Thursday, September 22, 2016

Posey Gets Cozy


 Yesterday afternoon,  I sprung the Framboise Family from their cage, and let them do a little exploring. They didn't do quite as well as I had hoped, and spent much of their day lurking in the shadows and finding tiny spots to hide in.  They were  doing so well the night before and were all so much more comfortable being handled -- there was a lot of progress. I didn't think they would retreat so much once released. I guess the bigger space was just kind of a lot for them.

I set up a little play area in the center of the room with toys and things to climb on, hoping they would discover it eventually and enjoy all of the activities.  They got a little braver, and ran back and forth across the room, but didn't feel comfortable enough to stop out in the open until early evening.  And once they did discover it, they would play in there for short little bursts, but always run back to the corners to hide.

I left the room and let them continue to run while I made dinner and we cleaned up the dishes.

When I came in their room to feed them and tuck them into bed, Miss Posey was lounging on the cardboard kitty couch in the middle of the room.  She was happy, purring and falling asleep. She was comfortable and cozy.  Enzo and Cleo had tucked themselves into a box beneath my desk, and we're not too thrilled to be plucked out of their safe spot.

Everyone went into the cage for the night, and once in the safety of their home,  seemed just fine and more like the kittens I saw the night before.

They are eating their breakfast now, and I will be springing them shortly.  Hopefully everyone will feel a little braver today!  






  1. Posey's cosy paws are killing me here! Such dainty white mitts tucked in so nicely. And nary a wee pink tongue in sight!

  2. Don't worry, little kittens. You've landed in a very safe place. You'll see.

    Miss Posey's paw positioning is indeed impeccable. And the head-down, eyes-up glance in the 3rd pic? So adorable. Such a precious little teacup.

  3. What a sweet (and slightly skeered) tabby morsel... I love this crew!!

  4. I knew someone who had the last name Posey- she was also very petite, very cute and very sweet. Posey is adorable!

    1. There's also Buster Posey, who is cute but not so petite. (If you'll pardon the baseball digression.)

  5. Photo #3 of this series is heart-melting! Posey is such a dear and beautiful itty bitty kitty!

  6. Posey is beguiling enough to make me break my no more cats vow. I hope her forever home has a cat-sized couch for lounging.

  7. Last pic,,, is Posey saying her bedtime prayers? Gail



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