Friday, May 12, 2017

Happy Trails, Dear Tillie!


We've met so many kittens now, I can see patterns in personality. The dark tabby girl kitten is always filled with a fiery spirit, fierce determination, and they are always so smart and focused.  She does everything at 100% -- love, play, nap -- she's always all-in. I remember noticing it in Penny, from our very first litter,  and it's certainly who Miss Tillie Huddleston is!

Katie, who I know through the Tacoma art world, had been looking for a kitten to add to her family of four.  Though everyone was excited about the idea of this new addition, Hannah, her daughter, was most thrilled.  This kitten was Hannah's dream.

Katie and the kids came by to pick their Huddleson and that little firecracker, Tillie, caught their eye.

Tillie would be the very first for the family, so while we waited for Miss Tillie to get bigger, they prepared for her arrival.  They did lots of kitten-proofing. Legos were picked up and put away. Supplies were purchased. Tillie would be sleeping in Hanah's room, so she had to get ready for her new roommate.

Finally, the day came, and Tillie joined their family.

Kaite reports that they absolutely love their girl and her spunk.

Congrats on finding a wonderful family to love and embrace your fiery spirit, dear Tillie!  We wish you a long, happy together!










  1. Miss Tillie - how lucky are you to have Hannah to train as your human! To teach her how to cuddle and then play and then cuddle. I do hope we get a picture of you with your Big Girl Face!

  2. Do you gift a set of their baby pictures to the adoptive parents, as photos or electronically? I've always been curious, but they probably download them all, themselves, in the process of falling in love with their choices!

  3. She has the best whisker freckles I've seen! Congratulations to her new family. :-)

  4. Congrats to Tillie and her new family!

  5. I'm curious to hear about your other observations regarding kittens' personalities! (A series of posts, perhaps?)

  6. Yay for yet another happy adoption tale! I wish everyone many happy years together.

  7. Oh, boy! Lucky Hannah! Lucky Tillie! Lucky everyone!



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