Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Trimble Update!

I just got word from Mel, Bess and Wee Willard's mom,  that things are going just great!  

They were a little shy the first two days, and spent some time hiding under couch, but now they're settled in,  completely comfortable and are roaming all over the house.


 They enjoyed exploring (and climbing!) the Christmas tree and as you can see, the doll house Mel's daughters received for Christmas was a huge hit too.

They've been to the vet for their wellness examine, received a round of booster shots, and both got a clean bill of health.  Everyone is eating well and pooping well!

Mel and family are so thrilled with the addition to their family, and are thoroughly enjoying their Trimbles.

And we're equally thrilled to know things are going so well!

Thanks for the update, Mel!   Please give the kittens some love from all of us!!


  1. Yay! That's wonderful news ~ I hope they promised lots of future updates, including dress-up with their human sis, tea parties and stroller rides. <3

  2. I love updates from IBKC alum. <3 Yay for Willard and Bess loving their new home and their new family loving them!

  3. YEAH!! We love updates and that doll house is perfectly Trimble size. :)

  4. Yay - love me some Trimbles! Glad they are doing well...

  5. Clearly, that's now a kitten house, not a doll house!

    Thanks for the update, it's awesome to see them settling in so well.

  6. Love the kitten -er- doll - house. They best enjoy it now cause with all that love and attention they will be too big for that house very soon. It looks like they had quite the party in the girls' house though. Yeah for the happy Trimble Tabbies and their furrever family. I second the votes for dress up, tea parties and stroller rides. :)

  7. Yes please, give those Trimbles love from me too!

  8. What a lovely pair they are! And obviously enjoying their new part of the world!

    Many, Many, MANY thanks for the update!

  9. Couldn't help but think of this:

  10. Yay for forever homes. Yay! :)

  11. Laurie, that "pics of babies that have left our nest" list could use an update. The last group there is the Medleys.

  12. We luf furever home updates :) The kitties are just adorable.



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