Friday, September 23, 2016

Who is Who?


They Framboise Family had a pretty good day yesterday. They spent a lot less time lurking in the shadows, and more time out in the open.  Though they won't come to us yet, you can usually scoop up Cleo and Posey without much resistance. Enzo still tends to dash off, but if you catch him, he doesn't mind being detained as much as he did at first.  We're getting there.

They all seem to really love the magical IBKC basket, and did nearly all of their napping there yesterday.  It really is the prefect for three kittens of their size, and I think they feel very safe in there.

So, now that we've spent a little more time with them, can you tell them all apart?  In the photo above, from left to right, we have Enzo, Cleo and Posey.


Cleo has the longest and darkest coat. Her back is mostly solid in color, but her belly has some stripes on her belly.


Enzo has the shortest coat, a dark brown nose, the biggest frame, and often has a look of horror on his face (big eyes, flat ears).


Posey is the tiniest, has the whitest face, a wispy, striped coat and her toes are tipped white. She's the most relaxed of the batch.


That's Enzo above.


Enzo on the left and Cleo on the right.


Enzo and Cleo again.




Cleo on the left and Posey on the right. (note tiny tongue)


Cleo and Posey again.


Enzo and Posey.


Enzo and Posey.


And Cleo (living up to her surname).

Have you got it? Do you know who is who?   Do take note, there will be a quiz later!

I'll back in a bit.  We just got a new shipment of Sparkle Balls, and I'm working on getting those list this morning!  As soon as the shop is updated, I'll let you know!  


  1. The only one I have downpat is Cleo. Love the little munchkins.

  2. Nope, can't tell one adorable tabby from another. I need Beanie to wash one so I know who Enzo is.

  3. In the parlance of Cute Overload, we need a TONGUE-HANCE!! :D I think I have them all sorted. I need a few more pictures to be sure ;)

  4. I think I have it now...Posey white paws, Enzo short coat and Cleo dark. This is such a cutie pie of a litter!


  5. Thanks, I think I have it straight now. Maybe. I also seem to have a heart for Enzo, as my LG was quite timid back in the day. He's a total lovebug now but can still have a look of horror on his face from time to time (not due to anything his mom does, of course :-)).

  6. Oh, and I forgot to say that I especially love the third pic - deep thoughts, by Posey the Poser. :-)

  7. I know the look of horror well. Jack my Mum's tripod boy gives me such a look when ear cleaning occurs. With only one front paw he needs assistance with the other ear, but it doesn't mean he needs to pretend to like it

  8. What a delightful study of the Framboise Trio.
    No way I can possibly identify a favorite. I love them all...and expect Charlene will get great pleasure bathing her sweet Tabby babies

  9. Just noticed Cleo's lovely charcoal eye make-up in the last pic.

  10. Cleo looks like a force to be reckoned with. :)

  11. I can't help but remember the epic Telling My Brothers Apart, by Tressa Lovejoy.

  12. Posey is ADORABLE, and absolutely my favorite. If I could, I'd scoop her up and bring her home!



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