Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Because You Asked...


I've gotten emails from many of you have been asking about the new kitty bed, which has been dubbed the "Chesnut Cushion" by Opal.  The bed is made by Shags and buy them directly from their site or other online retailers.

This is our second one -- both are the "small" size.  The first came from Mud Bay Granary, a local pet store chain.  I found the second on Overstock for a little less --- I saved about 20%, and shipping was free.  They have a limited of colors, though.

Wylla's not a big fan of it, but Charlene and the kittens love it.  The bed's kind of poofy at first, but the beans inside pack down with use -- or you can just stand in the middle of it like I did and squish it until there's a good dent in the middle. The covers are zippered, so they're easy to wash.

The beds are pretty comfy, and they do make human-sized ones, too!

PS  We're not being paid to promote the Shag beds. We just like them, and you've been asking about them!


  1. It does look very comfy, and it's the perfect size for a kitten to hide and mount an ambush from (or curl up for a long, long afternoon nap).

  2. Soggy Doggy makes a similar one.

  3. I got one (thank you for telling me where to go!) and it is big and sage green. So far, India has pounced on it once or twice and been amused, and Zoubi acts like I have installed a lava pit in the center of the room. But she'll come around. I think if I sat on it her attitude would change! I'm going to spray it with a little cat pheromones and entice her. But it is the perfect kitten adventure cushion!

  4. Thank you! They look so soft and squooshy.

    You get asked these sorts of questions so often (I think it's because you have such a good eye for unique and pretty things) - have you ever, or would you, consider a "shopping links" section or something? That way people would know, and you wouldn't get the same questions over and over.

    Cons: extra work, and it might look to some like you're promoting things for pay, even though you're not.

  5. Lynn: Maybe if you put a bag on it. You know how they like to lie on bags. :)

    The pic of the kittens in that bed... So lovely and silly!



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