Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Most Popular Posts Part TWO!

#40 Give Us a Big High-Five Hubie!

We've had many happy moments during our years of fundraising, but that first time when we hit the big $20 Squillion goal, well, that was pretty awesome.

 high five hubie

#39  Happy Birthday Butterbean!

Another Butterbean birthday made the list! For her 4th, I put together a little Bean retrospective movie. I haven't watched this in a long time, so for me, it was really sweet to go back and look at these pictures from her first four years. Gosh, I love that girl.


#38  A Big Batch of Bean and Friends 

More Bean on the list! Here's a collection of some of the sweet moments she's shared with the babies.  The last picture in the post shows Bean with our very first batch of foster kittens. You can see she took to her role as foster mom right away.

This image below just melts me. The kitten in the picture is one of the Mayfields, but I couldn't tell you which one.


#37 Wiley Knapp Likes to Leap

I don't think there's ever been a sproing-ier kitten!


#36  Bath Time For Wylla 

A very sad and very soggy Wylla Stout! Look at those teeny tiny drumsticks!


#35 Hello Little Gray Guy

No surprise the adorable Forrest Petrie made the list.  What a sweet (but a little scared) face!


#34 Out Like a Lamm
Those little Lamms were the cutest little nappers and there were many posts posted on the subject of their sleeping.

#33 Another Orangie
Because who doesn't love a orange kitten, right Rutherford?


#32 There's a Tiny Orange Tiger in the Lamm Family!
Because who doesn't love a orange kitten, right Baxter?


#31 It's Like Herding Cats...LITERALLY! The Anderson-Ericksons Sit Still for Their Family Portrait!

Six kittens sitting still and looking at the camera!

The Anderson-Ericksons

Tune in tomorrow for part three!


  1. Mr. "Forrest Petrie" Gray is one of the pictures I saved to my work's slide show. I say hello to him every time he pops up.

  2. I love seeing all these pictures and looking back at the stories that go with it. Some I remember; some I'm seeing for the first time. Every one of them is what makes the IBKC the best blog ever!

  3. Oooohh my goodness!! I want ALL if these precious babies. Lil Baxter, I adore him!! :-)



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