Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bookmark This

Need to lower your blood pressure a few points?
Just click "play" and listen to two solid minutes of a happy, sleepy, purring Marigold.

And then make it a bookmark just in case you need it again later.

Because it helps, doesn't it?  


  1. Mom, I don't need to go to bed now, I'm not sleepy. (Yawn) Really, I'm...not...sleepy.

  2. Well this helps today but tomorrow I might need me some Poe....or Wylla....or Beanie.

  3. I have to listen to Marigold because Clovis and Rupert have completely silent motors. I mean, it's like having two Prius cars for cats - you know they're running, but you can't hear them. You can FEEL their motors going and see their blissful drooling and ridiculously cute biscuit-making but their motors are dead silent!!! :)

    1. LOL. That is the best analogy and funniest image I now have of Clovis & Rupert.

    2. Oh my God, best comparison ever! Prius cats, I love this! :)

  4. Oh, how lovely. I think I'm ready for a nap now! I just want to kiss those mitts! Thank you, Laurie!

  5. Orange tabbies turn me to mush. This little one looks very much like my no longer little one, Jack. He is pretty much a Prius cat, except one time he snuck deep under the blankets and was snorting up a storm like Marigold.



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