Thursday, October 6, 2016

FINALLY! A Family Portrait!

I've been trying for a long time now, and FINALLY, all three Framboise kittens agreed to sit still for a split second so I can get one shot of the whole group.  FINALLY.  

And it's a funny one.


I don't think it truly represents their personalities, but well, that's the best we've got right now. I'll keep trying!  It will be easier now that Enzo is easier to catch.

And speaking of Enzo, moments after the yesterday's post went up, his mama stepped forward.  She's someone we know well, so we know his life is going to be good!  Hoorazy for Enzo, our little Friend-zo.

Later today, I'll be taking them all in for a round of vaccines and a weigh-in. I know what the scale is going to say -- it's going to tell us that it's time to get these babies on the surgery schedule!  Gulp!

Their stay with us will be shorter than average, but they didn't have too much growing to do when they got here.  Mostly, we just needed to get them  warmed up and ready for their forever families, and they are ready.

But there not gone yet, so let's keeping enjoying these cuties until that day comes!  We still have over a week before we start saying our goodbyes!





  1. Hooray! Everyone has their families! I'm looking forward to hearing about them! I trust Enzo has someone he can torment ... I mean play with.

  2. Yay for Enzo! And lol at his pics!

  3. Hehehe this portrait cracks me up! From left to right, Sadness, Anger and...Startled? I love how kittens have so many expressions!

  4. Oh I do spy an new card with this Family Portrait! And love Tabby Jelly Beans!
    I think they are Concerned, Miffed and Confused.

  5. golly, this litter is especially adorable!


  6. Oh, Enzo, looking all attitudnal. ;) Silly boy! Yay for Enzo having a furever home and yay you know his mom. I'm sure that will mean regular visits. It's still bittersweet. We'll enjoy every moment we have left with this fabulous, tongue-out tabby trio.

  7. You have captured the facial expressions that I love the most! Pouty, downright dour, and matter-of-fact. I know it doesn't represent their personalities, which is what makes it so cute.

  8. Oh, and I was describing the three last pictures. I agree with the other posters on the family shot. Sadness, anger, startled, concerned, miffed, and confused! Little sweeties.

  9. Such characters indeed!
    I hope Charlene will get a few more Tabby Tastings in before they are transported home!

  10. They all have glowing gold noses in the group picture! Maybe you can get one later with all their tongues out.

  11. How do they keep getting CUTER?!?

    Maybe before they graduate, you'll be able to get a family portrait with all three tongues out.



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