, they put us in one of the examination rooms.  She was a good kitten and just curled up in a ball in her carrier and napped.

A tech came in and took her vitals, there was a little more waiting, then the doctor came in and examined her. After some poking and prodding, she decided Wylla had a bladder infection.

We left with some pain meds and antibiotics.

She's not acting quite herself this morning, she's a tad out of it, but I think that's a side effect of her pain meds.

As soon as our vet's office opens, we'll give them a call and get her in for a follow-up.  

Hopefully, everything will clear up quickly and she will be back to normal soon.  Until then, we're watching her closely.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Fresh Air for a Bored Kitty


Bean was upstairs napping and missed out on the outing, but Wylla and I slipped outside onto the deck and spent a little time in the sunshine yesterday. It was just what that restless kitty needed.

We were both entertained by some chubby robins that were looking for lunch in our holly tree.  Wylla paced on the deck railing and chirped as they fluttered about.

"COME CLOSER, PLEASE!" she said.

It looks lovely out there again today, so as soon as I wrap up Blog and work stuff,  we will all head out and say good morning to the robins.  I can hear some crows fussing, so maybe they can join us too.  







Friday, January 20, 2017

Thanks, Wylla


I'm grateful this little cat demanded we stay in bed a little longer today. No cries for breakfast -- just squeaky purrs, cuddles, slow blinks,  and lots of biscuit-making  

Thanks, Wylla. We needed that.





Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bean Back Then

Someone asked to see some baby pics of Bean the other day. And like any mother would do when presented with this request, I'll gladly agree to share.

I know many of you have seen some of these before, but there are always newbies in the crowd so these pictures will be a first for them.  And to those of you who have seen them before, I don't think you'll mind taking a look at this awkward little beauty TOO much, will you?  I mean, come on, just LOOK at that little Bean!

springtime charlene

charlene at four weeks

charlene at 3 months

charlene butter bean 3 months


charlene in a stocking cap/sleeping bag

belly shot

charlene at 3 months



Hopefully, you'll be able to watch these two videos below.  You might need to click on the still images and go into Flickr to play them.

Baby Butterbean

Baby Butterbean

I do enjoy looking back at these photos. I like to see the glimpses of the Bean to come in her little face.

And oh, what a Bean you became!


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Post from the Past

While we're waiting for kittens, I thought I might sprinkle in a few favorite posts from the past.

Here's a fun one!  Remember Kenneth Wiggins?

A Crossword with Kenneth (originally posted October 2011)











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