Monday, January 12, 2015

A Maeve and Delphine Kibblesmith Update!

Delphine and Maeve's adoption tale landed on our top ten moments of our 2014 list, so I'm really excited to be able share an update on the girls with you today.

Ashraf, their proud papa, sent me a lovely batch of photos of the girls.  Before we look at those, let's take a peek at the girls when they were tiny.

Such lovely creatures they were.


And still are!

Ashraf says that everyone is doing great, the girls are growing fast, and their personalities are really shining now. Maeve is the more outgoing of the pair, which came as no surprise. She was like that from the start.

Thank you so much for sharing these images, Ashraf!  It's so good to see these two sweet faces again, and nice to know that all is well.


  1. They are GORGEOUS! It looks like Delphine's face has darkened quite a bit, and that makes her blue eyes stand out even more.

    Best wishes to Ashraf and the girls, and thanks for sharing these! I love the alumni updates.

  2. Obviously the Kibblesmith's time spent with Wylla increased their ability to look so solemn and innocent while they are plotting and planning.

    Both kitties are lovely - what a wonderful family they have now!

  3. Great to see those happy, pretty girls!

  4. Wonderful to see that daddy and his girls have bonded. They are beautiful.



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