Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Kitten Connection


Tanya has ben following the IBKC since our early days. She found her way to us when the Picketts were in residence -- they were the fourth litter litter, I think.  

She's fallen in love with a kitten or two over the years, and though she was very tempted at times, did not step forward to claim one.

All of these adorable Dinichi kittens were giving Tanya a serious case of kitten fever and I noticed she was leaving a lot of comments on all of these cuties on the blog, Facebook, and Instagram, too. She was dazzled by all the Dinichis, but completely smitten with Tegan.

So, I sent her this note.

Hi Tanya, 

 I've seen you post a whole lot of comments on our dear little Tegan. You've got a good eye for kittens and the ones you seem to fall for are the extra-shiny, extra-special ones. She is no exception. In fact, part of my brain keeps thinking I need to have the "can we keep her" conversation with Craig. 

I haven't started meet and greets yet, though Russell is spoken for, but if you're at all serious about your love for this girl, let me know. I'm not pressuring you by any means, I just wanted to say your instincts are spot-on, and if you feel like adding to your nest, you couldn't possibly make a better pick. She, indeed, is a special one.

I hope all is well with you and you're having a good summer. 

xo xo Laurie

In all these years of fostering, I had never reached out like this to anyone before, but my gut just told me I needed to say something.   I truly did not want to pressure her in any way, but I just saw this connection happening for Tanya,  and I just felt I had to say something before someone else stepped in and scooped Tegan up.

She responded instantly and enthusiastically.  She was sitting at her computer that very second my message arrived because she was in the middle of sending a video of Tegan to Brian, her sweetheart, who was out of town for work.  

Before they moved forward with anything, they needed to have a serious discussion about this. They have two adult cats already, and wanted to think about their happiness and how bringing a kitten into their lives might change things.

After some good talking,  much thinking,  and a few questions about Tegan for me, they decided to come meet her.

And of course,  when they met her in person,  after a few happy squeals , "Where do we sign?" were the first words out of Tanya's mouth.

 They were enchanted by the delightful girl!



I've gotten lots of messages from Tanya since they brought their baby home.  They are deeply in love with her and she speaks of her kitten with much joy in her voice.  It's so very sweet.

Because they're so concerned with the happiness of Sasha and Mishka, their big cats, they've been exercising patience and taking introductions slowly. Things are progressing nicely and they are well on their way to a harmonious home!

Brian, Tanya, Sasha, Mishka, and Tegan --  we wish you all of the happiness in the world!  I do believe that kitten was destined to be a part of your family, and it thrills me to no end that this connection happened!







  1. We just brought a new male kitten into our household of three adult females and have had him in quarantine - we will be starting introductions after tomorrow's vet appointment. I'm worried about how this will go and we have undoubtedly made some mistakes, so it's nice to hear that people are having things go well!

    1. I'm sure you're doing fine! Patience and supervision and LOTS of love to all kitties. When the girls show that they're feeling overwhelmed, whisk baby boy back into his room and let them have a break.

      As he grows up and gets less kittenish in his behavior, he'll make a niche for himself!

  2. I have a BIG soft spot for the torbies, and Tegan does appear to be a special girl. I'm so glad she found her special connection. <3

  3. Brought a girl kitten in to a family of adult males about a month and a half ago - after a week in the house, separate rooms, and slow monitored intros, I am astounded at how much everyone gets along. I usually stick to same genders to keep things smooth. But I fell in love and now all but one of the boys have too. And that boy? Only ever liked his mama. He tolerates his sibs.

  4. Tegan looks absolutely blissed out in Tanya's arms. After her training under Bean and Wylla, she's sure to be a good little sister to her new siblings.

    I'm amazed at your restraint over the years, Laurie, at keeping only one of your very special foster kittens.

  5. I've discovered that when you name a kitten, ya get sort of crazy about it- as in, saying good morning to her picture every morning on the IBKC. Tegan is so precious and now, seeing her with her new mom, I am taking deep breaths. Like you, Laurie, I gave some serious serious serious (no typo) thought to figuring out how we could have her. Such a smart little cat! So, when I see her so relaxed and fitting so perfectly in Tanya's arms, well, that is what was meant to be. I hope we get a lot of updates. This is a great story!

  6. We too recently added (when a kitten was dumped out here in November) a kitten to our adult cats. We went very slowly-- a full week and gradually increasing the crack in the door, before even letting Aegir & Iapetus even walk through that room and sit near his crate (he was still awfully tiny), always w/supervision, etc. etc. Then once they were playing pawsies through the crate wires, supervised play sessions together in that room, with treats for all, then a second crate for Erriapus once he started to visit the rest of the house (one of the adults being a rescue Bengal and pretty rowdy). (We need not have worried; he's been the ultimate "manny", totally gentle with the kitten-- but best to be sure.) Aegir & Petey (8 and 7) do wish Eri would go ahead and settle the rest of the way down, LOL, but today being his assigned 11 mo. b'day, he's a "catten" now, and it's still going very well indeed. I think additions nearly always do, when enough time and caution are used. And that period is so sweet, if busy-- we'd gladly go through it again any time we have to. We previously had even introduced Aegir to a very possessive 11-year old, the late great Hyperion (who had always been an only cat), and it went fine eventually, though one naturally hesitates a little more, with a senior. Anyway, yes! It can be done, and it is a joy! More cats, as long as one can take adequate care of them, is always a joy, not least of all due to how good it feels to give them a home.--from Arowyn

  7. I love this!! I have to admit, I kind of wondered if you might be considering Teagan a keeper, but I am delighted she found her perfect home. :)

  8. Sometimes the Universe says "Make the call, Laurie". Glad you did because the pure bliss on Tegan's face sums up this adoption. But I have to admit wondering if you would keep the mini-Wylla or not.

  9. Yet another great story! It's always amazing to me how you find every kitten the perfect home, Laurie.

  10. Excellent cats and kittens ALWAYS find their own perfect home. The other day we were in a small business in a very 'Industrial Park' area of town; mostly small businesses, no major industry. As we talked with the owner a MAGNIFICENT FELINE strolled in through the open back Barn Doors. He was introduced to us as "Our Shop Cat"; apparently found out in the back as a minute stray, lost and abandoned,he had been welcomed as "Mouser-in Chief" and has grown into this creature with a TAIL that is as wide as the whole of Miss Wylla. I have never seen quite such a Plume before; truly amazing, his flank fur is long and flowing but his tail is, frankly, STUPENDOUS. Obviously this is a kitten who found his Fur-ever home and has grown into his position; an object of adoration by staff and customers. Plus he has big paws and ears so is a Superb Catcher of Vermin; an adittional quality which brings kudos from neighbouring businesses too since there is much open land adjacent to his home. Cats so so often serendipitously find their proper place in the world, just as all the Dinishi's have, and of course Miss Wylla, The late. Great Drewey, and Miss Butterbean found not only their perfect home, but their adoring subjects world wide. With scritches and love from Northern Ontario, Canada; Robyn, Autumn and Eve, and their hoomans.

  11. Hey, I'm not joking when I say there was a family in New Zealand trying to figure out if we could win the lottery in time to adopt Tegan :-)
    That lovely little girl has the right new family thanks to great intuitive fostering.

  12. Aw, sweet pics. It looks like they were made for each other.

  13. I hope we get updated photos as she grows. I love the heart on her nose pad!!!! Would love to see it as she grows up. Please?

  14. I love this story! I fell in love with Pearl Mae Petrie (now Mauka, sometimes Pearl (Purrl) Girl)on your blog and knew she was my kitten. She still absolutely delights me. Some kittens just twinkle out to their people. I'm glad you caught that! <3

  15. What a wonderful story. Tegan's going to grow up so very, very spoiled rotten with love and hugs and kisses and cuddles, and all the comfy spots she could ever want to nap the day away on. What more could a kitty wish for?



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