Monday, January 11, 2016

The Cats After Christmas

There are a few "wintery' things left on the mantle, but 99% of the holiday decor has been packed up and put away in the basement. I thought I got the last of the fake snow, but there might be a few flakes on Wylla. I think I saw her glisten.  And of course there are still a few needles around. I sweep, I sweep, they magical reappear.

Though wrapping up the ornaments was a tedious task for me, the girls seemed to enjoy watching the whole process.  All of the movement made their eyes open wide and the rustling of the tissue made their ears stand tall and pivot.  The un-decking of the halls was fascinating.

Every trip I took through the door to the basement meant the shooing of a cat (or two). Both tried many, many times to slip downstairs for some exploration -- an activity that was banned because of the ringwork incident last year.  Though they never made it down the steps, I think they enjoyed the challenge of trying to slip past me and the stacks of boxes I was carrying.

Once the very last Christmas box was stored away, the girls both slipped into the guest room for a nap on the bed.

Even though it was the most exciting day of their week, before they slept, they sulked.

I'm sorry cats, but Christmas is over.







  1. Perhaps if you had decorated them, the sulking would not have happened?

  2. For even more feline fun, rearrange the living room after taking the tree down! Lots of fun to be had sniffing newly uncovered floors and enjoying new vantage points.

  3. I feel you Bean and Wylla. The post-holiday letdown is the worst.

  4. I can't remember if you did already, but did the ringworm treatment go ok and did they all find homes after they moved out?

    1. They all were successfully treated (eventually) and were adopted! It took a long time, and I think they were around six months when they were ready for adoption.

  5. All the pretties and the giant green toy are gone now. O, what shall they do?

  6. I love how they can look both grumpy and cute. I lack that trick!



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