Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Fifty Most Popular Posts in IBKC History -- Part One!

I've been blogging about our fostering adventures for over eight years now, and have written over 3000 posts! 3099, to be exact! After all these years of blogging, I thought it might be fun to take a big look back and compile a list of our most popular posts.

I spent a lot of time reading old posts, and to rank the top fifty, I considered the number of comments first, followed by page views and the number of shares. Over the next five posts, I'll share with you this list. Please take some time and click on all the links. It's fun to revisit these stories and also read what you all had to say!

Here we go!!!

# 50 Welcome Wee Wallflower!
Kitten introductions always get a lot of comments. Here's the story of little Phoebe, the Dearborn that went missing.


  #49  'Tis the Season Nearly three years later, I'm still laughing at Wylla in her Santa suit. Ho ho ho! Ha ha ha!!!


  #48 The Gift of Graham  The adoption tale of Graham Loudermilk is a real heart-warmer!


  #47 OK, Everyone In the Basket
The Lively Bunch, looking adorable, in the famous pink basket.


#46 Bathtub + Ping Pong Ball + Kittens = Hours of Fun This Darling post landed on StumbleUpon, and it's the reason why many of you ended up finding the IBKC!

Bathtub Soccer with The Darlings 

#45 Birthday Wishes for Butterbean
We celebrated Bean's birthday with a list of Bean fun facts! She's changed so much over the years, the list is not 100% accurate anymore, but it's still fun to read.


#44 Meet Bernice
Another kitten introduction! This little love had a rough start, but she turned it all around. Oh, sweet Bernice.

  Meet Bernice

#43  A Little Tooooo Knead-y
Remember Gaetano Fortunato -- our tiny, manic maker of biscuits!


#42 Tender Little Bean Loves on Linus
This Bean and Linus moment will surely make you melt! Sigh.


#41 Tiny Diner
Our wee ragamuffin in her tiny dining room!


Tune in tomorrow for our next segment! I hope you'll enjoy this big look back as much as I enjoyed putting it all together for you!


  1. Wonderful idea!!! I love going back and re-reading all these sweet stories. The link for Gaetano Fortunato (#42) doesn't seem to be working for me. Maybe he squished the link in between the couch cushions with his poor sibling :)

  2. Good morning! What a treat, I've been following IBKC almost all of those 8 years since we found our first two kitties orphaned in our back yard. I can't wait to see the rest of the top 50! IBKC is the best spot on the web!

  3. Looking forward to revisiting all of these! <3

  4. I just had another happy weep over Graham Loudermilk's adoption story -- what a wonderful family!

  5. Fond memories! Going to enjoy every one! But I think I know what post will be #1.....!

  6. if 42, one kitten being driven between couch cushions via biscuit making, isn't cracking the top 10, i may not be able to handle number 1.

  7. #46 is why there is a ping pong ball in both of my bathtubs!



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