Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Numbers!

Total Amount Raised in 2014: 


Firstgiving donations: $119,941
Paypal donations $4085
Auctions $3971

Team members:
Shana $1450
Sarah $1883
Marguerite $500

And from this total amount, these amounts will be designated for the following programs/funds:
For the senior cats $23,315.50
For the foster program/ foster room /head-start program  $13,570
For the spay and neuter program  $7,435
For the kitty meals-on-wheels and emergency pet food bank  $6,510
For special-needs cats and kittens  $10,833.50

2009 = $23,000
2010 = $48,000
2011 = $66,000
2012 = $87,000
2013 = $117,190
2014 = $131,890

Nice work, IBKC Community!  Nice work!

Walking the Walk

Just like we do each year, we had a great time at Dog-A-Thon.  The event raised over $250,000 and it felt pretty great knowing that our kitty community was responsible for over half of that!

The shelter staff, volunteers, and board members offered many congratulations and thanks and were all quite impressed with this community of ours.    Rightfully so!  You are impressive!

Here are some highlights from the day.  I regret not getting better pictures of the event.  It's kind of an intense day, and it's hard to remember to shoot when so much is going on.

All of the human members of Team IBKC wore matching tee shirts. 


And Blixa wore a coordinating IBKC bandana.


We carried signs on the walk, and the folks passing us on the trail often yelled "we love cats!" in support.


Wylla wasn't the only kitty at Dog-A-Thon.  Ninja Bob was there too, though he calls it "Bob-A-Thon".   It's Bob's world, the rest of us just live here.


Cora entered Bob in the costume content.  He was a martini.

"Drinks are on me!" says Bob.


Here's Craig touring the grounds with Wylla on his shoulder.


And here's some of the team walking the walk.


We were joined by our friend Lynn, mom of Zoubie (Zelda) Lamm.  She dressed to coordinate with Wylla and carried her for part of the walk.


Lynn loves Wylla dearly, and an opportunity to carry her on the trail triggered tears of joy.   Her husband Alex was there to document this happy moment.


At the half-way point, we stopped for a little break.


Wylla needed a little treat to maintain her stamina.   Be carried for over a mile is exhausting!


And after we completed our victory lap, more treats for Wylla.


We sure had fun and felt you all walking with us in spirit!  Next year, you really must join us!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Each year I always struggle when writing this post because I always know that no matter how I say it,  I will never be able to adequately thank everyone who contributed to our huge fundraising success.  That $131, 730 came from the pockets and hearts of over a thousand people from 47 US states, and 15 countries.  This is truly remarkable.

It means the world to me that you folks,  very few of which I've met in reality,  chose to support my efforts and a shelter that's most likely far from your home.   I'm guessing this type of giving is not the norm, so please realize that I consider you all to be quite exceptional humans!

We appreciate every single cent of each donation. This money that we have raised together will go so far to improve the lives of kittens, adult and senior cats.  It will fund many great programs and causes and provide our shelter with the resources to do so much today and in the future, too!  Thank you for caring and giving so much. Thank you for believing in the mission of our shelter and choosing to support it.

And thank you to everyone for tolerating this long month of asking.  I know it's got to get a bit exhausting at times seeing all of those pleas in your Facebook and Twitter feeds.  I tried to mix in content that wasn't related to our fundraising, but still, there were times when I know I saturated your feed with maybe too many requests for donations - especially when we were getting close to meeting a match. Thank you for understanding and not "unfollowing" us last month

And an extra special thanks to the following folks:

Thank you for tolerating a month of fundraising madness yet again.  I know it must be frustrating when important things get pushed to the side and life gets scheduled around what time the matching donation challenge of the day ends.  I appreciate your flexibility during these hairy four weeks.  Thank you for creating a beautiful painting of Charlene for the auction, too.

Thank you for sharing shelter stories, photos, and statistics.  I know what you shared inspired a whole lot of giving, and I'm grateful for that.

Team Members Shana, Sarah, and Marguerite:
Thank you once again for working hard to raise squillions!  Everyone met their goals (and then some) and helped put us WAY over the top this year!

Opal, Ellis, and Lola:
You are special young people and your generosity touched many hearts and triggered many donations. Thank you for being you.  And thank you for using your creativity to raise so much money.

Thank you for crafting those adorable cozies for our auction.  They brought in a pretty penny and are going to make the auction winner very happy!

Ninja Bob:
Thank you for putting on your tuxedo on the hottest day of the year and helping us answer the phones.  You're a trooper!

Kathleen Merryman:
Thank you for writing a very nice piece on the IBKC.  The article brought lots of new fans our way!

All our human, feline, and canine friends who walked the walk:
Craig, Shana, Jim, Sarah, Maya, Cora, Ninja Bob, Bob, Allie,  Lynn, Alex, Boo Boo, Melissa,  and Wylla

Jana and the IPop family:
Thank you for donating the magnet sets for us to give away!

Christy of Libertine Tacoma:
Thank you dear for donation portion of your sales to help the cats and kittens out!   We appreciate your generosity and quality goods!

To our adopters:
Thank you for providing the wonderful updates on your babies. We loved seeing how they've grown!

Mary H, Lynn, and Rosemary:
Thank you for offering up a wonderful matches and inspiring folks to meet them!  And thank you, Mary H, for stitching up all the beds for the shelter cats!

Our auction winners:
Thank you for your generous bids and providing us with entertainment as we watched the bidding frenzy!

Awesome Anonymous Donors:
Thank you for the many huge matches. I will do the rest of my thanking of you in private, because I respect your wish to remain anonymous, but I will say publicly, that you are awesome.

And of course, dear Cynthia:
Your heart is huge for our cause, and we appreciate you so much.   The way you give is beautiful and generous in so many ways. Thank you for the many matches you offered. Your giving inspired so many to give, and you are such a big part of that total we raised.  Thank you too for creating the video  and sharing with us why you choose to give to our shelter.  You moved many people with your words, including myself.

Now please multiply the gratitude I have expressed times a squillion, and know that even that falls short of how I truly feel.

This community is amazing, and unlike any other I've seen online. It's filled with positive, caring, beautiful, giving people.  I hope your heart feels as full as mine does right now.

Thank you, dear ones.   I love you.

Reason to Celebrate!

OH, boy. We're exhausted around here!  All that fundraising, all that walking, and all that  post-fundraising and post-walking partying!  

The Kibblesmiths we're set free and went wild on the set and had one sparkly, shiny good time knocking over and chewing on everything in their path.  This is how kittens celebrate.

And those Kibblesmiths have great reason to celebrate.  You know why?  Because thanks to all of you, Team IBKC raised an incredible $131,730 for homeless cats and kittens!

WhoooOOoo HooOOOooo!












We're sweeping up the confetti right now, and working on our giant thank you note to all of you who made that incredible total happen. We'll be posting that shortly.

There's so much more to come this week.  We'll break down that big total and show you how we got there and we'll let you know the totals for the specific funds and programs we raised money for. I'll share lots of pictures from the walk.  We'll announce prize winners too!!  And, we still have a couple more alumni updates to share that we couldn't squeeze in last week.

So do stay tuned!  It's going to be a great week!


PS I know we used curling ribbon in this party scene and we know it's not a safe kitten toy. It was used while the kittens were very closely supervised.  Keep your curling ribbon out of paws-reach. You don't want kitty ingesting it. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Jimmy Tipton!

Our dear friends John and Monika adopted Jimmy Tiption, so we've had many opportunities to see the boy since he left our nest.  He was such an adorable kitten, and he grew to become a very handsome young man.  He's absolutely adored by his parents.

Here's what his mom had to say:

Here's a shot of Jimmy, way back when, and another, taken yesterday. 

We knew he was special when he came to us, but had no idea of his talents He may not be the most athletic cat, but he's proved to be quite the hunter. No basement mouse, moth or fly escapes his quick responses. Jimmy's still skittish about people, but dedicated to his friendships with siblings Little Howard and a reluctant Junior. Jimmy's no lap cat, but instead prefers to burrow. Then, he sleeps next to us and periodically, he actually squeezes our arms between his paws and forelegs. I've never met a cat that gave hugs, until now! We absolutely love this 17 lb. tall guy with a fat bottom!

Thanks for the great update and lovely photos, Monika!  Please give our love to Jimmy and his brothers!


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