Wednesday, January 11, 2017

On This Day...

I'm itching for kittens, and I'm guessing you are too. I took a look to see what was happening on January 10th in previous years, just to see if we were "holding" then or not, and sadly most years we were not.

Here's what happened.


On this day in 2016, no kittens for us and the big cats were bored.

In 2015 we were kittenless too, but we had an update on Maeve and Delphine Kibblesmith to share.

In 2014, we were still on our break after the Panleukemia incident,  so no kittens then, just a young, loud Wylla.


 In 2013 we had kittens! The Tipton Tabby Trio had just arrived and we introduced the adorable Jimmy!

On this day in 2012 we were without kittens, but had an update on Bess and Wee Willard Trimble, who had just left our nest.


In 2011 the Bartletts were in residence, but getting ready to leave soon.

And in 2010 the Finch Brothers were just about ready to take flight.

On this day in 2009, I shared an alumni picture and we all took a guess at who it might be.  No kittens in our house then.

And in 2008, no kittens for us because Craig and I were off traveling in Australia.

SO, we've only had kittens 3 out of the past nine years! Sometimes by choice, but mostly by chance. I guess the odds are kind of against us, but WHO KNOWS what will happen.  Keep your fingers crossed that we're able to restock our kitten department soon!


  1. I suppose the fact that you are kittenless could be considered a good thing. But there are those of us who need kitten fixes thru your blog. So maybe more Charlene and Wylla baby shots??

  2. Maybe we could share photos of our own cats as kittens. I have an 8 month and a 7 month old right now.

  3. Wylla, you have a lovely singing/begging voice. :D

  4. wow I remember all those times - and was it really in 2008 when you went to Oz - was around the time I started following the blog

  5. On the other hand, it is good there are no kittens at the shelter. We can wait!

  6. No kittens here, no kittens on Love & Hisses... where do I go for a kitten fix?

  7. The first picture of Charlene is truly the epitome of a bored kitty. Makes you just want to pat her little head and say, "There'll be kittens soon, Bean!"

  8. I know you must mean the panleukopenia incident in 2014? I actually know someone who fostered a kitten last fall who went back to the Humane Society and was diagnosed with panleukopenia... and actually survived and got completely over it! He will never need that vaccination, he's immune to it for life!

    1. No, it was 2013.

      That's wonderful the kitten recovered.



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