Monday, July 10, 2017

Here's One We've Helped!

Because my volunteering happens outside the walls of the shelter, I don't get to see firsthand all of the wonderful Special Needs success stories.  But Claudia does, and she's given me several tales to share with you today.

Like Bruce's.

Found injured by the side of the road, it was clear Bruce had been hit by a car and was in desperate need of veterinary care when he was brought to the shelter. Dr. George, Humane Society Veterinarian, determined that Bruce was suffering facial trauma including a broken jaw and skull fractures. With the seriousness of his injuries, the shelter knew they were going have to be patient with Bruce while he healed both physically and emotionally. Soon Bruce began responding to treatment for his injuries and began to behave more like his normal self, vocalizing, moving around his cage, and he even began to eat on his own. Bruce was placed in a loving foster home to give him time to completely heal and prepare for his fur-ever home. After three surgeries to repair his injuries and three months of shelter & foster care, Bruce’s prognosis is good, and he is ready for adoption. The little snorts he makes when receiving pets, part of the aftermath of his injuries, have endeared him to everyone at the shelter and Bruce is certainly going to make someone a wonderful companion.

The Humane Society has a complete veterinary treatment staff team with 2 full-time Veterinarians and a support team of Veterinary Assistants and Technicians. The vet team provides ongoing treatment for all the shelter animals – over 8,000 in 2016 – and general care and treatment for injured animals. When more specialized treatment is needed the Humane Society partners with other local Veterinary Hospitals to ensure the best possible outcome. While the partner hospitals provide the shelter with generous discounts, the Humane Society relies on donations from the community to provide the necessary resources for these specialized treatments and surgeries.

The Humane Society can help kitties like Bruce because of our donations -- that's why we're pushing so hard to grow Special Needs Fund.

I hope you'll consider giving now because your donation directly impacts the lives of some pretty special cats.

We have a matching donation challenge happening today, and every dollar we give will be matched by our Awesome Anonymous Donor until we reach the $5000 cap. We're four hours in we still have $4700 left to raise to complete the match, so things are a little quiet so far.   I know the Special Needs Fund is something many of you care about deeply and I hope you will decide to support us today.

Thank you Awesome Anonymous Donor for offering up this match. Thank you, everyone, who gives to this important Fund.  And thank you, Claudia, for Bruce's story.

Bruce, you look like a mighty-fine cat. I'm so glad the resources were there to help you. Your future is bright, handsome fellow.

To make a tax-deductible donation, please visit our fundraising page. THANK YOU, generous souls.


  1. What a dashing fellow with quite a story. I am so glad for the special care he was given. 💞

  2. What a sweet boy! He has such a lovely face -- his fur isn't quite perfect, because of all his injuries and surgeries, I'm sure, but that just adds to his character. I know he's going to go to a lovely home. I wish it could be mine, but I'm 3,000 miles away, so I doubt they'd adopt to me, unfortunately!

  3. Bruce sure is a handsome lad. It's kitties like this that are so dear to my heart. I'm so thankful for the special needs kitty fund so that cats like Bruce can be helped and go on to live long and happy lives.



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