Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Answers! We've got answers!

OK, friends! Today I'm sharing the answers to our questions in our very first  IBKC trivia contest!


1. What is Wylla Stout's middle name?

Francis! Both of my grandfathers had the middle name "Francis", and that's why I chose it for her. The full story is HERE.

charlene butter bean 3 months

 2. We changed Charlene's name when we adopted her. What name did her foster moms give her first?

Amelia. They named her Amelia because she was such a leaper and always going airborne -- she was named after Amelia Earhart.


3. Which kitten do we refer to as "The one the got away"?
Georgie Bartlett. He was such a little love and he stole my heart. Here's WHY.


 4. Who was the naughtiest IBK ever and what was his nickname?
Oliver Furman.  He had two nicknames, so we'll accept both answers:  "All-Over" and "Pantalones de Loco".


5. Just one of our litters came with a mama. What was her name?
It was Beulah Mae Pickett, and she was a beauty.

6. Where was Drewey born?
She was born in Martha's Vineyard, MA.


7. How many states has Wylla visited?
She's visited three: Idaho, Oregon, and California.


8. What is the name of Wylla's favorite rodent toy?
It's Rattle Mouse!!!

And there's a good Rattle Mouse story HERE.


9. In all of our years of fundraising, how much money has team IBKC raised for our Humane Society?

We've raised a total of $632,176. Woot!

kitten class of 2007

10. What was the last name of the first batch of kittens we fostered?

This was the trick question in our quiz. The first batch of IBKs did not have a last name!

11. How many litters of kittens have we fostered?

We've hosted a total of 49 litters:
The Anderson-Ericksons, Ashbys, Bartletts, Batsels, Bouviers,  Clovers,  Darlings,  Davenports, Dearborns, Drapers,  Easterbrooks,  Finch Boys,  Fortunatos,  Frosts,  Furmans,  Gibsons, Higgenbottoms,  Hollis Girls,  Hopps/ Von Trouts,  Kibblesmiths,  Knapps,  Labaths,  Lamms, Lively Bunch,  Livermores,  Loudermilks,  Lovejoys,  Lumpkins,  Lytteltons,  Mayfields, McGillicuddy Girls, Medleys,  Mittenflosses,  Musselmans,  Petries, Pettibones,  Picketts,  Plunketts, Smalls, Spooners, Stouts, Suprenants,  Swift/Brisker, Tiptons, Trimbles, VonTussles, Wiggins, Winklers and the original IBKC.


12. Name one of the polydactyl kittens we've fostered.

Willamena Bouvier, Jerry Lee Pickett, Nadine Pickett. Beulah Mae Pickett was also a poly, but she wasn't a kitten!

13. What is Wylla's astrological sign?
She's a capricorn!


14. What's the name of Charlene and Wylla's kitty cousin (who lives in Texas with my brother and his family)?

That would be Cupcake (or Cupcake Muffin). She was abandoned by a neighbor and they took her in. They knew her name was Cupcake or Muffin, so they called her Cupcake Muffin, or just Cupcake, for short.


 15. What is Charlene's favorite "flavor" of foster kitten?

"Floofy Tabby Boy" has always been her favorite flavor! We will also accept "Longhair Tabby Boy" as a correct answer.


16. Two times we adopted out a set of three kittens to one family. Name one of these sets of kittens.

Three of the Lively bunch went together (Irving, Fiona, and Truman) and three Petries went together (Aloysius, Forrest, and Sir Reginald). The Petrie adoption tale is HERE and The Lively Bunch is HERE.

ACTUALLY, this happened three times!!  I forgot about our Fortunatos!!  Pippy, Warren and Gaetano  all went together too!!  Thanks for catching that, Laura!


17. Which foster kitten was discovered in a wall and later reunited with her siblings?

Miss Phoebe Dearborn was the one found in the wall -- one of our favorite stories from over the years!

our little old lady cat asleep on the deck

18. What was Drewey's full name?

It was Little Drewey Junebug.   She came with the name "Drewey" and we added "Little" and "Junebug" once she officially became ours.


19. What's the Kitten Whisperer's first name?

It's Dave! (Or David!)


20. What are the names of the six kittens featured in the banner at the top of the blog?

From left to right: Tressa and Neville Lovejoy, Clovis Ashby, Ira and Walter Finch, and Gordon Draper!

Tie-Breaker question: Charlene weighs how many pounds/ounces more than Wylla?

We will share the answer to our tie-breaker tomorrow and announce our lucky winner!!!  SO, how did you do?  I hope you all enjoyed doing a little digging and finding the answers!

Thanks to all who entered!


  1. Kodiak and Kenai's momApril 13, 2016 at 11:34 AM

    I did very well. Too bad I never actually mailed in my entry! Ha ha.

  2. While I did not answer the trivia questions, I will guess that Charlene is 11.5oz heavier than Wylla.

  3. what fun - though we thought the Kitten Whisperer's first name was "dad" :)

  4. I got three wrong. Am sorry, kittens. You are all dear; please don't take it personally.

    This was SUCH fun to do! Thanks for thinking it up, Laurie.

  5. I kept getting distracted as I waded through the archives! The itty bitty searchy didn't provide any in-blog results for me.

    Analog searching was fun though!

  6. Warren, Pippy and Gaetano Fortunato went together in a set of three too!! I also forgot to send in my entry, but I do remember this set of three because they were such diverse beauties.

  7. ...I was off by one on the number of litters because I counted the Hopps/VonTrouts as two litters instead of one, as there were two surnames. D'oh!

    K from MN

  8. Does Charlene have a middle name?

  9. Who is the polydactyl featured in the Thanksgiving photo? That's one of my... at least top 50 photos! (How does one choose?)

    Also: you've fostered 49 (fortynine!) litters. That is just astonishing. And raised a cool $0.6+ million dólares... I mean, really. Did you EVER think this mission of yours would take off like this? (That's rhetorical.) If someone had told you when you started (right around of those darling purritos :)), you would have declared them mad. Mad I tell you!

    1. That's Willamena Bouvier in that photo.

      You just never know what life has planned for you! I never, ever would have guessed this would be my destiny, but yep, here we are! It's crazy, but awesome.

  10. PS. That's quite a title there for Oliver Furman, a.k.a. Pantalones de Loco, of being the naughtiest kitten of all the litters. Say there's on average three kittens per litter (counting kind of low), that makes him the naughtiest of over 150 kittens. Haha! I love him.



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