Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Sweet Surprise!


Kelley,  who found her way to us thanks to the family who adopted Monty and Harold Higgenbottom, sent me an email earlier in the winter introducing her family, which included husband Andrew, their nine-year-old son, Logan, and a three-year-old kitty named Violet.  They were on the hunt for a kitten to add to their home -- someone who could be a friend to the humans in the house and also Violet, who seemed to be in need of some kitty companionship.

At this time, the Fishkin Twins were still in our care but spoken for, and I told Kelley that if she wouldn't mind waiting a bit, we would love to have them over to meet the next batch that arrived.

They waited patiently and finally, our dear Huddlestons moved in. And then they waited a little longer because it took FOREVER for those Tabbies to get healthy and out of quarantine so their future families could meet them!

When the day finally came, Kelley, Andrew, and Logan had their choice of four Huddlestons --Beau had been spoken for already.  During their meet-and-greet, they really struggled with their decision -- all the kittens were so delightful that day!  Lovey was the one who caught Kelley's eye when she first saw them on the blog, so in the end, they went with her gut and decided she would be the one to join the family.

They really were charmed by all of the Huddlestons, and if we didn't have more families lined up to meet the remaining kittens, they probably would have picked a pair instead of just one that day.



Tillie was picked by the next family that came over, and then the next family in line suddenly decided to wait until summer for a kitten and dropped out of the running.  We had one more gal coming to meet the kittens, but it looked like there would be one Huddleston in need of a home, so I reached out to Kelley to see if they might be interested in whoever was left after our last meet-and-greet. Kelley was  thrilled to hear they could have a pair and said they would happily adopt the last Huddleston!

She decided to wait to share this exciting news with Logan until adoption day, and as you can imagine, when she revealed the big surprise that Spencer would be joining their family too,  he was thrilled.

A few hours after the adoption I received an email from Kelley with a subject line that read "In Love"  and photos of very happy Logan with two kittens cuddled up on his lap were attached.

I just love how this all played out!  They make the cutest pair, and I couldn't imagine a happier ending for Lovey and Spencer!

Thank you so much, Kelley, Andrew, Logan and Violet for adopting these two.  We wish you many years of joy together!











  1. Now THAT is an adoption story! Congrats on getting 2 Huddlestons to join your family. Looking forward to pictures of Logan and the babies and Violet and her new posse.

  2. What a lovely story. And what a sweet little duo they ended up with.

  3. I have to ask...what was the reaction of Lovey and Spencer being reunited?????? You left that part out of the story Laurie. Come on...inquiring minds want to know! :)

    1. They weren't reunited -- they never parted ways. The family met the kittens and picked Lovey, I offered them a chance at a second kitten later, adoptions happened, then kittens left.

    2. Sorry I misread the timing. Have to hand it to you Laurie, you are a wonderful kitty godmother!

  4. I wonder what Violet's going to make of her two younger sibs. The humans are all totally wrapped around their paws.

  5. What a wonderful story and sweet young man, along with two sweet kitties!

  6. Hurrah for Huddleston stories!
    Best wishes to the new families!

  7. Lovey and Spencer look the most alike of any two kittens in this letter. It seems somehow fitting that they should be adopted together. Twins for life!



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