Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bathtub + Ping Pong Ball + Kittens = Hours of Fun

Thanks to their friend Lynda, The Darlings were introduced to a new game, "Bathtub Soccer". They spent the better part of yesterday morning chasing the ball around the tub.

This morning, they climbed back in for another scrimmage, but the game was called off early because of rain. (I had to shower)



  1. I'm picturing you all hunkered down at the end of the tub for that first one. It's my favorite.

  2. Wish i could watch them live!

  3. They are all so cute in the bathtub! My tuxedo kitty loves the bathtub. I think it is because when I came to adopt him, he was kept in a bathtub all by himself.

  4. My cats still do that now, although usually with felt balls instead of ping pong balls. :)

  5. I wish we could do that at our house - the cats like to go in the tub but it was installed wrong and there is a tiny valley that doesn't drain and is like a puddle most of the time. I could try drying it and get a ball - I wonder if I could get 2 kitties to play together - hmmm.... You really have me planning right now.

  6. OMG this is the most hysterical thing I have seen in a long time. And the game called due to rain... I am helpless with laughter.
    My kitties like the tub, but only for its tub-like properties, namely water and cool cast iron! They never play in there. Of course, they are way too large.

  7. What a hoot! Love the looks on the kitties faces two love the tub, I might have to get them a ping pong ball now ;o)

  8. My two have recently discovered how fun it is to play in the tub... especially when one is in the tub and the other is outside with the shower curtain between them... Much joy is to be found when batting at each other through the opaque curtain.

    So, darn cute. Must get a ping pong ball.

  9. SNORT!

    (must buy ping pong ball!)

  10. I would have said...SWORN...that there couldn't possibly be cuter pictures than we've had before. But you've done it again, proved me WRONG-O! I think my girls are: Evangeline - too big and dignified; Lilliane - just plain to play in the tub, but it might be worth an experiment. Might be nice for them to have a distraction, rather than sitting on the floor peering up at me. Grinning.

  11. OMG, they're the cutest kittens EVAR!!

    *keels ovr ded frum teh cute!*

  12. OMG, fun for the whole family!

  13. This is hands-down the best blog I have ever subscribed to. This is too cute. :3

  14. I too must find a ball. Maybe I can have the sink for myself then, instead of finding a cat in it all the time...
    The pictures show how itty bitty they are. That makes them even cuter.

  15. Looks more like hockey to me, with the fight at the end!!

    Too fun!

  16. That's a great game, I wonder if I can get my fat cat to exercise with that?

  17. looks like the game was called off due to all players being red-carded, not rain!

  18. Craig must be so proud!

    My orange Libido Boy (RIP) loved playing with little rubber balls in the tubbie. They were the kind we used to play jacks with (that ages me, I know), they'd bounce and bounce and bounce... His favorite playtime was around midnight which didn't make me the most desirable neighbor in the apartment complex, so I would have to hide the balls under my pillow until morning. Sure enough, as soon as the sun was up, there was Lib, perched on my pillow, waiting for his toys.

    Thanks for the photos and fun memories, Laurie!

  19. my cat LOVES to play by himself with his ball in the tub. his favorite toys are those plastic balls with bells inside of them. i never thought about using a ping pong though!

  20. ...I was just thinking that it would be interesting to know how this game of soccer sounds...

  21. Wow, that is a lot of kitties. Do you keep score for them?

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

    p.s. My Mom says that is the cutest thing ever!

  22. i posted your adorable phone bank photo on my blog:

  23. Oh, I would have given anything to be there and play goalie.

  24. oh that is sooo lovely...It is so much fun to see them play with the ball in the bathtub..Mine used to do that for hours when he was a kitten..he stops now..sniff!!But having 5darlings in the tub,that is even more fun to watch.. - Jeanne

  25. ha! how cute! My cat Oscar used to play in the tub at night in a more devious manner.
    He would catch a mouse, bring it into the tub and play "Gladiator" with it.
    Thus leaving dried blood smears around the perimeter.
    Your kitties are more innocent and therefor cuter!

  26. We found that balls of foil worked quite well... when our kitty was not chasing water down the tub to the drain.

  27. best mouser I ever had "ms.butter" loved to bring beasties in through the cat door and put them in the tub. Nothing like a very alive and angry mole in your tub at 2 am. I rescued the mole. Who knew moles make a squealing noise:)?

  28. Can't wait to try it, you guys sure are having fun!

  29. That's so cute! No 'live' coverage of the game?

  30. MUST buy stock in all ping-pong ball manufacturer's NOW!!!!

    Then I can pass out happy of the cuteness...

  31. Hello! I notice that there is no way to be a "fan" of the IBKC on Facebook. That seems a travesty of Internet justice. Would you like me to remedy that by making a Facebook page for your site? Other popular blogs like Cakewrecks and PassiveAggressiveNotes have them so I think you should too!

  32. ASG - there is a ibkc facebook group with lots-o-fans!

  33. Holy moly! I laughed myself to a near asthma attack looking at these pictures. We've only ever had two cats at a time in the tub, so seeing a whole team on the field gave it a whole new perspective.

    I'm so glad the Itty Bitties are enjoying their new sport. Thank you so much for posting these precious pics, Laurie.

  34. This is awesome!! I can't wait to try this over at Casa Maples when the kittens are a little older!

  35. Thanks for the note, Laurie :) I will join the Facebook group, but generally I prefer "pages" to "groups". They are more visible IMO, since they appear in a formal list with icons (rather than just being listed in a featureless blue glom of text at the bottom of your info page). But all is well; my offer's still open if you change your mind! I love you guys in either case <3

  36. ASG,, you can also 'friend' charlene butterbean. she's got her page.

  37. Tubs are fun- Cicero lurrrves mine, and that's even without a ball in it. But for a long-lasting toy, try one of those plastic EGGS.... it's like a football, all wobbly! That's his current favorite. He chases it all over the house.

  38. Cute post. My cats are now inspired and training to compete.

  39. There's nothing more joyful than gathering and playing with family members, so cute :)

  40. I love how what started out entirely civilized goes completely downhill in the last shot. Haha.

  41. The BEST! Also try a LARGE marble. Mine used to love the noise it made and come running when they'd hear the other one playing with it in the tub.

  42. HA! It always ends in kicking and biting, doesn't it?

  43. What a fabulous idea. I can't imagine the racket of the ping pong ball against the tub all day.

    I hardly think the kittens care though.

  44. much fuzziness and playing!

    Chanter, these are action shots of Team Darling of the IBKC Sports Federation. The kittens are sometimes scattered, sometimes massed in the bathtub, looking very intently at the direction of the pingpong ball.

  45. As per the terms of the following:

    The Cat Bargaining Agreement

    This document shall be referred to as the Cat Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for the Feline International Tub Hockey League (FITHL).

    Salaries and Remuneration:
    1. All players are to be paid a flat daily rate.
    2. The daily rate is to be paid whether a game is scheduled or not.
    3. Although the league does not have a salary cap, there is a minimum wage that has been agreed to. For further guidance, please review the documents provided by the law firm of Purina, Whiskas, Hills and Iams.
    4. Performance Bonuses are to be paid out in the agreed to manner. There will be no arbitrary withholding of bonuses by Team Owners.
    5. Performance Bonuses may be denied if said Player violates the Morality Clawses of this CBA.
    6. All Salaries and Renumeration are to be paid according to the mutually agreed to schedule.
    7. Team Owners caught failing to pay players according to the Payment Schedule will be required to provide additional performance bonuses.

    1. All players are responsible for their own equipment.
    2. Team Owners may make alterations to player equipment if deemed necessary in consultation with the Team Physician.
    3. Players may not request a second opinion.

    1. Each Player will be provided with one home of their choosing.
    2. Players caught trying to maintain more than one home may find themselves suddenly without a Team Owner.
    3. Each Player will be provided the following:
    a. A sunny spot where sunlight is active for a minimum of three hours per day.Said spot shall be no smaller than two feet by two feet or four square feet in total area.
    b. For those Team Owners maintaining their franchise in more northerly climates, in addition to the sunny spot, an artificial heat source must be made available to the Player.
    c. A sleeping spot. This spot will be left up to the Player. Once determined, Team Owners must negotiate any movement of said sleeping spot with the Player.
    4. Team Owners will provide, at a minimum, one rectangular bed whose dimensions shall not shrink during the season, resulting in Player being forced to find alternative accommodations.

    1. All Players will submit willingly to the annual Medical from the Team Physician.
    2. No violation of this claws will be permitted.
    3. Random drug testing will be performed.
    4. Use of controlled substances is permitted under Team Owner supervision only. Any cat caught self medicating will be subject to League review, and possible suspension of Performance Bonuses.

    Morality Claws:
    1. Destruction of Team Owner property is grounds for termination of this CBA
    2. Destruction is categorizes as the
    a. Misuse of bodily functions by:
    i. Puking, Barking, Upchucking, (The following has been repealed :Hair Ball Spewing).
    ii. Peeing, Urinating, or Marking
    iii. Pooping, Crapping, Butt-Skidding, or Explosive Bowel Movements Onto
    b. Or Unrequested physical alterations by:
    i. Pushing, bumping or pulling from shelves,
    ii. Shredding and/or tearing by either tooth or claw of
    property designated by the Team Owner as expensive, priceless, hard to replace, one-of-a-kind, heirloom or otherwise attached to the current accommodations.

    We, the Four Furry Cats, declare GAME ON!

  46. What fantastic pictures! These kittens are the absolute cutest. What adorable things. I think you should submit these photos to Cute Overload too!

  47. i love all those itsy tails pointing in all directions. :)

  48. I love them!!!
    This is a great game!

  49. My cats also realized that a mouse could be kept in the tub for a looong fun time. I've rescued quite a few. I got to the point where I wouldn't allow my tux cat into the house without checking his mouth first.

  50. It's like Hungry Hungry Hippos...but with kittens.

  51. It is like hungry hungry hippos! My friend has ferrets and I think they would like this game too. Maybe if they would stay in the tub long enough..

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  52. Lol. Great way to keep kitties busy while being economical!

  53. Kittens in a bathtub? how much fun could it get.

  54. Oh, that's just so cute! Great pics, thanks :)



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