Friday, May 5, 2017

Bye-Bye Beau


Beau was the first to go. His new parents, Adam and Helen, had the pick of the litter he was the first one chosen, too.

Adam works with Victoria, who is mama to Agnes Pettibone and Myra/Myron (now Dixie) Clover. She and husband Ian are great kitty parents and understand the fine qualities we look for in adopters, so any referral from them is always pure gold. 

Adam and Helen are a very sweet, young couple. They have an adorable four-year-old tabby girl named Jean Gray who was in need a little kitty friend.  After meeting all of the Huddlestons, they decided Beau would be the perfect kitten for their family.

I think Beau was absolutely fine with this decision. Look how comfortable he is in his new mama's arms! 


I know you all know this, but Beau Huddleston is a pretty special little kitten.  It seems we grow closest to the ones who come with challenges, and Beau certainly had a lot of those, so we really bonded with this little guy.  I knew saying goodbye would be hard but knowing he had a wonderful family and bright future ahead made it a little easier.

We wish you all the best Adam and Helen! We hope Beau brings you as much joy as he brought us!
Do send us updates, please.  We would all love to see the handsome grown-up boy he becomes!

Goodbye sweet, Beau. We will always love you.  






This is an earlier one (below)of Beau which you've already seen, but I wanted to share it again. What a cute peanut he was (and still is, of course!).  His worried eyes and sweet expression just get to me.

Bye-bye Beau.  We will never forget you!



  1. Such a sweetie. Such cute pictures! <3

  2. Beau; Your name means "Beautiful" and that is a barely adequate adjective to describe you. Good Luck in your future endeavours; Charming your family, relaxing in windows, chasing shadows, and generally being CUTE as ever!

  3. Yes, Beau, it is a big world out there. But Mom knows that and finds her kittens the best homes. Looking forward to seeing you with Jean Grey. Grow big and strong!

  4. Bye bye, sweet boy!!

    We wish you a very happy life, and also we hope for lots of updates from your people.


  5. So Jean Gray gets her Wolverine?
    I wish them all the best.

  6. Many cheers to Beau! Best wishes in your new forever home :-) !

  7. Yay for Beau, Adam, Helen, and Jean Gray! May you have many happy years together.

  8. Can't wait to hear stories about Beau chasing Jean and Jean chasing Beau and both of them curling up together for naps afterward, all tuckered out from playing hard.

  9. He certainly lives up to his name! Happy trails, brother Beau!

  10. Have a happy furrever, handsome boy!

  11. Beau was my favorite- so glad he's going to s good home. But Laurie you always seem to find good homes. Such lucky little kittens you foster!



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