Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Enzo: Our little Friend-Zo


Enzo is getting dearer by the day, and has now earned the nickname Friend-Zo. He loves to purr, enjoys affection, is comfortable in our arms, and he's now snuggling up on our laps for  naps.   He still has an occasional scaredy-cat moment, a loud noise or quick movement can send him scrambling, but overall he is doing great and we're so proud of the improvements he has made and the kitten he has become. Nice work, Friend-Zo!

This batch has been so healthy and has gained weight fast. Enzo has rolled past the two pound mark, and his sisters will be doing the same soon.  Posey and Cleo found their forever family, but we're still waiting for Enzo's people to appear.

I've been thinking about where I would like to see this little guy land, and I think the perfect home for him would be a quieter one -- probably one without small children.  He'll need a kitten or young adult cat to play with, because he sure does love to play.

Patience is important -- it might take him a little bit of time to adjust to his new surroundings.  I'm confident he will transition just fine, it just might not happen overnight.

The thing about Enzo, our little Friend-Zo, is that it's all worth the wait when he comes out of his shell and shows you the Tabby Love that he is!  He's a special one, and I hope that some really special folks will step forward and claim this little guy.

SO, if you're in the Seattle-Tacoma area and you think you might be able to offer the perfect home for this our little friend, please shoot us an email.  And if you're not in the market for a kitten at the moment, but know of someone  that might be a good match, please send them our way!








  1. I think maybe you should do a little photoshoot with Enzo sporting a bowtie. That is a sure seller. :)

    (Perhaps in red or green, as a nod to the Italian flag.)

    1. Oh, yes, that's a wonderful idea! He would look very dashing in both red and green.

  2. I would be all over that little guy if I lived near by. That wittle tongue is too cute!

  3. Darn it - I live on CT. Otherwise I'd scoop up this boy. Timid cats make the best lap warmers and cuddle bunnies once they get to know you. The time it takes to gain their trust is returned 10fold in kitten love. So says Miss Sprite, my timid Maine Coon.

    1. My timid tabby LG agrees with Miss Sprite. The shy guy has blossomed into a snuggler supreme.

    2. My parents adopted a Very Timid cat in 2004, and when she came out of her shell, she was a total sweetheart, a complete love, and quietly ruled the roost with an iron-in-velvet paw. ;D She was three when they adopted her, and she was put down at 12 due to what the vet strongly suspected was cancer. She'd been going downhill and was at the point of not eating, doing Very Poorly, and my parents couldn't afford to do any more tests that could have possibly determined what was going on, so they made the Extremely Difficult decision to euthanize. I lived with them for a time when she was alive and my cats were with a friend (long story) and, every night (once she'd relaxed and realized I wasn't going to eat her), she'd bring herself up onto my bed and settle down by my pillow. I missed my furbabies something fierce, so her nightly visit was a welcome pleasure. She had a very quiet purr you had to have your ear up against her chest to hear or a finger on her throat to feel. She and my dad had a nightly ritual, where he'd put his feet up on his desk and she'd settle in the slight 'v' between his legs, facing away from him, her front legs stretched all the way out, and he'd pet her and they'd enjoy each other's company until she decided it was over, and then she'd get up and leave. She usually slept on my parents bed, either between their pillows or flopped against my father's leg, positioned just right so he could pet her side when he was falling asleep or when he was waking up in the morning. She was a spoiled little thing. ;)

    3. Aww, she sounds like a wonderful and sweet kitty. LG has similar routines with us, and I will admit that he's also spoiled. I always say that he had a rough start in life, so he deserves to be spoiled a little. Okay, a lot. :-)

  4. I can't believe how grown up he looks already!

  5. Little cute tongue and all. Keep thinking my big old fella needs a henchman.

  6. Enzo is a doll! He will have a very lucky life.

  7. Patience with a shy kitty is so worth the effort. My Mr. Mistofelees was a feral kitten. I think his VERY feral mom was captured before she gave birth. So he was born in at a rescue center. Once weened, he was fostered by a great family. But even with the great fostering, he was quite skittish at first. Two years later, he still can be skittish if he doesn't know exactly what's going on.

    But WHAT A LOVE he became! He loves to play and brings me toys. He'll climb into my lap while I'm watching TV. He'll climb into bed and cuddle while I'm sleeping.

    If I wasn't patient with him in the beginning, I'm pretty sure things wouldn't have turned out as wonderfully as they did.

    Kitties + Patience = Great Happiness

    Mr. Mistofelees' (& Buddy and Tiger's) Mom



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