Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lights, Camera, CATS!


WOW! What a night! The Grand Cinema was packed with happy and excited cat lovers of all ages for their first Internet Cat Video Fest!  We saw so many Tacoma friends, and lots of our adopters, too!

I got to chat with the parents of Kenneth Wiggins.  They shared some photos of their boy, and he is SO handsome!  (Hey Lisa and Larry -- if you wouldn't mind, could you email some Kenneth pics to me so I could share them on the blog? I know everyone would love to see them!!)

Lynn and Alex, parents of Zelda (now Zoubie) Lamm were there and they brought a cute little catnip toy for Wylla and a very nice donation for the Emergency Pet Food bank.

We saw Clement Anderson-Erickson's parents,  Charles Laurent Gibson's mom,  Andree from The Pet Museum,  lots of shelter friends, and IBKC followers!

Wylla did really great. She spent most of the evening sitting or curled up in her little basket on top of our table and received lots of love and pets from her fans and new friends.  It was sweet to see how excited her fans were to see her in person.  Everyone marveled at the softness of her coat.

The Humane Society brought a sweet little kitten named Jackson, and Wylla was excited to say hello to him. He got a little puffy at first, but soon relaxed.  Jackson has been in Vet Treatment recovering from a toe amputation.  He had a cast removed from his leg earlier that day, and seemed pretty happy to be bouncing about. He'll go into a foster home where he'll complete his recovery, and then he'll be available for adoption.

The bins in the lobby were bursting with pet food donations for the Emergency Pet Food Bank.  Thank you to everyone who brought a donation -- it's such an important program for our community!

Sadly, I didn't a chance to see the movie, but judging by the laughter I could hear from the lobby, and happy buzz after the screenings, a good time was had by all!

Once the very last screening started, we packed everything up and headed back to the house. Wylla was happy to be home, and after she had a chance to have a snack and say hello to Dad and Bean, she gave herself a very thorough bath.

It was an exhausting night, but a great one.  It was wonderful seeing old friends and meeting fans, too!  Thanks to all who joined us!!! And a HUGE thanks to the Katy Evans and the Grand Cinema for inviting us to be a part of it all!!!!

I got a couple of photos last night, but sadly, not too many.  I had to keep a close eye on Wylla, and there were so many people to talk with, and this made it really challenging to get any photographs.  Also, the lighting was pretty dim in there, so the few I did get,  turned out pretty soft.

Here's Wylla meeting little Jackson.


And here's Jackson, starting to puff up!


Charlene couldn't join us, but she was there in spirit.


Wylla's Doc showed up for the last screening and gave her a big hug.  It was a great way to end the evening.



  1. Well done, you dynamic duo! I'm glad that it was such a success. IBKC Tacoma community... you MUST share! You were representing all us fans who could not possibly get there in person. :-) Share pics and stories! Love, Darin

  2. What fun that was!!!! We thought about walking off with that adorable kitten but then we collected ourselves. It is always the best time when I get to see you and Wylla. Thanks for such a fun evening. :-)

  3. What a cool little kitten that Wylla got to meet.

    So pleased - though not surprised - that Wylla shmoozled with her adoring public.

  4. So sweet, just love Wylla and little Jackson :) good time and good cause!

  5. Thanks for sharing all of this with those of us not in Tacoma (I'm in CT). And so very glad to know you keep in touch with the adult kittens. And to Lisa and Larry - PLEASE SEND PICTURES!!!!!!!

  6. What a cute kitty guy. Sounds like a good time was had by all.



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