Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's Good to Relax

Hey everyone ! We made it! We're in Melbourne. Even though we've only been here 15 hours, we're already feeling rested and relaxed. We're staying just a few blocks from the beach, which is so awesome.

I got an email from Nicholas and he and Charlene are bonding. He said she was napping on his lap and sounds like things are going to be just fine.

More later,,,,




  1. Melbourne - do you realize, where YOU are, it's *tomorrow* from where I am? Let that boggle, for a little while..... (Sounds like Charlene's got her training right on schedule!)

  2. Are you going to go see any of the tennis while you are there?

  3. Welcome to Melbourne!

    Hope you have a great time, but be warned, it's really, really hot this time of year here!

  4. Have a wonderful, relaxing, interesting (in a good way) vacation!

  5. Yea! So good to know things are working well! Enjoy.

  6. molly,, nope,, we'll be in perth when it's time for tennis.

    keri,, oh golly it is scorchin' hot here !

    dale-harriet,, YES it is boggling. i try not to think about it too much.

    anne b,, me too !

    anon ! thanks !!

  7. Wow, how did you cope with the temperature the last few days, 40dgsC plus heat, until the cool change hit.

  8. Happy travels! Get one of those gigantic Aussie beers and raise a toast to all the ibk's and the people that love them. :)

  9. I was in Australia a year ago for a study abroad trip. It was HOT but incredible - I love the laid back attitude there. If you get a chance and you like chocolate, I highly recommend a cafe called Koko Black on Lygon Street. And I hope you're going to Sydney, because it's amazing (but not quite as friendly as Melbourne). Have fun!

  10. When Laurie gets back I want to know more about the mysterious and reclusive Drewey. Is she just a cranky senior who is channeling her inner Greta Garbo or is there more to her that can't be disclosed due to her undercover work?

  11. Ooh, almost this time last year, you were in my home town! Whereabouts did you stay?



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