Friday, September 23, 2016

New Sparkle Ball Colors! Free Shipping Offer!


 OK, the shop is all updated now and we've added several new Sparkle Ball packs.

We've got our usual mixes that we always carry, plus we've added Halloween packs, Holiday packs,  Jumbo packs, and a few all-orange packs because that is Charlene's favorite color!  

To check them out, please visit the Sparkle Ball section of the IBKC shop. 

I decided to do a special offer this weekend, and if you spend $25 in the IBKC shop, shipping is free. Sorry International friends, this is only for shipping with in the USA.   To take advantage of the discount, enter the code FRAMBOISE when prompted during checkout.  The offer ends Sunday night at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. 

Oh, and just to give you a heads-up, our Kitty Magazine cards are getting close to selling out again!  Don't delay! Get 'em before they're gone! 


We've got a busy weekend around here! There's so much to do to prepare for Tea with Bean (and Wylla) which is happening TUESDAY! We're so excited!!  


  1. I was wondering when you were going to have Tea with Bean and Wylla. I'm quite envious that this year's guests will get to meet the Framboise family in addition to Bean and Wylla.

  2. So exciting that the Tea with Bean & Wylla participants will be here soon!
    I envy them also getting to meet the Framboise babies.

  3. Now wait just a cat-darned minute here. Bean prefers the orange sparkle balls? I thought kitties didn't see in color. Do they smell in color? ;)

    1. Here's an interesting piece on how cats see. They don't see color like we do, but they do see color.



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