Friday, July 31, 2015

There's a New Sheriff in Town

It's been interesting to watch Wylla's role as Deputy Kitten Wrangler take shape. With the first few batches she met,  the kittens were just curiosities, then playmates, but with the past couple of litters, her role is much more nurturing.

 The last batch was the first I saw her bathe.  With the Hollis Girls, she cleans them all the time and seems to monitor them more. She is definitely more "motherly".   If there's ever a cry of distress, she runs to find them.  At mealtime, when everyone is screaming, she thinks they're ALL in a state of distress and she moves from kitten to kitten, pulls them close, and licks them feverishly as if she's saying "Girls, girls, relax! It's ok!"   She'll chirp and trill at them, too - she's always talking to the kittens.

Here's a little clip of her in action the other day. It's very brief so I repeated it a few times for you. It's kind of quiet, so turn up the volume a bit.

And please make note of Bean's paws in action.  "Back off, kitten. I'm waiting for breakfast, too."

Bean's role has changed, as well. She still interacts with the little ones, but in a different way. You'll see her give an occasional bath, but mostly she likes to just hang back and watch and let them entertain her.

I think it might be time to promote Wylla to Lead Kitten Wrangler. I think she's qualified for the position, and I think Bean might be ready to step down.

Whatever their role, I'm grateful they are both a part of the process. I do think they help prepare the kittens for their lives ahead.



Thursday, July 30, 2015

No Coffee for Kittens

Dearest Evelyn, I'm sorry but you can't have a sip of my coffee. I know it's resting on top of a piece of kitty furniture, and it may appear as though it's for you, but I assure you, it's not.  The last thing in the world that you kittens need is caffeine.

So please, step away from the cup.



Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Seriously Kittens, That's All You Got?

Because we're done with our FUNdraiser, I put the Hollis Girls on the set and gave them the chance to go wild and break the whole thing down.

I expected them to swing from the lanterns, knock things over and tear things apart. Instead, they just sat there purring.  I guess we'll have to try it again when they're in a rowdier mood. 

I never thought I would ever say this, but Hollis Girls, you're not crazy enough.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

$159,096!! Woot, Woot and Thank YOU!


It took a long time to count up all those squillions, and I am beyond thrilled to announce that this awesome, big-hearted, cat-loving community of ours raised a remarkable $159,096 for the homeless cats and kittens this year! We still might have a little more trickling in, so it could rise a wee bit more. The whole event raised $300,155 and it makes me very proud that over half of that came from the IBKC Community!

 We received over a thousand donations from all corners of the world. These donations came from 11 different country and 46 states.  We saw many familiar names in our lengthy list of donors and many new ones, too.

I have to tell you, I was a little nervous going into it this year. Our goal was pretty big and we only had 17 days to meet it, which is half the normal length of our fundraiser.  I asked a tremendous amount of  you, scheduled some really huge matches for us to meet, and you got us there!  And then some!  I honestly don't know why I wasted a single second worrying -  you all never disappoint. I should know this by now.

Thank you for every single penny, dollar and squillion you gave. With this huge sum we brought in, we are providing the Humane Society with the resources to fund many wonderful programs and projects. I am so happy for the cats and kittens that will benefit from this. I'm happy for the shelter staff and volunteers who will put these funds to action and because of their devotion and hard work, will be able to witness many positive changes happen for the kittens and cats.  I am happy for us knowing we played a part in all of it.

Thank you for caring and giving so much. $159,096 is huge and I am mighty proud of our community.  Your kindness and generosity is inspiring!  I know there are many organizations out there doing incredible work for cats and kittens - we appreciate the fact that you selected ours to support. Thank you for believing in us and the mission of the shelter.

 And thank you to everyone for tolerating this long two weeks of me asking for support.  I know it's got to get a bit exhausting at times seeing all of those pleas in your Facebook and Twitter feeds,  and in my blog posts, too. I tried to provide some entertainment in the mix,  but still, there were times when I know I saturated your feed with maybe too many requests for donations - especially when we were getting close to meeting a match. Thank you for understanding and not "unfollowing" us during this time.

I would like to take a moment to thank some very special folks who contributed in big ways to the success of our fundraiser.  

Craig: Thank you for tolerating the madness once again.  I know I get distracted by this annual event and let many things in life slide during this stretch. Thank you for not complaining and always being supportive. Thank you for listening to me talk about it all the dang time. Thank you, too, for making the beautiful painting of Charlene for our auction.

Marguerite: Thank for always being available and so willing to help. I appreciate the many photos, stories and stats you shared with me. You made my work easier, and all you contributed to this fundraiser helped bring in many donations.

Team Members Shana and Sarah:
Thanks for working hard and bring in lots!  You both raised your goals and exceeding them, too! Way to go!

Opal, Ellis and Lola:
Thank you for working hard to raise money for the kitties. Seeing such young people giving so much is inspiring to many. Keep it up, kiddos. You're special and we love you and your big hearts.

All our human, feline, and canine friends who walked the walk: Craig, Shana, Jim, Blixa, Sarah,  Bob, Allie, Lynn, Alex,  Ruth, Stephenee, Kathleen, Hannah, Lisa, and Wylla.

Christy of Libertine Tacoma and Mackenzie of Pepper Pot Polish:
Thank you for generously donating a portion of your sales of your awesome products to support the kitties!

Our auction winners: Thank you for your generous winning bids!

Lynn and Alex, Rosemary, Gerard,  Beth and Michael, Lisa and Stuart: Thank you for offering up wonderful matches and inspiring folks to give!

Mary H: Thank you for offering up the kitty bed match and stitching up all the beds for the shelter cats!

iPop; Thank you for donating the magnet sets for us to give away!

Awesome Anonymous Donors and Anonymous Lover of Kittens: Thank you for the many huge matches. I will do the rest of my thanking of you in private, because I respect your wish to remain anonymous, but I will say publicly, that you are truly awesome and we wouldn't have met our crazy goal if not for your generous matches.

And last, but certainly not least, dear Cynthia:
We appreciate you and your huge heart so much. The way you give is beautiful, generous and inspiring in so many ways. Thank you for the many matches you offered. Without your support, we would have fallen far, far, far from our goal. You're our patron saint, and we love you.

It is impossible to adequately thank all of you because what you've given is so  huge. Please know that I appreciate you more than I could ever express.  This community is amazing and unlike any other.  You are good, good people and I hope your hearts feel as full as mine does right now.

Now, let's take a look at the numbers:

We had days designated to fund some of our favorite programs and projects. These are the amounts we raised for each:
Foster Program - $15,455
Senior Cats - $15,545
Special Needs Cats - $14,121
Barn Cats and Backyard Buddies - $17,942
Kitty Meals-On-Wheels and Pet Food Bank - $14,103
Ring Worm Room - $15,679

Here's how we raised that huge amount: 

Team IBKC Firstgiving donations:
Laurie -  $148,930
Sarah -  $2,300
Shana -  $1,670

Auctions: $6206
Paypal Donations: $25

For a total of $159,096

And here are our totals over the years: 

2009 = $23,000
2010 = $48,000
2011 = $66,000
2012 = $87,000
2013 = $117,190
2014 = $131,890
2014 = $159,096

For a very grand total of

And our prize winners: 
Signed copy of the IBKC Book -  Lori Miller of VT
IBKC POSTERS -  Emily-Mary Brown and Cheryl Krum
Magnet Sets -
Lise Hedegaard
Mari Gadberry
Amy Vreeland
Michael Unser

To our winners, please email us and let us know where we should ship your prizes!

That's it for today, friends. I'll be back tomorrow with more adorable Hollis Girls and we'll see what happens when we set them loose to breakdown the set!

Out and About

The Hollis Girls were set free from their room this weekend and they couldn't possibly be happier. They've been running wild all over the main floor of the house and entraining us all.  They have great stamina and will play hard for hours on end.

Quiet moments are rare, but yesterday they did slow down and started getting sleepy. They're pretty adorable running amok, but even cuter when calm.













I'll be back in a bit with the big fundraising wrap-up post, so do stay tuned!

Also, I'll be randomly selecting some names from our LONG list of donors and giving away a few prizes. We'll be giving away a signed copy of the IBKC book, IBKC posters, and thanks to a generous donation from our friends at iPop,  several sets of IBKC magnets!  If you didn't make a donation but would like be a part of the raffle, leave a comment on this post and we will throw your hat in the ring.

We've got our last auction ending in just about an hour. If you want to bid on the teeny tiny magazines from our set, please visit HERE.

Thanks! We'll be back soon!


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