Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Very Best of 2014

Over the past few days, I combed through the IBKC archives in search of our top-ten favorite IBKC moments. I factored in the number of page views, comments, and shares to compile this list.

I thought I would rank them, but found that task impossible, so here they are, in no particular order, the very best moments of 2014 (and a few honorable mentions).

 Wylla's First Birthday 
We did a whole lot of celebrating on this day! We spent the first few months of Wylla's life trying to figure out what was wrong, and rest of the year was spent learning to manage it.  At the one year mark,  our girl was doing well, getting big, and that gave us good reason to celebrate! You all helped by sending in many sweet birthday wishes.


The Cat Who Cried Hairball

Oh, Bean. You clever, clever girl.


Our First Batch of Kittens After Our Break
After the Panleukemia incident of 2013, we had to take a year-long break from fostering. In March of 2014, we opened our doors again, and welcomed two sweet little girls. We were all pretty excited to have kittens again.


Wylla and the Kittens
We weren't quite sure how Wylla would feel about having kittens in the house, so we took the introduction process very slow. All went well, and Wylla earned her Deputy Kitten Wrangler badge. She shared many great moments with this babies we fostered, but I think this might have been our favorite.


The Delightfully Rumpled Cosette Von Tussle
We always see a lot of activity when we introduce the first kitten in a new litter, but when we said hello to this dear thing, you all spread the word far and wide! This post was shared more than any other this year. No surprise, Cosette Von Tussle was pretty dang cute.


An Honorable Mention goes to Stewart Lumpkin in the most popular introductions category. Everybody loved Stewart.


All the Von Tussles
Remember that time when all six of the Von Tussles sat still for a family portrait? Yes, that was a good day. And then there was this day too, which was pretty awesome.


Delphine and Maeve's Adoption Tale
I could have easily put every single adoption tale on the list this year - they are always my favorite moments - but out of all our happy endings, this is the one that seemed to stir us the most.  


The FUNdraiser


There were many, many magical moments that happened during our FUNdraisier this year. but THIS incredibly moving video by Cynthia, tops the list.

And THIS moment gets an Honorable Mention. Silly Kibblesmiths.

Stepping Out with Wylla Stout

Wylla had many adventures in 2014. She traveled through Washington, Oregon, California,  and Idaho, but I think this trip to the Ocean was my favorite, and judging by the page views and shares, maybe yours too.


Lunch at the Pink Door in  Seattle was a very close second!

Wait For It.

And last, but not least, we'll wrap up the list with this ridiculous Wylla moment.  I've watched this video a bazillion times, and I know many of you did too.  I still can't decide why it still makes me laugh every single time, but it does.  And I think it always will.

Thanks for being a part of this great year!


  1. those are great memories....we send you best wishes for a wonderful 2015

  2. You are so right- those ARE the top moments! Little Malcolm von Tussle still makes me laugh out loud. Thanks for starting the year off just right, Laurie!!

  3. Best "Best of 2014" collection on the internet! Thank you for taking the time to put it together! Prospero Ano Nuevo!

  4. Just the sweetest recap ever. I don't know why just looking at the sweet little faces and reading the stories just makes me weep... Love it!! Happiest New Year!!

  5. Yes, that picture of Malcolm is one of the best! There's one in every crowd, isn't there...

  6. Any day with Charlene and Wylla and the IBKC is the best day. Many thanks for sharing them -- and your precious fosters -- with the world.

  7. Delphine and Maeve's happy ever after made me tear up with joy (again). What a great list. And bless you for your love, expertise, and devotion. Please give Wylla and Bean a New Year smooch from their friend Curator!

  8. Precious! :) Happy 2015 to you and the kitties. <3

  9. Wonderful year in review! Love you guys! Happy New Year!

  10. Totally precious. So many happy and poignant memories to choose from, and you did a fantastic job, Laurie.

    Thanks for ALL that you and your helpers do, and I hope 2015 is a spectacular year for the IBKC. xo



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