Monday, July 11, 2011

Kisses the Kitten's First Shift


Oh, dear.   This is my very first shift on the phones.  


I'm really nervous.  And I'm really small.  I can hardly hold onto those gigantic phones with my tiny paws.


Oh no!  The phone is ringing. What do I do ? What do I say???!!!!!


Helloooooo?  This is....  This is....this is...this is... This is Kisses.    




Mommy's right here,  Kisses.  Don't worry, everything's fine.   We'll try again once you're a little bigger.  Your replacement has been called in, so your shift is covered.  


This is hardly fair.  Today was SUPPOSED to be my day off.  


While Mr Grumpy-Pants settles in for his shift, let's make our donations online.    Last week was a quiet one, so we've got pick up our pace a bit.   We've got LESS than two weeks now to meet our goal!    Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to our fundraiser to help kittens like Kisses out.   

You can visit our fundraising page to learn more about our cause and make a donation by clicking HERE.

Thanks so much for all the love and support!!

And one last thing,, Kisses' mom has a blog too.  Please pay a visit to Kitten In My Pocket.


  1. Better luck next time, Kisses!

  2. Oh my goodness. That is so cute! Kisses is adorable and I love grumpy Sheldon!

  3. Sheldon's turning into a very handsome young man! Also, SQUEEEEEEE!!!! Look how TINY Kisses is!! She's just the ittyist of bittys I've ever seen!

  4. I am so glad you went ahead and posted the Kisses pics - they are precious (and cute story too). I have been waiting since Charlene teased us last night - and I donated to try and get it over the 40 squillion mark. She is adorable and Sheldon - grumpy boy. Probably wondering when he will stop being the only boy around.

  5. Kisses and Perla should do a double act on their joint shift

  6. I swear I heard a heavy sigh from poor, put upon Sheldon. Hey handsome, they wouldn't have called if you weren't just the guy to rescue poor little Kisses.

    Tina & The Kittyboyz

  7. The kittens did indeed make me less grumpy, as always. Had to donate today. :)

  8. I swear... Kisses is Pearla's little sister. :)

  9. Wow - we knew Kisses was tiny, but you get a better idea when you see her on the set. She is adorable.

    And could someone give Sheldon a cookie or something??

  10. Sheldon, you crack me up! Carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders eh?

    I love itty bitty little Kisses. Off to check out her mom's blog. :)

  11. I think the PHONES could lift Kisses!!!

    Sheldon, you are such a drama prince...but I do love you and your littermates. Thanks for helping wee Kisses.

  12. Love the pics of Kisses and love love love her name!! It's puurfect... And tried to post on her blog but couldn't, at least not from work. But things work differently at work...

  13. I thought Sheldon was tiny until I saw him and Kisses in the same location! :)

  14. Oh, Sheldon. Your life is sooooooooooo difficult.

  15. Gah - Miss Kisses is such a teeny tiny thang. I knew she was truly itty bitty, but like Random Felines said, seeing her on the set - and in comparison to Sheldon - really does put her in perspective. She's hardly bigger than the phones! What a tiny cutie!

    And Sheldon -- it will get better, and just think of all the kitties you are helping! All the same, I love your grumpy little face! ;)

  16. oh my goooodnesss! how tiny and cute is she :-) ???? Thank goodness Sheldon was there to take over - Mr. Grumpy Pants and all - he is gorgeous!

  17. I think Sheldon should star in his own children's book: "The Grumpiest Little Meezer"

    And sweet little Kisses is just too much!! Must...donate...again!

  18. Kisses cannot be a real kitten. She has to be an alien from the planet Cute-9. She's been sent to melt brains with her cuteness and report back to her leader. I, for one, welcome our tiny cute overlords.

  19. I'm not sure which is more adorable, Teensy Weensy Kisses (she's smaller than Itty Bitty!) having her on-set panic, or Sheldon's grumpy face! And my oh my, the size comparison between the two is truly amazing -- I swear, Kisses is barely a tiny morsel of a kitty compared to the regular big, healthy Itty Bitties!

    I'm so glad Kisses is doing well. I'll be donating (again) later this week once the paychecks arrive, and I may even have to take up cross-stitch again even though I haven't done it in years to make my own "I'm Not Fat, I'm Floofy!" artwork. I do believe it would make a perfect housewarming gift for my sister, she of the floofy cat and new home!

  20. Oh, Laurie - you aren't playing fair now, putting Kisses on the fundraising site! She is a secret weapon: Who could possibly say no to her? Heading off to make another contribution...but not before I send a virtual snorgle to Sheldon in all his grumpy glory. What a good honorary big brother he is!

  21. heee, sheldon sure does have some grumpyface markings! but so very, very handsome; i have such a terrible kitten crush on him!

    kisses is an adorable bitsy thing!

  22. Absolutely adorable!!
    I paid a visit to "Kittens in my Pocket"...very sweet, I'll definitely be checking back regularly. I tried to leave a comment but was unable to, just a heads-up in case there's any tweaking that needs to be done.
    Purrs ...

  23. I gotta tell you, Laurie, that I can NOT get this post out of my mind. Your story for dear little Kisses' "shift at the phone banks" is priceless. It runs over and over in my mind, for WEEKS now, "this is... this is... this is.... this is.... Kisses." The poor little baby finally got it out and scared herself! It's the cutest story ever!
    Thank you, so VERY much, for the joy and darlingness and laughter and sweetness you provide us with, day after day. What a blessing you are, dear Laurie.



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