Thursday, August 24, 2017

Seven Kitten Updates in One Post!

Our generous adopters have sent SO many updates, and I've got a big batch of them to share today.

First up, Kenneth Wiggins. Here's the young fellow below:


And here's the update!

Kenneth is doing well. I guess he's 6 years old now, but he still acts like a kitten. He's definitely got more energy than his people. He can play with a feather toy for hours. I get bored long before he does. He's still the most affectionate cat I've ever had. He loves to do this thing at night where he comes and lays on my chest. After a minute or two of some scritches, he rolls over to lay next to me between my body and arm with his head on my shoulder and goes right to sleep.

And as far as sleeping... he sleeps like the dead. I've actually had to nudge him a few times to make sure he wasn't dead, although that was back in the beginning. Funny story. Just after he came to live with us in 2011, he injured himself trying to jump on a barstool chair to get up and see what our other cat was eating. We weren't used to the way he slept then, so when he did his "sleeping so hard an earthquake wouldn't wake him" thing, we thought he was really hurt. So there we are at 3am rushing him to the emergency vet. It was nothing too bad, just a sprained leg. We spent $400 on a late night vet visit because he sleeps heavy and without a care in the world. That's one expensive nap!

Happy 10 years of IBKC! -- Larry



 Alvie Pettibone is available for adoption.


Next up, an update on Alvie Pettibone (now Julius) and Beezus Medley (now Josie.)

Hi Laurie!

 Couple pictures to show how nothing has changed with Julius. His happy place is perched right on my shoulder. He sleeps ON me every night. Josie is a BIG girl and Julius loves her to bits. She has really become a cover diver lately and loves to be pampered and petted. Together, they are quite a comedy act--hiding, chasing, wrestling, sneaking up on each other, and those snuggly moments of mutual grooming are adorable. They are my furry little joys and I enjoy spoiling them both.

The picture of them together was from this spring when I was trying to get some work done. They are watching their favorite bird/squirrel video. Heehee




Here's Clement!

Hi Laurie, Here is Ignatius, aka Clement Anderson-Erickson, in his favorite place, our backyard. He is a happy, healthy 7-year-old fellow who loves belly rubs and drinking water from a running faucet. He does not like water on his toes, though!

He thanks you and Charlene for caring for him during his young kitten months!



Above, the glorious Spooner kittens.  Below, a big batch of pictures of the Spooners today from their mama, Roxanne.



And here we have the adorable Ralphie and Clive Loudermilk!

Hi Laurie,

Just wanted everyone to see how big and handsome the Boyz have become. Clive is still my gentle giant and Ralphie is his punky little bro. The ying and the yang.

Clive loves paleo food, fetching schrunchie hair bands and following his brother around. Ralphie is a carb freak, loves to carry a felt ball wherever he goes. He is always into mischief including burrowing into any bag or blanket.

He chases his big brother and is too rough but, the bond is unbreakable between them.

We adore them and they would like to know how their siblings are?

Congratulations on all you do!


Thank you, everyone,  for all of these fabulous updates!  We've got more to come tomorrow -- I think I can squeeze the last of them into one big post.  See you then!


  1. Kitten Overload - HURRAH! So Kenneth - you have always had a special place in my heart. A large Maine Coon type orange tiger who has become so handsome! My Maine Coons also sleep tuck up under my arm.

    Juluis & Josie - again such a handsome pair you two are. Josie - your coat is devine.

    Ignatius - you too are a lovely sight to see.

    The Spooners - I bet their coats are like touching eider down. Sigh.

    Clive & Ralphie - glad to know you two are still running around like crazy nuggets.

    Now this is how to do a Thursday at work!!! Now all I need is a Geraldine update.

  2. They all look fantastic! It's always funny to me how some adult cats look so different from their kitten selves, while others look like their kitten selves just got scaled up.

    Thank you to the adopters for the updates and to Laurie for posting them! I love reading the happy stories.

  3. Holy moly, look at the tails on those Spooners! Tails for miles.

  4. Sigh. So many gloriously happy kitties who are no longer itty bitty!
    Glorious work Laurie, Craig and finally the dear Charlene and Wylla. And some of that crank-i-tude from dear Drewey.

  5. OH gosh- what a great update!!!!! Did everyone know the Spooners were going to turn out like Turkish angoras?

  6. Kenneth Wiggins!!!! I love seeing all the updates, but I am really thrilled to see this one. What a gorgeous cat he is.

    But yeah, of course I am excited to see ALL the grown up pictures... SO fun! And SO many happy families. Love it.

  7. gorgeous photos and wonderful updates, thanks adopters and Laurie!

    (the Spooners still spoon! Huzzah!)

  8. THANK YOU, IBKC parents! I'm travelling and far from my babies, and it delights me to see your kitties (as infants they belonged to all of us!) Nothing can give greater pleasure than pictures of cherished, pampered, beautiful cats. And thank YOU, Laurie and Craig, for launching all those wonders!

  9. It takes a village! IBKC Rocks!!! these are all fabulous updates and so fun to see the babes all grown up!



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