Monday, January 26, 2015

Stepping Out With Wylla Stout: An Afternoon At Point Defiance Park


Temperatures soared well into the 60s yesterday. It was sunny and bright, and not your typical January day in the Pacific Northwest. We took advantage of this glorious day, packed a lunch, packed a cat, loaded the camper, and headed to Pt Defiance Park.

The park is huge, in fact it's the second largest urban park in the county. Once you enter it, you're quickly swallowed by the green lushness, and it's hard to believe you're still within city limits. It's truly a magical place, and should you ever visit Tacoma, please make a point of spending time at Pt Defiance Park.

We found a nice level, sunny spot with a good view, and parked the truck. Craig popped up the camper while I explored the immediate area with Wylla.


Once the camper was all set up, we came back inside, and I prepared lunch. Wylla sniffed around the camper, looked out the window for a moment, then curled up on the seat and took a nap.


We lunched, then relaxed,  explored the park a little,  packed up everything up and left.








We spent just a couple of hours "camping", but it was a great little get-away, and a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Cats IN Glasses

After yesterday's post, several of you pointed me to Eyemart Express, where I spent FAR too much time virtually trying eyeglasses on Charlene and Wylla.  

OH MAN, that was fun.  

And to the fine folks at Eyemart Express:
Should you sell any pairs of glasses because of our lovely models,  I do hope you send us a cut.















Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cats and Glasses

I was doing a little shopping online for a new pair of glasses, and spent I some time looking at Warby Parker's collection.

On their site, they have a "virtual try-on" feature, and after uploading a photo of myself and spending a little time seeing how their designs looked on me, I thought I would "try"a few pairs on Charlene.

 So I tried uploading her photo.

But sadly, it was rejected.

So I tried a photo of Wylla.

And that didn't work either.

Nor did Mimsey's.

So, I ordered a few sample pairs to try on at home.

I guess we'll have to do things like we used to.  In reality.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Professional Cat

I took this portrait of Charlene a few months back. My intention was to use it for her Linkedin profile picture, so I was hoping to get a shot that showed she was "all business". You know, like a professional head shot.

A few clicks into setting up her Linkedin profile, I realized how completely ridiculous it was that I was considering making such a thing, so I abandoned the idea.

For now.  


But I may revisit it one day.   After all, we've got the perfect photo.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Vertical Napping

As I've mentioned before, Wylla figured out that relaxing and napping in an upright position helps move the food to her belly, and offers some comfort on the days she's not feeling her best. It almost seems like she's meditating when she sits in this position - maybe in her own way, she is.




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