Monday, May 8, 2017

A Home for Hurley!

Karin, who's a volunteer at our Humane Society and has logged many hours working in the Emergency Pet Food Bank over the years, took an immediate liking to Hurley when I first introduced our Huddlestons on the blog.  She figured this adorable boy would get snatched up fast, and quickly dismissed any dreams of making him a part of their family.

Well, he did get snatched up, but the adoption fell through and suddenly Hurley Huddleston was back on the market. Within moments of me announcing his availability, I got a nice note from Karin introducing herself and her family and professing her love for this kitten.  We made an appointment for her to come and meet him that afternoon.

During the visit, I learned a little bit more about Karin's family, which includes a husband, teenage daughter, a dog, and a young adult cat named Allen. There home sounded awesome -- complete with cat towers and custom-built cat walkways!  It sounded like they could offer a really great life to dear Hurley and his fate was sealed!

Karin had some traveling to do in the days to come, so though he was ready to move on, she wasn't quite ready for him, so we had an extra week with Hurley.  This worked out great because it gave him some time alone with our big cats and offered them a chance to give him a few private lessons on "How to be a good little brother cat."

Within a couple of hours of his adoption, I got a sweet message from Karin letting me know how quickly dear Hurley was settling in.  It sounds like they're pretty thrilled to have this happy, social boy in their life!

Thanks so much for adopting our Hurley, Karin!  I'm so glad it worked out that he could be yours!   We wish you and your whole family the best!!








  1. Congrats to Karin and family! Can we see Allen and Hurley together???

  2. hooray for Hurley getting such a great home with Karin and her family...he's an absolute fluff of adorableness!

  3. Sounds like Hurley has landed in an awesome new home! Congrats to him and his furrever family.

  4. It always works out, doesn't it? Hurley was my fav and I was grateful for the extra days of pictures. It is a jackpot for all concerned! (my daughter has a cat named Allen- and that is really funny to me- so there is another Allen!)

  5. I can't think of a better, happier home for Hurley than Karin and her family.

  6. He looks all business in his serious little expression and gray pinstriped suit. I think he's going to make a great junior partner for Allen the Cat.

  7. Hurley's new home sounds like cat heaven, and I'm thrilled to hear he settled in so quickly. How wonderful for everyone!

  8. Wow! Sounds like a great home for dear Hurley. Custom-built cat walkways!

    Hey just curious, do the adopted babies still get those yellow "medals" (ID tags) when they go? Those pictures are always so sweet, when they're all packed up and ready to go home.



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