Monday, July 10, 2017

Here's TWO You've Helped: Koby and Myra


 I've got another heart-warming Special Needs tale compliments of Claudia over at the HS. I had the pleasure of seeing these two kittens on multiple occasions and followed their progress. What a special pair!  Though they were in a foster home, they made frequent visits to the shelter for their vet appointments, so everyone got to know and love them.  Here's Sarah, Foster Program Coordinator giving them some smooches.


And here's Koby and Myra's sweet story:

Koby and Myra were just 7 weeks old when they came to the Humane Society with their other litter mates. During their intake exam, the shelter veterinarian quickly determined things weren’t quite right with the two little cuties’ front legs. Both kittens had a deformity to one of their front legs, and the veterinary team knew the only option was amputation. Myra had a less severe deformity in her other front leg, and the vet team was eager to treat it in the hopes of saving one of her front legs. Over the course of the next three weeks, Myra and Koby’s foster mom brought them in for their weekly check ups and the re-splinting of Myra’s good leg. Despite their challenges these two kittens were thriving and displayed the normal frisky and playful behavior of all healthy kittens. And best of all, Myra’s one front leg healed enough that she could keep it! Both Koby and Myra underwent surgery and sailed through with flying colors. Within days, having only three legs was the new normal, and they were back to wrestling and playing like nothing ever happened. 

After two weeks of recovery time, they were ready to find their forever home. Staff and volunteers knew these two had a special bond and set about finding a home that would keep the little tabbies together. It didn’t take long for Koby and Myra to meet Kariana and Blake, and it was love at first sight. The call went out on the shelter intercom announcing that the little Tri-pods were being adopted. Staff and volunteers came from throughout the shelter to meet the proud new owners of Koby and Myra, and there wasn’t a dry eye as everyone said farewell.


"Fostering Koby and Myra was the first time I had ever fostered kittens with this type of medical need. They taught me very quickly how easy it is to adapt and overcome physical limitations. In a short amount of time, they were running and playing like normal kittens". - Robin, Foster Mom

All we raise today helps kittens like Koby and Mrya out. I'll hope you consider making a donation today to grow the Special Needs Fund -- it saves lives.

We've still got $3395 left to raise to complete our generous $5000 matching donation challenge from our Awesome Anonymous Donor.  We would like to see ALL of those dollars doubled so we can help more Special cats and kittens out.  Please give now if you can! Thank you.

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Still more to come!!


  1. The one positive thing about a cat losing one leg is that there is definitely a demand for tripods out there. There's plenty of cat lovers out there who have "a thing" for tripods, so never a lack of adopters!

    The 2nd good thing is that it's quite easy for both cats and doggies to adjust to the tripod 'situation' (especially if it's a hind leg, but from what you describe, the one front leg as well). I took care of a tripod cat once, who I had to give medication, and boy could that rascal haul a** around that apartment! Haha.

  2. My Mum's cat Jack came to us with 4 paws but he developed a horrible progressive sore on a front limb that wouldn't respond to antibiotics early on in his new home.
    It was a hard call for Mum who while being an animal lover had grown up in an era where injured animals were put down...
    Jack got his amputation and is now a very happy and content cat who is adored by his staff AND has overcome many of the anxious traits being raised as a kitten in a student appartment had left him with.

  3. I'm always surprised at just how resilient cats are when they lose a limb.

    I guess they get used to it and usr go with it...

    These two are just the little cuties though and I bet they find their new humans very soon!



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