Friday, September 2, 2016

The Frost Report

Greetings from Iowa! I'm here visiting my folks (and Nigel and Mimsey)!  The cats are doing great and still continue to bring a lot joy to my parents.

Mimsey is a total sweetheart, and though she prefers not to be picked up and hugged, loves receiving all the pets and scritches you care to give.  She says "thanks" by giving you a little squinty face when you're done. Her coat is silky and plush, and she's as gorgeous as ever!


Nigel is a love as well, and a total mama's boy. He's the super-athlete in the family and will leap wildly after feather wands and can still jump very high. I'll try to capture some of that on video before my visit it is up -- it's pretty spectacular.   As you can see, his coat is glorious and he's such a handsome fellow!


 They're buddies and are usually engaged in the same activities. They play together, nap together, and groom each other.  Their favorite thing to do is hanging out by the sliding glass door and watching the wildlife in their backyard. The bird feeders are close, so there's always a lot of activity.

Monday is a holiday, so we'll be back on Tuesday with more on these two cuties! We'll see you then! We hope you have a nice, long weekend!


  1. Wonderful! Thanks for the Frost updates.
    Can't wait for video of Nigel and his feathery leaps!

  2. Thanks for the new Frost pictures. Enjoy your holiday!

  3. Such darlings! Mimsey looks like a Japanese cartoon cat. :)

  4. It's always good to see Nigel and Mimsey! They look fantastic. Nigel's toe floof is quite impressive.

  5. They both have such beautiful coats! Funny the differences in siblings-diff daddies I guess. We took in a mom and 5 siblings and that all had different coats.

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. The Frost kitties are fabulous, as usual.
    Many thanks for the update.

    Enjoy your visit!

  7. "Plush"; That is the exact term to describe my cat Robyn's coat; short haired and so dense it is like PLUSH CLOTH!



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