Friday, August 18, 2017

Ramón/Romana Clover and Ernest Plunkett Update!



Bernadette was a repeat customer. She adopted Ramon (previously known as Ramona and currently known as Hugo) first, then six months later, adopted his buddy/brother Ernest (now Walter).  She sent us a sweet update for us today:

Hugo (Ramon), now 2.5 years old, is the cuddly lap cat that I've always wanted! Whether on the couch or at bedtime, I can always count on Hugo for snuggle time. He also likes to help me pick out my outfit each morning and insists that I pick him up when standing in front of my closet when deciding what to wear for the day.

Walter (Ernest), soon to be 2 years old, is my elusive runner. He likes to cuddle with us, but only after we've showered. He tries to escape to the outside world by darting out the door when we come home and then only goes so far before immediately turning around and running back into the house towards safety. He still really loves his orange pom pom balls from his IBKC days and we find them in the water or food dish. When Walter does decide to let us hold him, he is a purring machine complete with plenty of air biscuits!

Getting a second kitten to keep Hugo company was one of the best decisions I have made! Hugo and Walter play together, snuggle together, and groom each other. They look and act like brothers and get along so well. The two of them sit next to each other at the front window, waiting for us when we get home.

I'm so in love with my fur babies! They are the sweetest cats ever. I personally think they have such great temperaments because they started their lives at IBKC!

I had forgotten about Ernest/Walter's obsession with the orange puffs!  There's a fun post on the subject HERE.

Thank you so much for sharing this update, Bernadette! I'm so glad the boys became such great buddies. Enjoy those sweet peas of yours and tell them we love them!

More to come, folks!


  1. I remember Walter's obsession with the orange pompoms. Glad both gentlemen love you and each other. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into their lives.

  2. So many thanks for this update. Sigh, I love the quirky acts of each IBKC

  3. Love this update!! Glad these "brothers" are living such a sweet and happy life :)

  4. One of my cats likes post-shower cuddles, too! She and Walter must be soul-siblings.

  5. wow, they are very sleek and handsome boys. How wonderful that they ended up together, they do look just like brothers.

  6. I love that she gave them such formal names! What beautiful boys.



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