Monday, October 19, 2015

The Most Popular Posts Part Four!

Good morning, friends. We're continuing today with our big countdown of the fifty most popular IBKC posts!  Today, we're cracking the top twenty!

#20  Two Thumbs Up! 
I think this is the earliest post to make the top fifty list, and probably the IBKC image that has been shared more than any other.  It was featured on Cute Overload, which really put us on the map.  Prior to the CO feature,  we got got maybe a hundred visitors a day, but on the day this was posted, we had 13,000 visitors.  It's the reason why many of you found our way to us.

not all kitties can do this

#19 My Apologies Charlene
I'm sure she hates this post as much as I love it, but dang, Charlene, you know I had to share it. And now, I'm sharing it again, because so many of you loved this, too.  Sorry, Bean.


#18 Kitten Clown Car
Those Von Tussles just keep on coming!

#17 Four Years! Really?

When we celebrated our 4th blogiversary, we took a look back.

Lambert, Truman, Fiona and Irving Lively

#16 Such a Tolerant Bean
Poor Bean! This one has been shared a squillion times. It landed on Love Meow, Cute Overload, and I Can Has Cheezburger, too.

#15 I'm Their Mother, She's My Sister, He's My Brother
It was a very exciting day when we broke this news!


#14 Better
This one one of the most challenging times in our fostering history. Wylla and Audrey's brother had passed from a virus, and we were so worried about the well-being of the girls. Fortunately, things began looking up for the girls, and we all breathed a sigh of relief.


#13 Pantalones De Loco x Four
They look so innocent here, but click on the link and watch the video. CRAZY PANTS!


#12 Stepping Out With Wylla Stout - Sweater Shopping!
When Wylla was wee, the poor girl got cold so easy, she wore sweaters when she stepped out. Here she is on a sweater shopping excursion.


 #11 The Saddest Day

We've been very fortunate that in these 9 years of fostering, we've only lost a few kittens.  These sad posts always come with many sweet, thoughtful, comforting words from all of you.  

  baby bernadette

Tomorrow will visit our top ten posts. What do you think will be number one?  Share your guesses, won't you?


  1. I'm guessing the post when Wylla became a permanent resident will be #1.

    1. Seconding that guess.

    2. And I third the guess that "Wee Wylla won our hearts" is #1

  2. If I buy a felt cat pod, will it come with six adorable kittens like yours did? XD It's easy to see why all of these had so many comments and visits. I'm curious what posts ranked higher, and looking forward to finding out.

    Wylla zooming in and out to "boop" Bean, and Bean's stoicism, totally cracked me up. Would've served Wylla right if Bean "booped" her back a good one to remind her who was in charge! ;)

  3. had forgotten about the clown car video....though the one of Wylla bouncing all over Charlene was hilarious

  4. Jerry Lee will be in the top five posts. Wylla's offical adoption will be there too. I have to guess some of the Dog-a-Thon posts will be there. And Miss, excuse me, MADAME Drewey.
    Thanks for the trips down memory lane, complete with chuckles, laughs, snorts at Beanie and tears.

  5. "Two Thumbs Up!" Is definitely the post that brought me to IBKC. Thank you for all the smiles and (happy) tears ever since!

  6. "Two Thumbs Up!" Is definitely the post that brought me to IBKC. Thank you for all the smiles and (happy) tears ever since!

  7. We haven't seen the Tessa reveal yet... that's got to be in the top 10!

  8. Gosh Laurie- some of these posts really got me. Baby Wylla and all those hopes for her, and the sad moments when we all felt our sense of community sorrow so acutely. Alex firmly believes that no kitten has ever come close to being as spectacular as our Zoubisou- but you know, he is biased and he is waiting to see if she is in there tomorrow...heh. But I so loved the day you posted "I'm with Bean". That almost made me wonder if I needed medication. So my vote is a little more flexible!

  9. I'm glad the sad posts made it so high. It shows the strength of the community to share the bad times along with the good. Thank you so much for sharing your fostering adventures with us.

  10. And I "third" the guess that "wee Wylla won our hearts" is #1

  11. Tressa Lovejoy's introduction will be in the top 10.



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