Wednesday, August 16, 2017

An Easterbrook Update!



Katy and Jerry, who adopted Thurston (Saucer) and Norma (Binka) Easterbrook are very dear friends of ours, so we get to their kitties often.   I've shared updates Saucer and Binka before, and many of you have commented on their sleek, lovely coats. They are beauties, for sure, and two of the shiniest cats I've ever seen!

They're sweet, too, and it is always a pleasure getting to spend a little time with them.  Whenever we do,  there's always a game of fetch with Binka, and when his curiosity gets the best of him, Saucer will always appear and share his awesome belly.

Here's our update from Katy:

Our sweet kitties celebrated their 6th birthday, and every day we enjoy their company. Binka is curious, outgoing, motherly, slightly bossy and sweet. She nearly always comes right away when called and knows exactly when we are talking about her, chiming right into the conversation with well-placed meows. We call her B for short, Queen B, and occasionally Beagle, because she still loves to fetch. She loves to exercise with us in the mornings and meets us on our yoga mats with her ball. I often think of her as a spiritual teacher because she is energetic, physical and always up for an adventure yet when you pick her up she has no tension or stress in her body. I aspire to be more like Binka...

Saucer is a special boy who is a very handsome, sensitive guy who is quite a lover in private and is also a fierce hunter. Though Binka seems more curious on the surface, Saucer is the one who dominates in the true hunt on the occasions that mouse or shrew has gotten into the house in the winter. We also affectionately call him Saucy Boy, Gentle Boy, and Tiger Kitty, and my special name for him is the Duke of Saucer because of his extra smattering of chin whiskers which give him a rather regal look. He is quite a lounger and we have a special ritual when we get home at night to go into the bedroom for some private love with just him. He likes to climb onto our backs and he gives the best body hugs when we pick him up, as he curls around the back of our necks with his head. They are indoor cats except during summer when we have supervised outings on our patio. They have been amazing about learning and mostly sticking to their boundaries and I'm always grateful and impressed with how well they mind. We love spending time on the patio. This photo really perfectly captures them. I call it "Balance B and the Spider Hunter." Binka (who has also earned the nickname Balance B, for her propensity for balancing on thin railings watches intently as Saucer fearlessly goes in to reach for a spider.)

We love our kitties and are forever grateful to have found them through the IBKC.

 "We don't allow the cats on the tables or counters....except we realized they don't seem to have gotten the memo." 

: )

Thank you for sharing your kitties with us today, Katy!  Give 'em some love from all of us!


  1. Lucky kitties!
    Lucky people!

  2. These two have become very handsome adults. Glad to know they are adored and loved. Thanks for the update!

  3. Saucer has the best little white toezzzz! What gorgeous cats. Thank you so much for the update!

  4. Binka and Saucer own two awesome hoomans.

  5. Saucer is the spitting image of my dear departed Mr. Whiskers. He also seems to have the same gift Mr. W. Did for making flirty eyes at the camera. There's just something special about those big tuxie boys.

  6. I told my own black cat that today is apparently black cat day! He was pleased.

  7. they are two very beautiful and healthy-looking cats. Thank you for the update!

  8. What gorgeous and loved kitties!
    My heart is so very happy right now. I really needed it.



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