Wednesday, August 23, 2017

An Enid and Hester Sue Update!



I'm sorry the post is so late this morning. I was back in the Midwest,  and after a long day traveling home, I needed a slower start today.

We've still got MORE alumni updates to share,  and today we've got a pair of cuties we met in 2008 -- Hester Sue and Enid LaBath.  They are pictured above, and Hester is the one with the gray triangle on her nose.

Hi Laurie

I know I don’t update the blog as I should for Enid and Hester but I take pictures every day and love them every day. I am so grateful for them. I just hope they are happy with me. I may be crazy but I tell them that and whisper my affection to them. Their purrs are a delight as well as their antics. The news I have is not all fun though.

During Christmas 2016 I came down with the flu. While trying to beat the bug I didn’t notice Enid was taking a slide into the danger zone. New Year’s Day I resurfaced to the land of the living to rush her to the emergency room. She had a severe kidney infection and dehydrated. She spent 4 days at the emergency room getting the necessary medication and tests. My best friend always accompanied me to the vet to get the latest news and translate what I missed or didn’t understand. I was all tears and heartbroken that it was my fault. She got better. BUT then I had to subject her (and Hester) to a teeth cleaning since the doctor thought something was up. Poor Enid lost four teeth. Both Hester and Enid are on 6-month health visits. Enid will always have her kidneys check and so will Hester as a precaution. I call Enid my 6,000 dollar lemon that is the sweetest lemonade that I could buy. One of my friends sent me money to help with the medical bills. I am grateful for the cats, my family,  and friends.

Thank you very much for the wonderful gift you gave me.


Thank you so much for sharing the update, Karen. I'm so glad that Enid is doing better now -- I'm sure that was a scary ordeal to go through.   We wish you many more happy and healthy years to come. The girls are gorgeous and it's nice to see them again -- we appreciate you taking the time to share them with us today!


  1. So very glad to see these two lovely ladies again! Enid - stop scaring Mom! She needs your purrs.

  2. Such gorgeous girls. After my Gibson had to have surgery for urinary crystals, he gets IV fluids every month. Maybe that would help with Enid's kidneys too.

  3. Oh yes... Enid with the angel wings!

  4. Those kitties are adorable and so well cared for.

    I was in the QC too last weekend (but sadly due to a family emergency). The Davenport Farmers Market was fun. So many people brought their dogs. One family brought this white female Rotty pup who was having the time of her life.

  5. Enid is probably my favorite IBKC alumni, I will always remember her as the little kitty with itty bitty wings. So happy to see pictures of her and her beautiful sister all grown up. In the picture of her with the orange bowtie you can even see her tiny wings!

  6. Such lovely ladies. Belly floof! I'm sorry to hear about the kidney problems. It's so common with cats. I don't know why!

  7. I love how gorgeous your girls have become as adults.
    I can relate to the scary news of kidney issues, I am glad she only needs occasional fluids.

    I just cannot believe the LaBath girls have been all growed up for so long. All the Itty Bittys are still that way in my head...and heart.

  8. thank you for the update, Karen. I'm so glad you and they made it through what must have been such a distressing time. I really liked your blog and I love your two girls, I am sure they are happy with you. As an aside I remember one of your posts about them wanting to listen to Johnny Cash live from Folsom, it still cracks me up even now :) You wrote their personalities so well!



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