Monday, June 22, 2015

Just as the Universe Planned


 It was quite a week for Myron/Myra Clover.  First, though she spent many weeks with us being called "Myron", we told her she was actually a girl. I'm guessing she knew this already, and was just waiting for us to figure it out, but still, it must have been a little confusing. THEN she got adopted and left our nest. That's a lot for a little kitten to digest!

But don't worry, everything is awesome.  You see, little Myron/Myra, who's now called Dixie Ulysses Clover, is kind of staying in the IBKC family. She got adopted by Victoria and Ian, who are Agnes Pettibone's parents!

You may remember the sadness last year when they lost their dear Henry Pettibone. They were waiting to heal a bit after their big loss and were finally feeling ready to bring a new little kitten into their lives.  Agnes was ready, too. She was showing signs that she could use a playmate, so when our Clovers moved in, Victoria sent me a note expressing interest.

The cat experts say that adopting a younger cat of the opposite sex is the best when bringing a second cat into your home, and because Agnes' happiness is very important to Ian and Vic,  they they were on the hunt for a dear boy kitty.

As soon as quarantine had passed, they came for a visit, and quickly fell head-over-heels in love with sweet Myron. His calmness and sweetness combined with the love and admiration he had for the older lady cats in our house made him the perfect candidate to be Agnes' new buddy.  It was decided that he would be theirs.


But the morning of the day he was to be adopted, we found out that Myron was a Myra. I knew they had their hearts set on a boy kitty, so once I learned this news, I was afraid it might spoil everything. I spoke with Vic,  told her the whole story and we had a good laugh on the phone. She had to discuss it all with Ian, and after she did, she called right back and said they wanted to proceed with the adoption as planned. They were too deep in love to turn back now!  I had a feeling it would all play out this way, but I have to admit I was a little nervous!

 It's funny, but without the little gender mix-up, there's a chance they wouldn't have considered this sweet little girl. Maybe the Universe threw this twist into the plan to make sure that Myron/Myra/Dixie Ulysses Clover found her way to Vic, Ian and Agnes.  Out of this litter, she really is the best match for their family.

So thank you, Universe, for stepping in! You always know what's best!

And thank you to Victoria and Ian for being so understanding! We are so delighted that you added Dixie to your family and we wish you all the best!





  1. So off she goes to fill aching hearts with love. Well done, IBKC!


  2. Oh my gracious! This makes me SO HAPPY!!! For them! For you! For this community!

    Patti in KY

  3. Being a southern girl, and having relatives named Dixie, I highly adore this name! Congratulations to everyone. :-)

  4. One never knows what the universe has in mind. Little sweet Myra I mean Dixie is a sweet and gentle soul, perfect for any family and any kitteh cat..Oh, my made my morning and week, hope everything goes well for the cat whisperer and your family, praying for a quick and painless recovery, happy happy week, meows to the Queen Charlene Butterbean and Miss Wylla Stout such a Princess too!

  5. What a lovely ending to Myron/Myra/Dixie's story! And yes, The Universe did good here. Congrats to all!

  6. Love this story. Love little Dixie Clover, too.

  7. BBlolo June 22, 2015

    how do I contact Universe?

  8. have to love the Universe......... :-)

  9. I hope Myra's new family can resurrect their blog as I always thought Agnes was quite the beauty, and although dear Henry is not with them anymore it would still be nice to see Agnes and her new sister.

  10. The kittens always look so cute with their bright yellow tags :)

    I know Myron/Myra/Dixie will make Agnes and her beins very happy.

  11. Warmest of wishes to Dixie Ulysses and her new family and tickled "pink" to see her in her polka dot collar!

  12. Hello! I'm writing to say a very big thank you for your book! This weekend, we went to Powell's book store in Portland, OR and asked for a non-fiction kitten care book suitable for 8 year olds. We have a 2-year-old tabby (Marcello Jose) and adopted a 9 week old kitten (Maiden Joy) this week. Our daughter has been reading your book constantly, and it was only tonight when I wanted to put the book in her summer library reading log that I saw that you too live in Tacoma. Thanks so much - our 8 year old twins have thoroughly enjoyed learning so much about kittens. We made a "Maiden Mansion" tonight using your cardboard box suggestions!

  13. Everything is awesome in this blog. This makes me so happy!! The kittens always look so cute. What a lovely ending. So adorable!!



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