Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Top Ten!

Today we have the final installment of our fifty most popular IBKC posts.

Wylla kind of dominates our top ten. I suppose of all the kitten stories we've told, she's had one of the more interesting tales.  I think we all just got pretty invested in the girl, so her posts always got lots of comments, questions, and concerns.

And you'll see a lot of our sadder moments, too.  I was hoping they wouldn't all fall towards the top, but they did.  Even though they do stir up some tears, it's not a bad thing to read those again. It's good to see the nice, comforting words, and I like seeing our community coming together.

I had a great time revisiting some of these most memorable of our memories. I hope you enjoyed our top fifty, too!

#10 Queen of the Couch
This video of our bouncy little Bibi Winkler was a huge hit and it had many views and shares.  It bounced around the internet, too, and brought us lot of new fans.


#9  It's Official 
Three cheers for Wylla Stout! Here's the day she officially became "ours". We were all filled with joy that day! I still am!


#8 What's Up With Wylla
It was such a huge relief when we finally had a diagnosis for Wylla.  It wasn't the greatest diagnosis to hear, but her condition wasn't life-threatening,  and we were grateful when we learned that we could manage it.  Step one was teaching her to eat vertically. Thankfully, she took to that right away.

 Oh, and that wee belly of hers!!


#7 Oh, Christmas Tree

The reason why this video has some many views may be because of me! There's nothing I love more than Christmas and kittens and I'm sure I've watched it a squillion times.

#6  I'm calling sixth place a tie. The introduction of Tressa Lovejoy got two more comments than Wylla's introduction, but Wylla's got many more views and shares.   Both are ridiculously adorable kittens and worthy of their ranking!

OK, Are You Ready? 

Tressa Lovejoy

  The Floofiest Friday Ever! 


 #5 What's Happened and What's to Come
I think this was the hardest post I've ever had to write. It was most definitely the hardest day in all these years of fostering. But we got through it, and everything worked out.


 #4 One Tear-Filled Tuesday
Oh, Jerry Lee. Seeing your little face sill makes my eyes well-up, and I know I'm not alone. This was a hard day for all who were following the IBKC at the time.

Jerry Lee Pickett

#3 Sadness, Hopefulness

Sad, indeed. His passing was so unexpected. We're so, so very thankful that his sisters survived.


#2 A Very Sad Day
We were lucky to have so many amazing years with our dear Little Drewey Junebug. When we said goodbye, you said some very lovely things.

our little old lady cat asleep on the deck

#1 Wee Wylla Won Our Hearts
Our most popular post was one of the happiest days of my life -- the day we decided to keep our dear Wylla.  It's funny to think about what we thought we were getting ourselves into at the time. We were a little worried and we anticipated a life of challenges. Our path started off rocky, and it was hard and confusing to navigate at first, but a couple of years down the road, it all smoothed out and we ended up with our healthy girl.



  1. The tears are streaming down my cheeks. Thanks for putting together these touching photos and memories. -- Ajax

  2. Thanks for the memories. Now hurry up and start making many more!

  3. Thank you for blogging. Thank you for fostering. Thank you for making us sob, cry, weep and smile all at the same time.
    Thank you for caring about all these kittens. Thank you, Craig, for sharing your wonderful wife with us.

  4. Of course sadness is a big thing. You writing about the loss of one of the kittens, well, at least for me, it only reminds me that one day I'll be going through it myself. Actually, I recently did. It's a part of the deal when we bring these creatures into our homes and so, yep, those are big posts because suddenly people who may otherwise be quiet are mourning with you, because they care.

    1. So so so so true... It's a mixture of sadness, gratitude, and joy. It's what we sign up for.

  5. Bibi's couch pouncing is proof kittens have springs in their legs instead of bones. What a bouncy girl! Did she ever catch the tail that kept following her and show it who's boss? ;)

    I remember when Filbert got sick and had to be euthanized, and how worried everyone was about Audrey and Wylla, and how very relieved and overjoyed we all were when it was clear the girls weren't sick. There was still the question of what was going on with Wylla, but the worst had been ruled out and that was a Very Good Thing.

    Seeing Wylla's "I'm with Bean" tag, I had an idea. Sisters as close as they are should have matching, or at least complimentary, tags. How about a tag for Bean that reads, "She's with me"?

  6. Oh, sweet Wylla! You sure are with Bean, fluffy precious girl! And Charlene, even without a tag Wylla is with you! xo xo xo

  7. I don't know how you managed to pick just 50 moments, I've loved IBKC ever since I stumbled on to it many years ago. Thanks for all you do for the kitties in your home town as well as those all over the place! This is one of my favorite sites on the web! God Bless You.

  8. Thank you for everything :) and that is a LOT!

  9. I called it! I knew that Wee Wylla Won Our Hearts would be the number 1. It was such a HAPPY day for the whole IBKC community after the sadness of Filbert passing and the ups-and-downs of Wylla's health issues.

    You are right that every kitten you foster ends up in the right home--this was just one more who did. No one else could have loved Wylla so well as you. : )

  10. I could not re read the sad posts but I will say Wylla has Filbert in her eyes. So he lives on. Thank you for being brave for all of us!

  11. I was here for Filbert, but Jerry was before I found this blog. I went back and read all of the posts about him just now. As sad as it is, I am glad Filbert and Jerry made it into the top ten. Their memories live on in all of the people who saw their adorable faces here. Thanks for posting these, those two deserve to be remembered by all!

  12. Such wonderful memories (current and past) -- the sad ones makes us stronger and the happy ones makes us more thankful (and grateful) for this whole wide wonderful world you have created Laurie. It is such an honour to visit the IBKC each and every day. Thank you are such simple words, but they come from my heart to yours.

  13. I can't ever think of little Jerry Lee without tearing up. But I know how loved he was in his way-too-short life. And, dear little Filbert...gone way too soon, but also had a life filled with love. And, Drewey Junebug... for all her grumpiness, she had a life filled with love, too! And now you have Wylla - such a sweetheart! How great to go back through all of these posts. Thanks for all you do!

  14. When life is getting me down I go back to two posts - Wee Wylla Won Our Hearts and The Floofiest Friday Ever. They can make any day better.

  15. Thank you so much for this compilation! I haven't been commenting, but I've re-visited every one and alternately laughed, grew teary, and awww'd. And it was just plain interesting to see!

  16. (Max and Pooh and Buttercup) and Elphaba and Winnie... aka freckledmeOctober 23, 2015 at 1:27 PM

    My (now 4 month old) kitten, Winnie-the-Kitten was chosen specifically because her face reminded me so much of Jerry Lee! When I made weekly visits to the litter throughout the summer I kept saying she reminded me of him, his little worried face just kept reappearing in my thoughts. I was supposed to bring home one of the others in the litter, but couldn't. And now he lives on in my heart and home forever.

    Thank your for all the care and love you give to them all Laurie, Craig, Bean and Wylla. I hope you realize just how many hearts you touch every single day, feline and human.



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