Friday, June 24, 2016

Technical Difficulties!!!!!

Well, my laptop decided it needed a vacation too, and just crashed on me. I'm still traveling right now, so that's going to make it awfully tricky to blog. I can write posts from my phone, sort of, but the alumni update content is all on my computer, which I can't access right now.

SO, I'm going to try to figure something out, but please don't be surprised if you don't see much posting 'round here unitil I get back from my trip on June 30th. Things will return to normal then, for sure!

Sorry about this, folks! I will sort this out if I can! Fingers crossed my vacation pics aren't lost. Don't worry, all of the cat and kitten pics are backed up!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Alumni Update!!! Agnes Pettibone and Myron/Myra/Dixie Clover!



Eight years ago, Vic and Ian adopted a pair of Pettibones, Agnes and Henry.  As many of you recall, Henry passed, and after their hearts did some mending, Vic and Ian added Myron/Myra (now Dixie) Clover to their family. Dixie's adoption tale is truly one of my favorites, and you can ready it HERE.

It was a year ago that Dixie moved in, and it sounds as though they are all are doing just great!

Here's what Vic had to say:

Agnes Pettibone recently turned 8 years-old, we can hardly believe how quickly time passes. She is healthy and happy and stunningly beautiful. She remains playful, flirtatious and has embraced her role as tolerant big sister. She's not fooling anyone. She likes having a pesky little sister to play with, most of the time. Her favorite things are naps, snacks and squirrel watch. 

Dixie (nee Myron/Myra) Clover is 1 year-old. She is fluffy, sweet and hilarious. She adores her big sister. Dixie plays fetch, is an expert fly and spider killer and like to store her favorite toys in her water dish. She asks to be picked up and to be carried around on a shoulder, often times, for a good 30 minutes or more, purring the whole time. We are in awe of her smokey bits of fur. Her belly fur is long and grey and she has "mad professor" tufts behind each ear. Then there is that tail. It still seems disproportionately floofy to the rest of her. We love it. We love her. She's been the perfect addition to our family.

We are so proud and fortunate have had 3 IBKC alumni in our family. I am convinced that the love and care that IBKC kitens get during their time with Laurie, Charlene and Wylla prepares them to be happy, well-socialized, loving pets and cherished family members. 

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful girls with us today, Vic and Ian.  I know everyone will be so happy to see these two once again!  Many were curious to see how Dixie's unusual coat would develop  -- it sure is gorgeous!

Thanks for loving our IBKs so much! They're so lucky to have parents who adore them like you both do! Please give them both a few scritches from all of us.

PS While looking for a young Dixie photo for the post, I came across THIS! Hee heeeee!!!!  I totally forgot about those messy little beasts!! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Sheldon and Pearla Dearborn Update!



Carmen, Pearla and Sheldon Dearborn's mama, has always been great about keeping us updated on her kitties. This makes us all happy, I'm sure, because EVERYONE loved those Dearborns!

She sent us over a batch of recent (and hilarious) photos as well as a great update, too.

Here are some quick snaps of the kitties - they are both going awesome!  Now that they are 5 (5!!!  can you believe they are 5?!?!) you’d think they would have settled down but… not really.  :)  We still have the serious case of the zoomies most days.  Over time their personalities haven’t changed a whole lot - Sheldon is still the lover who wants to be right by you and wants attention while Pearla is a bit more standoffish with people she doesn’t know.

This time of year the cats spend a lot of time flopping around dramatically because it’s too hot out.  Pearla will find a shady spot on the hardwoods under a cabinet and Sheldon will disappear - and I honestly don’t know where he goes!   They still follow me around the house and “help” with things like laundry and making the bed.  As cats do, of course.

While they don’t know many tricks they have learned that they get treats after they get their nails clipped so they will get really excited when the little scissors come out and follow me to the couch to get a pedicure!  When their schedules allow, which is most days ;), Pearla stalks the birds at the feeder in the yard from the window and Sheldon destroys those yellow catnip bananas.  I buy them in packs of 3 now… he literally eats them over time.  And isn’t great at sharing.  

I tell people all the time how these guys started life in a wall and here they are, complaining about their kibble being late.  They would never be here without all the work you guys do… they don’t know how lucky they are!   I look forward to cat-a-thon season coming up - let’s give those next batches the boost they need!  If anyone wants to see what’s going on in Sheldon’s head, he (sometimes) does the twitter thing at @dammitsheldon  I promise that’s the only swearing involved.  ;)

Thank you so much, Carmen!  We appreciate you taking the time to share these great photos and stories with us today!  Sheldon and Pearla are  as adorable as the day we first met them, and still such characters, too!!

Give them some love from all of us, please!  

PS Oh my, that last photo of Sheldon -- it looks like he's climbing out of the pool! SO FUNNY!  What an expressive little nut he is!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Mittenflosses!! Those Glorious Mittenflosses!!


 It feels like the fabulous Mittenfloss boys weren't here all that long ago, but those cuties will be turning one year in just a couple of weeks.

I've stayed in close contact with Sara, their mama, so I've been able to keep my eyes on their antics. You'll see in the update that follows, the boys are gorgeous, charming and highly entertaining --- just like they were as wee kittens.

Here's what Sara had to say about the Mittenflosses:

Both are have medium length coats but for some reason, their tails are incredibly fluffy!!! Its one of my favorite trails about them. Both are very shy with visitors and are obsessed with the shower/water. Their favorite toy is the fur mouse from Mud Bay. They actually run around with the mouse in their mouths growling (they each get one but of course, they want the same one). They also like crumpled-up receipts... They've already starred in their own magazine spread (see photos below) and have their own Instagram following. Turns out when I'm doing a photo shoot, they absolutely MUST tear through the set and destroy things.


Renamed since Fielding! was hard to shout because it turns out, he is the mischievous one of the batch. He stands half-way behind doors brooding, so Mr. Darcy was a perfect fit for him. He's slender and chatters more than meows. His little tabby stripes are starting to show too. He LOVES to play fetch with his mouse and is a huge snuggler that just licks and nuzzles all night long. He sleeps on my chest or curled up like a teddy bear on my side every night. I also cannot tie my shoes without his assistance. For some reason, I call him Darcy-cakes. No clue why. Like I said before, he's the troublemaker.


Never, ever would I have thought I'd have a cat that makes me actually LAUGH at much as Bart. He has the most expressive, concerned face. He's also a cuddler. He doesn't sleep with me every night but sometimes I'll catch him at the foot of the bed. However, when I'm awake, he is my lap cat. If I get up, he follows me. He's my little shadow. His favorite way to lay is on his back with his tubby belly showing or propped up with his legs out, sitting like a person. He's very, very tubby... we're working on that :) When he's not eating, he's chasing raindrops streaming on the outside of the window, or eyeing my Dr. Pepper, trying to catch the carbonated bubbles. He's a true Seattle techie and likes to type on the computer or watch me work. He never gets in trouble -- but he does follow Darcy into mischief.

 I am so, so thankful every day that they came as a pair. They are both wonderful babies individually, obviously, but they love each other so much and its adorable seeing that love.

These boys were always so photogenic, and their stay with us was well-documented. Please visit the archives for more of their cuteness,  and be sure to read their adoption tale HERE.

Thanks for sharing your boys with us today, Sara. And thanks for loving them so much! It's so nice to see how much joy these boys bring you every single day!

Monday, June 20, 2016

An Update on Audrey Stout!


Whenever I get an update on Audrey Stout, it always chokes me up a bit. Partially because it reminds me of Wylla and Audrey's early days, when things were hard and their fate uncertain, but mostly in a happy way, because I'm reminded that even when things get tough, it always seems to work out for us.

 We all went through a lot back then, and sweet Audrey will always hold a special place in my heart.


As you can see in the picture below, Audrey (now Freyja) is a lovely as ever. She and Wylla don't share too many physical traits, but they both do have such big, round eyes

Here's what Ashley, her mama, had to say:

 All is well here.  The most exciting part of Freyja's life lately is that she got a new baby sister (the human variety) in November. They've sniffed at each other but no actual contact yet. Freyja is REALLY good at the quick getaway. She still runs around the house like a crazy girl and loves her toys. We have a green space in our backyard so hunting bugs through the window is also a favorite pastime.

Much love to sis Wylla, 
The Ortenzos

Congrats to you all on the new and adorable addition to your family! I hope that in time the two become the best of friends. Thanks so much for sharing an update on Audrey. It's always so good to see Wylla's sister and hear how she's doing. We think of her often, and send lots of love.


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