Monday, July 10, 2017

See You, Seymour!


You remember Victoria and Ian, don't you? They adopted Agnes and Henry Pettibone nine years ago. Sadly, Henry passed away a few years ago, then a year later they adopted Myron Clover, who we later discovered on surgery day that he was Myra Clover, who now goes by Dixie. Her adoption story is one of my favorites, so if you have a moment, please give it a read.

Though they love Agnes and Dixie with all their hearts, they've missed the boy kitty energy and love and decided they wanted to adopt a male kitten.  The girls get along well, but 2-year old Dixie wants to play more than 9-year old Agnes does, so they thought it might be a good time to bring in a youngin' to keep Dixie occupied.

When the Fellows arrived, Vic reached out to me, and we made a plan to have them down to meet the babies.  We had a nice long visit that day, and they were able to see the kittens in crazy-pants mode and mellow, sleepy kitten mode too.

Seymour captured their hearts with his spunk, sweetness, and adorableness that afternoon, and it was decided that he would be theirs. I was thrilled -- out of all the Five Fellows, he was the one that seemed best suited for their family.  He's a fun but easy guy who's always been respectful of the big cats. He could be a buddy to Dixie but not too pesky for Agnes.

They came down Friday for the adoption and on the way back to Seattle in busy afternoon I-5 traffic, had a little car trouble. They were rescued by a tow truck and eventually made their way home. Seymour was a trooper and wasn't even a wee bit stressed by the extra-long journey!

He's doing well, and they are absolutely head-over-heals in love with him.  I don't think he's been formally introduced to the big cats yet, but I'm positive he'll be well received!

Thank you, Vic and Ian, for adopting this sweet little dude. I wish you, Agnes, Dixie, and Seymour a very happy life together!









Gosh, isn't he just the cutest.   Sigh.


We've still got a LOOOOOONG way to go to complete our $5000 match for Special Needs day.  If you're thinking about giving, please don't delay. I'm worried that if things don't start moving a little faster, we might not complete our match -- and we really want to bring in every dollar we can to fatten up the Special Needs Fund!  This is the fund that always gets depleted each year -- and I really want to help provide the resources to help every single Special Needs cat or kitten that come through that door.

We have six hours left in the match and $3915 to go.  Every single bit helps, and we appreciate each penny you give!

I appreciate your generous hearts so much! Thank you!

Still more to come today, stay tuned!


  1. Why don't you use these yellow tags any more? I miss them

    1. We haven't used those in years -- the HS switched microchip companies and they don't use tags.

  2. those are the sweetest most precious portrait shots of him!

  3. Now that is a family portrait I'd like to see - Agnes, Dixie and Seymour. Best of luck to the new extended family.



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