Thursday, August 17, 2017

Every Single Litter Ever

It's crazy to think that we've been doing this for ten years now! I started this all on a whim and never expected it would grow to what it is today.

We wouldn't be still doing this without you -- you keep us going. Thank you for all of the love and support, the sweet words and comments, the kind emails, the donations to our fundraiser, the follows, the shares, the likes, and just for showing up here each day.

Most of all, thank you for keeping this place safe, positive, snark-free and feel-good.  You are the nicest people on the internet. Seriously, you are.

Ten years is a mighty long time, and I'm proud that we're still here. In this time we've hosted 229 kittens -- that's 57 litters total.  We've found homes for kittens 222, sadly, lost three babies, sent three to a rescue to treat their ringworm, and kept one.

We've shared 3,746 blog posts, taken over 500,000 photos, used 4.75 tons (yes tons) of kitty litter, had 15 million visits to our blog, and raised $895,366.17 for homeless cats and kittens.

To celebrate our ten-year blogiversasry, I thought it might be fun to share a picture of every single litter we've hosted, so here they are, in the order that we met them.  I do get a little teary seeing all of these babies on one page.  I struggle to remember the names of each, but all still hold a place in my heart.

How lucky we are having spent a little time with each of these fabulous creatures.

The Orignal IBKC.

kitten class of 2007

The VonTrouts / The Hopps

wendell, mitzy, reva, and rex.

The  Bouviers


The Mayfields (Bernadette not pictured)


The Picketts

beulah and babes
The Pettibones

The Pettibones

The Davenports


The Livermore Four


The Lovejoys


The Labath Ladies

The Labath Ladies

The Ashbys

All of the Ashbys

The Darling Darlings

The Darlings

The Fortunato Five


The Musslemans


The Drapers

Meet The Drapers

The Finch Brothers


The Spooners

Happy Valentine's Day from Vivienne and Theodore Spooner.

The Lytteltons

From Left to right, our current foster kittens: Ridley, Ezra, Gia, Thelma, Fern and Pia Lyttelton.    Pia and Gia are yet to be spoken for... let us know if you need a pair of sweet, adorable kitties.

The Anderson-Ericksons

The Anderson-Ericksons

The Suprenant Sisters
The Furman Five


The Lively Bunch


The Frosts


The Bartletts


The Medleys


The Easterbrooks


The Dearborns

The Dearborns

The Batsels


The McGillicuddy Girls


The Wiggins


The Trimble Tabby Trio


The Knapps


The Lamms


The Winklers


The Gibsons


The Petries


The Smalls


The Loudermilks


The Tiptons


The Stouts


Effie Brisker and Hazel Swift


The Kibblesmiths


The Von Tussles


The Lumpkins


The Clovers


The Hollis Girls


The Mittenflosses


The Plunketts


The Higgenbottoms


The Patmore Four


The Dinichi


The Framboise Family


The Starlings (and Wylla!)


The Fishkin Twins


The Huddlestons


The Five Fellows


The Alexanders


Thank you for a remarkle ten years.  Thank you for being here.

I love you all.





  1. Congratulations on 10 years of fabulous feline fun and some seriously great work making life better for 57 litters! I've been with you since Effie Brisker and Hazel Swift came to stay and visit every day to see how you are all doing. Keep it going, you do a fabulous job! xxx

  2. Thanks for the summary - AWESOME work - beautiful kitties -- grateful for all you do!!!!

  3. Congrats on 10 years! That collection of photos is amazing! Here's to many more adorable little families still to pass through your doors and and into the arms of their forever homes!

  4. Holy cow, I didn't realize I'd been following you all that long (I remember all but the earliest few). Congrats on the blogiversary!

  5. Congratulations on 10 years! Your blog is a wonderful oasis of happiness on the internet, and is always a pleasure to read. Your foster kittens, and the kitties of Tacoma, are so lucky to have you in their corner! Thank you for all that you do :)

    1. What Natalie said! That is a lot of tiny lives made better by your efforts. You, Craig, Bean, and Wylla do so much for the itty bitties.

  6. We just adopted a pair of kittens who look remarkably like the Fishkin Twins! I had *put in an order* at our local humane society for a couple of black female littermates, and last week we got the call. I did a contest on my blog for names, and multiple readers suggested Thelma and Louise. Perfect!

  7. Congratulations !!! I've followed your blog for eight years now , and loved seeing every litter one more time ! I also would love updated pictures on Pearla and Sheldon Dearborn , plus that Kibbelsmith girl who had a little facial operation . If possible , that is ! You're still my favourite blog !

  8. I think I've followed you since the Anderson-Ericksons! Thank you Cute Overload (may you RIP) for the link. Amazing to see all the babies in 1 place! <3 Thank you for all you do.

  9. Well THAT was fun!! So many memories of all the sweet babies. LOVE this!

  10. Your post puts me in mind of Phil Collins's song. Thanks for all you do for the baby kitties.:)

  11. Congratulations on your Anniversary! Once I found you (many years ago), I went back through your posting history in order to meet all the litters up to that point that I had missed. Thank you for bringing sunshine to all our days with your spectacular photography, your stories and sharing. Treats for everyone!

  12. Wow, you should be so proud of the work you do with these amazing little kittens. It takes great dedication to put so much time into each and every litter but the end result is so very worth it. It's a joy to visit your blog each weekday - it's very much a feel good place to stop by.

  13. Thanks for 10 years of fostering and loving some many kittens. Thanks for sharing them with us - the good, the bad, the happy and the sad. I would love to hear how the Lovejoys, Darlings and Bastels are doing. Been a fan for 9 years thanks to Cute Overload.

    Big question - How the heck do you come up with the names????

  14. I remember so many. Still am amazed by all you do and how creative you are doing it. Thank you for making each litter so special.

  15. While my favorite photo will probably ALWAYS be Baby Bean asleep in the hat, the Basket of Batsels makes my heart melt every time. Only $104,000 something more to go to hit $1 million! Your site and your efforts and this community always bring peace to my heart. Thank you, and congratulations on 10 wonderful years!

  16. While my favorite photo will probably ALWAYS be Baby Bean asleep in the hat, the Basket of Batsels makes my heart melt every time. Only $104,000 something more to go to hit $1 million! Your site and your efforts and this community always bring peace to my heart. Thank you, and congratulations on 10 wonderful years!

  17. May everyone in the universe bless you for your work! Thank you so much for sharing. You motivated me to adopt two brother kitties in Ohio! :-)

  18. Happy Blogiversary! I've been following you - mostly lurking - since the Bouviers! I visit daily to see all these wonderful kitties. The awesomeness of what you do and how well you do it really hit home after I adopted two rescued and fostered kittens last year. Thank you!

  19. Happy 10th Blogiversary! What do you get someone after ten years and more than two hundred kittens?

  20. Amazing stats, Laurie! Especially 4.75 tons of kitty litter and almost $900,000 for the Humane Society. I bet you top a million next year. And we'll all be here to help you do it!

  21. God bless you for all you do and God bless all the little kitty bitties out in the world. Thanks for sharing them with us. There is nothing more joy-filled!

  22. OH my----I am still in love with Malcolm! Congratulations, Laurie- what a fantastically wonderful post. I always love to go to the blog and pick one of the litters and read their story again. Thank you so much!

  23. Holy cats, that's a lot of kittens!

  24. Congratulations, Laurie, on your blogaversary and on this wonderful post! I joined when the Bouviers were with you all those years ago, and fell heads over heels with Maddy. Her adoption story was so heartwarming! I loved checking in every day over the past 10 years and keeping up with every litter. Thank you!

  25. Congratulations on 10 years and your efforts to provide so many kittens a very special start in life! And for also bringing joy every week to everyone who follows your efforts!

  26. Congrats! Thank you for all those moments of quiet kittenhood, they mean a lot in these crazy times. Thank you for giving all those many cats shelter and help them find their forever homes. You make a BIG difference. |\_/|___J

  27. I have also been reading since the Bouviers. Ten years is amazing for a blog. Congratulations and thank you for the many hours of entertainment.

  28. I was thinking the same thing. The Lovejoys were my first loves.

  29. Wow, what a wonderful floofy trip down memory lane. Thank YOU, Laurie, for your love, devotion, and commitment to the Itty Bittys. And thank you for your blogging all these years. I know it is a huge time commitment to compose posts and take and edit photos and you do it pretty much every single day!

  30. And suddenly I'm realising that I've been following you and all the kitties from the beginning or almost (I joined with the Bouviers).
    Happy kittiversary, what you are doing for them and sharing with us is so unique and beautiful. Sending love your way from France

  31. this space for rentAugust 18, 2017 at 8:17 AM

    It's you we should thank for all of this. I look at all the beautiful faces you've given the best possible chance at life for, and I'm truly inspired by you and the work that you do. I can't foster, I am simply not home enough and have too many permanent residents to make that work, but I continued to be awed and inspired by the people who do. Thank you for sharing your kittens and a small corner of your life with all of us.

    The other thing I realize is how long I've been following the IBKC, wow XD The first litter I remember seeing the first pictures of are the Bartletts.

  32. I think I found you when you had the Fishkin twins. I enjoy every single photo you post on IG. They warm my heart :) Well done raising almost a million dollars, unbelievable!

  33. Happy Blogiversary! Thank you for sharing the itty bitties with the world and for taking the best kitten photos. Here's to 10+ more years!

  34. Happy 10th birthday, well done, thank you so much for all the joy you've brought to so many people over the years.



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