Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bored Cats and Paper Flowers


 If you follow my personal Instagram feed, you probably noticed that lately it's been bursting with paper flowers. I've been working like crazy to prepare for a pop-up paper flower shop that's happening tonight at NICHEoutside, my dear friend Nisha's beautiful store in Seattle.

The girls have been pretty patient with me. I know this project has cut into their playtime with the feather wand and sun time on the deck.  They do enjoy watching the spinning tape and wire as I make the blooms and the scraps falling to the floor are intriguing,  but I know they'll be glad when things get back to normal.  This project plus the absence of kittens makes for bored cats!

 I installed most of the show yesterday but still have to whip out a few more pieces before the opening, so I today's post is a quick one. I've got to get back to work!  I'll be sharing Tillie's adoption tale tomorrow, so do stop by tomorrow to read that!

Seattle folks, if you're free tonight, please stop by the show and say hello! It's part of the Capitol Art Walk and there's lots of great stuff to see. Full details on tonight's event can be found HERE. 

OK, back to work now!




  1. So very pretty, both cats and flowers.

  2. Lovely flowers - must be a ton of work! Perhaps Bored Kitties need a catnip banana?

  3. I'm amazed that your bored cats aren't tearing those beautiful flowers apart. Such good girls!

  4. How does the camera not break from capturing so much rampant prettiness?



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