Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Winner and a Wiggins!

First off this morning, I would like to congratulate our IBKC trivia contest winner Lee Anne! She came pretty close to a 100%, but like many of our contestants, guessed incorrectly on one of the kittens in the banner.

No one got 100% -- the average was probably 18/20. Nearly everyone fumbled on the questions  about the number of litters we fostered , and many on the question about the kittens in the banner.

Every single one of you caught my "trick question" and also knew who the "one that got away" was.

Nice work! That really was a lot of fun!  We'll have to do it again one day.

And though we didn't need to weigh the girls for the tie-breaker question, I did  put them on the scale this morning anyway, and their difference is weight was exactly four pounds.

I mentioned on Tuesday that I bumped into Lisa and Larry, the parents Kenneth Wiggins, at the Internet Cat Video Fest.  Well, lucky for all of us, Lisa sent us over a big batch of pictures.  I told you he was handsome and now you can see for yourself!

First, let's take a moment to remember the adorable ball of fuzz he once was.


LOOK!  Just LOOK at this glorious cat!! His orange parts got orangier and he grew into his floof!


Thank you so much for sharing these photos, Lisa! Your boy is GORGEOUS and it is such a treat to see him again!!  


  1. I love the grown-up photo where he's sitting in the same pose as the kitten photo, with one little paw out. Precious!

  2. Wowza!!
    Kenneth was adorable, but his grown up self is glorious!

    Many, many thanks to Lisa and Larry for giving us this update.

  3. I loved Kenneth when he was tiny but now I ADORE HIM!!! All the floof! All those orange tiger spots! Thank you, Lisa for sharing. He is wonderful.

  4. Hello, Kenneth! :) I love that happy picture of him napping with his mom. And the Box O'Fluff picture. And all the pictures.

    Good job, Lee Anne! And trying to figure out that beautiful banner was a lot of fun, regardless of results!

  5. What a gorgeous fellow! I see that he is into home demolition.

    Congratulations to Lee Anne and all the others who answered so many correctly. I myself would have been well below the average...

  6. Congrats to Lee Anne and all who entered (including me, lol) and I'm so glad Kenneth's family loves him so much! Not that it's possible to NOT love him. :)

  7. He is stunning in all his Ginger and Fluff !!!!!

  8. Kenneth Wiggins is giant floof! He looks much loved and adored.

  9. Is his name still Kenneth? Because a cat named Kenneth is de facto adorbs.



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