Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Coming Soon!

Before I slipped off to Iowa, I sent a sent a new batch of cards off to the printers -- a set featuring our dear Dinichis!  All of our litters are loved, but it seems that we all fell especially hard for this family, so I thought I would create a set for their many fans.

There are six cards in the set -- one portrait of each kitten and two shots of the whole group.

Here is a peek of the images in the set!







They're in production now, and will be delivered later this week.  After I return, I'll get them in the shop, so look for them on Friday!

I also went ahead and ordered more of the kitty magazine cards, so those will be available once again!  I was going to wait until the holidays to reprint those, but the demand was high, so I went ahead and had those made. They'll be in the shop on Friday, too!


  1. Gaaaah! Fainted with cute. Laurie please find out international postage to NZ. I think I will need two sets of each. One for me and one as cards for my cat mad family for birthday greetings.

  2. Those kittens have something for everyone! (but then there's Tegan- somehow I cannot be impartial- such a beautiful little cat!)

  3. Well, I know now what I'm getting some folks for Christmas! Plus some for myself, of course.

  4. Must look for more little picture frames right away! Thank you for reprinting the magazine cards: I won't delay buying them this time.

  5. Yay, another shot at the magazine cards! They really crack me up.

  6. I love the paw-tastin' pictures. They are pawtastic.

  7. I utterly LOVE the FUNdraiser postcards I ordered when they were first offered, and I'm not ashamed to say the Vanity Fur cover with Wylla -- "9 Pounds and Growing" -- chokes me up every time I see it. Itty bitty meow-sterpieces, the whole set.

  8. Just an adorable group. Perfect in every way. Still visit posts of Russell sleeping so sweetly.

  9. I would love to have just the first one to hand on my wall. :-) Wonderful set!



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