Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Keeping the Big Cats Busy

I've been working hard  getting ready for a big craft sale that's happening in Tacoma this weekend.  I've temporarily moved crafting operations out on to the dining room table because I can't leave a mess in the craft room -- those little monkeys figured out a way to get up on top of my desk and into things!

The kittens are doing fine and keeping themselves occupied, but the big cats are bored with me being so busy, and last night they came into the living room to sulk.

Thankfully, the little ones soon joined them and they all had a great evening together.  Wylla's happy that they're engaging with her more and Bean loves sitting back and enjoying the show.  I'm grateful everyone is staying out of trouble and getting the stimulation they all need.  



  1. Much, much cuteness and entertainment. Wylla clearly loves having the two wee ones to engage with.

  2. I love to watch "Boop the Kitty" game! Hard to remember when Stately Wylla Stout was once the size of Poe & Marigold.

  3. I thought maybe Wylla was playing a little rough until Marigold popped up in the basket and bopped her! lol

    1. She does seem to understand that they are smaller and does exercise restraint. She's probably received more bops than she's given!

  4. What in the world is so interesting under that basket Wylla?! Too cute!

  5. Love seeing Wylla being included with the kitten games with Charlene supervising! That said, those Starlings look too innocent to be troublemakers - we need videos of them getting into mischief or it didn't happen!



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