Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A Livermore Update!


 I'm sorry to say that this update today isn't an entirely happy one.  As Cori will explain in the story, she lost one of her IBKs.   Knowing how much Cori loved her boys, I know this left a big hole in her heart.  And though her boy can never be replaced, her heart  (and home) is full again, thank goodness.

Here's the update.

Hi Laurie,

Happy 10 year anniversary! So very grateful for you and all you do matching kitties with their forever humans. I can't tell you how much my little Livermore twins mean to me. It broke my heart when Elvis (formerly Davy)  passed two years ago. He fought to stick with Us as long as he could, but in the end, Albert and I had to let him go. I get teary still. He was a one and a million cat.

Albert and I spent the next year healing our hearts and in a story too long to tell in this update, ended up with a stray cat giving birth on our bathroom floor. Mama cat stayed with her babies until they were weaned and she could be spayed and released. The babies never left, and now, a year later, Bert is the proud uncle to 4 mischievous kittens and happy participant in their youthful shenanigans. Our house finally feels full again, though I know it all started 9 years ago with my two tabby Livermore boys.

Thank you so much!


First, here is a picture of beloved Elvis. What a dear, handsome kitty you were. Look at all of that love in your expression.

And here is gorgeous, green-eyed Albert. I used to tell these two apart by their freckles.  I love how prominent they are today!

 Albert,  you have your paws full with this crew!

Thank you so much for sharing with us today, Cori. We're so sorry you had to experience this loss. Elvis was a special boy, and he's one of the reasons I have such a fondness for floofy tabby boys -- Bean, too.  They are a special breed.

Much love to you, Albert,  and his adorable minions.


  1. I'm so glad Albert has his own IBKC to preside over! Truly an outstanding graduate of the Charlene Butterbean Finishing School. Much love to your family for the loss of your sweet Elvis.

  2. LOVE this: "The babies never left, and now, a year later, Bert is the proud uncle to 4 mischievous kittens and happy participant in their youthful shenanigans."

    So sorry to hear about Davy/Elvis; what a lovely boy he was.

  3. Dear Cori, we are so very sorry to hear about Elvis. He was a grand kitten to watch on this site. So glad Albert has taken on uncle duties, Charlene must be so proud. Hoping your heart stays open to more kittens.

  4. Thanks again to Laurie and Charlene for leading me to two amazing little cats.

  5. Cori, Thank you so much for sharing your beloved Livermore boys. I am sorry to hear about Elvis, he sure was a handsome mancat!

    Oh my goodness, Albert is SO gorgeous and clearly loved. And his sweet contingent of itty bittys is a tribute to the love of Auntie Charlene.

  6. I'm sorry about Elvis. He was given a great life.

    Now the student has become the teacher to his own litter of itty bittys. Charlene would be proud. Thank you for the update.

  7. Big Bert's tabby makeup is simply breathtaking. Those freckles! That eyeshadow!

  8. All my sympathy for Elvis' loss.

    I'm sure Bert will raise and guide these four itty bitties with all the wisdom Queen Bean raised him. I have to ask, is one of the itty bitties named Ernie?

    1. No Ernie, but that would have been cute :). We have a Harry, Sully, Ferguson and Zelda.


  9. My heart goes out to you, Cori, over the loss of Elvis. I so enjoyed reading your blog about the adventures of Elvis and Albert. And now Bertie is teaching a new generation about being a cat and passing along the love.



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