Friday, October 16, 2015

Our Most Popular Posts Part Three!

Our top fifty most popular IBKC posts continues!! Here we go with the third segment!

#30 Because You Asked 
The first time we shared a photo of wee Bean on the blog sure got a lot of squees and shares.

charlene butterbean at one week

#29 Wylla Stout Meets Nikki Sixx
Wylla met a very special kitty when visiting the vet.


#28 What Do You Do With Your Whiskers?
We always save the whiskers we find, and we asked if you did the same. There were lots of interesting comments on this post!


#27 The First of the Mussleman Men

It was love at first sight for many, when we met little Benny Mussleman!


Walter and Ira Finch were sick little kittens and had to spend a little time in vet treatment. When they came home healthy, we all rejoiced!

#25 Are You Ready?
Perfect pink nose and button eyes! PEARLA!


#24 Who's A Big Kitty? 
This photos of Bean make me laugh so hard. Just look at her hiding behind her tiny sister at the vet! What a scaredy cat!


#23 Another Day Another Appointment
We talked about Wylla's acupuncture appointments and there were many opinions on the subject.


#22 Heartbreakin' Harlan Lovejoy
We loved those Lovejoys!

Harlan Lovejoy

#21 It's Good To Have Friends in High Places
One of our all-time favorite adoption tales! Nigel and Mimsey Frost! Knowing now how much my folks love their kittens, makes this story even sweeter today!

First Flight

We'll start into the top twenty on Monday! Are there any posts you're hoping to see?

One last thing before I wrap up this post:

Our friends at Royal Canin are having an event at the Tacoma Petsmart this Saturday (Oct 17th) from 12 to 4 PM. There will a cat and dog breed expert on hand to talk about pet nutrition and the specific needs of each breed. I'l be there too! My plan is to arrive around 1 PM.  Please come on by and say hello if you're in the neighborhood!

If you're not in our area, similar events are being held all over the country. You can visit HERE to learn more about the events and you can also download a $5 Royal Canin coupon for their breed-specific foods.

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