Friday, October 7, 2016

Just a Little Bit


As  our little Framboises have become more relaxed, we're not seeing as much tongue as we once did. It still comes out every now and again -- usually when they are winding down and getting sleepy.

Enzo does it more than his sisters, and thankfully the camera was close when it happened yesterday!

THAT LITTLE TONGUE!  You guys, it just kills me.





  1. Obviously, Enzo is really an Outzo.

  2. Okay I have go there.... "This cat has got my tongue"

  3. That Enzo still shows his tongue when he gets sleepy is just so sweet. I'm very glad he found his new mama.

  4. I can't wait for the alumni updates on this litter. Besides how gorgeous they will be fully grown, inquiring minds will of course want to know their tongue status too!

  5. Two of my girls, who are sisters, would stick their tongues out when I first got them as kittens like the Framboise trio. They're now 13 and still do it occasionally when they're really concentrating on something or very sleepy. It's as endearing now as it was then.

  6. One of our boys, the "catten" Erriapus (dumped here late last November in terrible weather, not even fully weaned, but doing great) has been quite the tongue-sticker too. He doesn't do it as much as when he was a baby, but still does sometimes and we think always will. Sleeps that way sometimes, especially when overtaken by a Nap Attack such as kittens get (and obviously cattens still do sometimes too). So adorable. Always wants his front paws on his bro or sis or one of us, too... OMG, cannot imagine how anyone can stand to be without cats in the house!--from Arowyn



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