Friday, August 18, 2017

A Posey and Cleo Update!



We had an update on Enzo Framboise last month, and today we're saying hello again to sisters Posey and Cleo!  That's young Posey in the top photo and Cleo below.

Here's what their ma and pa had to say:

Posey and Cleo have grown ever so big and beautiful, and have just passed the one year mark. They're happy, healthy, extremely silly, and have absolutely exquisite soft coats, the likes of which we've never seen. Cleo clocks in at over 12 pounds now, and Posey will surely maintain her smaller stature through adulthood.

The girls have grown into total love bugs, and are just incredibly sweet. They really love each other, too, which is such a joy to behold. At least once a day we'll witness them curl up and tuck in together, often in each other's arms. Adorable!

We're tickled that their tongue bleps still happen, too, though not quite as frequently as when they were tiny. Sparkleballs are still Posey's favorite toys. Cleo loves larger playthings like her Kickeroos, which she'll toss up in the air and throw around as if she were a puppy. And of course, they still love chasing each other and wrestling just like when they were babies.

This video of the Alexanders you posted recently also may have solved a great mystery in our lives. Since the very first night we brought home our dear girls, Cleo found a spot on our hallway wall that she loves to pounce on regularly. We jokingly call her "Trinity" because she'll manage to get all four paws up on the wall, a few feet off the ground, and it reminded us of that early sequence from The Matrix, where Carrie Anne Moss's character runs up the wall in the first action sequence. We were trying for the longest time to figure out where that behavior came from, and the "get that dot" clip above seems to be the answer.

We're so grateful to share our lives with these delightful little beasts. They're ever so loved.

All our best to you and Craig, Charlene, and Wylla. Thanks so much again for all you do!

Warmest regards,

Dan & Erin

What a wonderful update! Thank you so much for taking the time to share the stories and photos of the girls. They are so lovely and loved!

And just so we can see all of the Framboise Family together, here's Enzo.   What stunning tabbies they all are!

SaveSave DSC_6369


  1. Me thinks there is a bit of Maine Coon in these girls, given the paw size, antics and coats. But it is soo good to see them as adults!

  2. Gosh. They are gorgeous -- just perfect! thank you for the update!

  3. Such a beautiful set of tabbies! The fur on all three of them looks really plush, the kind of fur you just want to bury your face in.

    Thanks to all IBKC adopters who have sent in the wonderful updates! It's great to see the babies growing/grown up.

  4. Wow - are they ever gorgeous!!! Great update!

  5. WOW, the girls are so gorgeous!
    No way can I believe it is already a year, though.

  6. Oh my goodness, I never would have suspected they'd turn out looking that majestic! They were gorgeous little kittens, and now -- those stripey coats! WOW!! (I had such a hard time telling these three apart. I still can't. I would still snuggle them to the ends of the earth.)

  7. Glad to see the Framboise sisters looking so good and still blowing raspberries.

  8. That last picture just melts my heart. Lovely.

  9. Berg, I agree, plush was exactly the word I thought of. Their coats look so lustrous and soft, all three of them. Gorgeous.

  10. What a stunning pair of ladies! And what luxurious coats! Judging by the size of those ears, I wouldn't rule out the possibility of another growth spurt.



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