Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Team Tabby!


Cathy was looking for a friend for her Holly, a rambunctious two-year-old tabby, who was once a HS foster kitten!   Her housemate and pup are moving out soon,  Holly and the pup are good pals, so Cathy thought now would be a good time to bring in a new friend so Holly wouldn't have any lonely days.

When Cathy came over to meet the kittens, Dinah and Cassie (who we thought was a Nicholas then) were the available candidates.  It wasn't an easy choice for Cathy and she changed her mind many times as she got to know the two.  In the end, Cassie was her pick! I think it was all the purring -- Cassie's motor war running strong that day.

The kittens had a little bit of growing left to do, and when they all rolled past two pounds, they went in for surgery. As you know, when I returned to pick up the kittens, I found out the shocking news that our sweet little tabby boy was actually a sweet little tabby girl.

I emailed Cathy right away to share the news with her. Thankfully, she did not mind. She loved that little kitten and it did not matter one bit if it was a boy or a girl. She got a big laugh over the story, thank goodness!

Cassie is happy with Cathy and is doing well in her new home. Holly is still adjusting to the idea of her new little sister, but they are making progress each day and are now playing footsy under the door,

I never worry about our kittens "not fitting in".  Fostered kittens are well-socialized and transition easily into their new homes.  And Bean and Wylla are so good about teaching them about big cats and their boundaries -- they learn how to respect their elders.

I think Cassie and Holly will do great together.  Holly has a lot of energy, loves to play, and gets into trouble when she starts getting a little bored.  Cassie will provide good company, keep her entertained, and Team Tabby can get into ALL sorts of trouble together!

We wish you all the best, Cathy, Cassie and Holly!    









  1. Can't wait to see a Team Tabby picture. Happy to know Cassie will have a life long pal with Holly. Way to go Tabbies!

  2. And the happy tales just keep coming! Here's to many wonderful years for Cassie, Holly, and Cathy.

  3. She's such a beautiful kit-kat. Go, Team Tabby!!

  4. Where are the photo's with the cute collars and yellow tags? I love those

    1. Almost a couple of years ago, the shelter starting using a different microchip company now, so no more yellow tags.

  5. You do such a great job of socializing the kittens, Laurie! Once they adapt to new surrounding and feel at home, there is a lot of fun to be had. They really don't miss a beat and fit right in. But they grow up so fast ...sniff. Have fun over there at Tabby Central.

  6. Love this little girl! I wish her a long & happy life with her new family!

  7. Hope we get updates on Cassie and her new big sister. The only thing better than a tabby is two tabbies!

  8. Cathy may regret introducing the members of Team Tabby when she sees how much mischief those two get up to. ;D Seriously, Cathy's going to end up with a sore face from all the grinning and laughing she'll do, and she'd better keep her camera close at hand all the time because Team Tabby awesomeness will be liable to erupt at any time. I hope she sends you pics of Holly and Cassie in a cuddle puddle after they've been introduced and decided the other is a friend.

  9. Hurrah for the sisterhood of the Tabbies!

  10. This little one is a seriously beautiful feline, I do hope the new mom will share pics when the kitten grows into her adult self. Tabbies Rule!



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