Friday, August 25, 2017

Many More!

Good morning!  We've got another post packed with IBKC alumni updates today -- nine kittens total!  It's always kind of shocking seeing how mature some of our kittens are. I still think of our babies as being babies, and it doesn't seem possible that so many of them are now entering the "senior" cat stage!

We've always been lucky to find such amazing families for our kittens -- it's so clear in all of these update photos that we've been sharing how happy and well-loved our these former IBKs are. Thank you for taking such good care of them!


Charles Laurent Gibson 

Hi Laurie!

 Here's an update on Finne Amir Charles Laurent Gibson Hamilton Hammerstrom, the 150th IBKC kitten.

Finne somehow grows more lovey and more silly every day. It took more than a year for him to grow into his floofy pants but, now that he's all of five years old, he seems to have reached max floof. Charlene Butterbean must have planted some fluffy kitten seeds into his grooming sessions. We call him "Vegas showgirl" due to how fancy glam he is with those yellow-green eyes, toe hawks, and his feathery tail. He used to adore bouncy balls and playing fetch but he switched to an obsession with sparkle balls and rounds of racing up and down the stairs at least twice a day. He literally flies down the stairs when chasing Viggo around. He and Viggo (also adopted from The Humane Society For Tacoma and Pierce County) are the dearest friends and adore each other more than we could have imaged. Finne is excellent at making himself available for petting whenever you're hard at work and he never met a yoga mat that he didn't like. He's taken car trips to Western Montana and Oregon, but prefers to be at home to birdwatch or lounge on the porch in his bright green harness. Finne is a little shy with visitors and will sit at the top of the stairs peering down at guests, sometime for hours, before he'll come down for pets. Where Viggo appreciates all guests and will happily hold a foster kitten down for snuggles and bath time, Finne takes a while to warm up. Once he does, he invites the fosters for constant racing, which the kittens adore. Compare his recent pics to this video from when he was smaller ( and not a floof to be found. We're so happy he's our little orange fizz!




 Warren, Pippy, and Gaetano Fortunato

Warren and Pip Fortunato


They are my best buddies and I love them beyond belief. They still have all their individual quirks...and still quite playful. Gaetano going out this summer...he's good and stays close. Warren is still the wanderer, so we're trying to leash train him. Have had a few adventures thru the woods as he doesn't much care for paths! Pippy is a sweetheart, albeit chunky, we're working on that...they all still act like they are always starving! These Fortunatos have enriched my life these past 8 years!!!



Clovis and Rupert Ashby



Hey there, Laurie. 

Hope you're doing well. I'm really excited to hear all of the updates from other parents. Here's a little update on Rupert and Clovis.
Favorite hobbies - Clovis: Sniffing dad's eye in the middle of the night, then drooling on it and running away. Plotting his escape from the vet's office (photo attached). Playing stand-in for a computer monitor (photo attached). Tub-sharking - Clovis will circle the claw foot bathtub when we're taking showers - all you can see is this black body, tail straight up, circling the tub through the shower curtain.

Favorite hobbies - Rupert: Leaving mom a scrunchie on the front door rug for when she gets back from walking Kona each morning (maybe it's for Kona, not me!). Being carried around the house by his mom (pic attached). Sneak-attacking dad's lap - seriously, sometimes we do not see him climb onto Ken's lap, and Ken doesn't feel him, but all of a sudden there he is. It's kind of creepy!
Some of my favorite times with them are my work-at-home days when I set up shop in the dining room. Clovis thinks my priorities are a bit askew (work vs love-Clovis-time), as he likes to park it right in front of my monitor during conference calls with our CEO. Rupert feels the same way, but climbs up my arm, head-bonks me, then gets all his fuzz in my face.

All in all, we're thankful every day for the laughter and love they bring us. They're each completely hilarious and have developed such unique personalities. We're so glad we found you 8 years ago, Laurie!



Louise and Ambrose Anderson-Erickson

Louise Anderson-Erickson


My favorite story about these two is how we adopted them: we knew we wanted Louise and were certain we didn’t want Augustus, then named Ambrose, because we didn’t want a longhaired cat. But, we had a rule—the cats were going to choose us. Louise immediately came to Iris and before I knew it Ambrose hopped in my lap and started chewing on my thumb. And that was that. Fast forward seven years and these two remain a bonded pair and help make our house a home.



Lambert O. Lively


Hi Laurie,

Here are some pix for the IBKC alumni special edition! Birdie is from the Lively clan and is my big loved baby. He's 7 or 8 now and doing great. He is so goofy, especially compared to his brother Percy who is a very serious Snowshoe boy. As you can see from the pix, he's a love bug and such a joy. We are eternally grateful to IBKC!


THANK YOU so much for sharing your kittens with us! It warms my heart so to see these sweet faces and hear your stories.

We'll be winding up the updates soon -- I think I can fit the last of them in one more post.  And I need to share Joseph and Henry's adoption tale, too.  OH, and there will be kittens to introduce!   YES, KITTENS!  Have a great weekend!  See you Monday!


  1. this space for rentAugust 25, 2017 at 7:34 AM

    Wow, Charles! Look at that gorgeous ginger floof!

    Kendra, your Clovis snippet made me snort my coffee.

  2. Wowza! So many fabulous updates, it boggles ones mind!

    They just cannot be entering the 'mature' or 'senior' category. They are Itty Bittys!

  3. I just love Finne's Important Cat in Flowerpot portrait. :)

    1. A portrait, wouldn't you agree? ;D

  4. what a fun update!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. A Tail of such magnificence is referred to as a "Plume"; just like those bunches of feathers stuck atop a horses head for processiions. My Silver had an exceptional one too; and bearers usually have had extensive training in Kittenhood in "Tail Deportment" since they always know precisely how best to 'carry' it for best showing off.

  6. Finne - your floofy pantaloons are delish!
    Pippy - we can this "recreational grazing" but what a brave Mom taking on 3 kittens!
    Clovis - the eye drool cracks me up! Rubert - keep on head bonking Mom.

    William - smart man to allow the kitten to chose you. Augustus is very handsome.

    Lambert - what a love bug!
    Thanks to all the Humans for sharing their "kittens" with us!

  7. Leaping Lambert, all growed up!

  8. Lovelovelove all the updates, and looking forward to the kitten introductions.

  9. what wonderful updates, thank you so much IBKC parents! Lovely photos.

    I have a crush on Gaetano, he has turned out so dark and handsome, I've never seen a cat that colour. Gorgeous.

    Clovis and Rupert sound like such characters, they are very handsome too.

    And Louise is so pretty! She always was.



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