Friday, August 18, 2017

A Draper Upate!

WAY back in 2009, we hosted the adorable Drapers.  The left our nest in pairs -- Gordon and Millie were adopted by Kelly.  Luella and Perry were adopted by Mimi and her family.

From left to right: Luella, Gordon, Millie and Perry.

Meet The Drapers

All four of grew to be gorgeous big cats, as you can see in the photos below, and both parties report their kitties bring them lots of happiness.

Here are Luella and Perry!

And here are Gordon and Millie!

Thank you so much for sharing your kitties with us today, Kelly and Mimi! It's so nice seeing the whole Draper family again!

More updates coming today!  Stay close, friends!


  1. One of the first litters I saw here! You four are looking mighty fine and well loved. Thank your humans for giving us updates!

  2. Wow, sure doesn't feel like that long ago!
    And the Draper's are such lovely kitties. Many thanks to their families for the update

  3. Oh, I remember these guys! LOVED them. So glad to see they are doing well!!

  4. Perry says: "Ooh, I see the hoomin's sweater on the railing, so naturally that is the spot I'll choose the sit"


  5. One thing I see in common with all of the alumni is that they're Well-built, *solid* cats. I think that must have something to do with the good, secure, healthy start they got at the IBKC Kitten School.



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